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Totally Tutelary*

It’s a well-known folklore fact
That once the genie’s let out of the bottle,
He rarely, if ever, goes back.
The slightest whiff of retrogression… 73 more words


Djinn are extra dimensional spiritual lifeforms who left the Earth long ago to settle on a new planet they named Kaf. Born at the beginning of the world, they are spirit beings who forms behave as invisible and immaterial fire. 3,995 more words


Never Trust a Genie

Serena Willis was a sharp looking girl with raven black hair and icy blue eye’s. Her pale skin made her look like a ghost and her dark clothes gave her a sinister look. 550 more words


Girls' Generation - "Genie" (2009) Single Review (Neo Music Community)


written by Han Dong-yun

Typically, what female idol groups can show is limited to what is fitting to their actually age, cuteness that younger fans desire, or made-up maturity. 369 more words

Surrendering to the Muse

I tried to fight the inevitable. The ineffable. The miserable. The twisted and bemused. The beguiling and erratic. And yet…

Everything is easier if I accept what this is. 187 more words



Taranto surveyed the old warehouse and shook his head. Random letters, squiggles, and a cartoon mummy decorated its surface. Hard to believe he loaded trucks here as a kid thirty years ago. 314 more words

Short Story

New Kid on the block

In this startup age, presently residing in Bangalore, I’ve come across quite a lot of tech startups. I myself work at a Unicorn startup, and believe that the average 23 year old youth is the best target audience for these startups. 572 more words