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God Isn't A Genie.

As I struggle in my faith and the things I want. I’m admitted that I was one of those people that ask God to do something and didn’t participate. 98 more words


Thr3e- short story c2

Chapter 2

           “It’s a new day. Today I will be productive”, I said to myself.I wrapped a towel around my damp body and looked for my laptop. 2,375 more words

Paranormal Romance

Genie #2015

I could miss you a million ways to Sunday and it still won’t bring our distance closer.

I could cry a thousand tears to God and it still won’t be heard. 84 more words

Weekly Wishes: 1/14/17

You know the drill by now. Three wishes. Related to the past week. LETS GO

Mine are:

  • I wish that I hadn’t spent so much money on Boston Calling weekend passes for my fiance and I.
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Thr3e- short story c1


Chapter 1

         I laid in my bed flipping through the Romance genre on Netflix. It had been a long day of cleaning up behind adults and the rest of my night was going to consist of six well deserved, mini vanilla cupcakes, and a lovely bottle of cheap red wine. 1,752 more words

Paranormal Romance

Vercingétorix: chef ambitieux

Vercingétorix : chef ambitieux

Grüß Gott !

Vercingétorix est un grand visionnaire, stratégique et politique, qui veut chasser les Romains. Et refaire un empire.

Youtube.com / Europe 1 / Vercingétorix / Franck Ferrand / Danielle Porte / Audio / Internet: … 1,328 more words

Writing Prompt #1

“No way, I’m not falling for that. I’ve seen Bedazzled!”

“Are you sure? You’re missing a once in a lifetime opportunity to make three wishes, any three wishes of your choosing.” The genie folded his arms, looking incredulous. 314 more words