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Jen Johnson's Blue Genie Holy Spirit upgrade...

Bill Johnson informed Michael Brown on the Line of Fire that he talked to Jen Johnson about her depiction of her “Holy Spirit” being the blue genie from Aladdin. 430 more words

Michael Brown

Genie - Using Worbla to Make a Steampunk Genie

Where did this tutorial disappear to, you ask? Well, when I had to redo the website it went away when I switched web hosts, but now I am happy to announce that it is back up! 1,535 more words

A Steampunk Guide To Hunting Monsters

Genie 1

I never knew who I was, I know who I am, though he is not me, who I am

The past is ramshackle cards flying through the air, an embarrassing mess of emotions I flung so carelessly pursuing vain desire… 67 more words


So this post is going to be a little different from the others. Just like the heading says, it is about a game that can help you calm down, but the difference here is that this game has not been made for stress relief and has no evidence pointing towards that either. 494 more words

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Shabby and broke
He found a lamp
That reflected its shine
In his tired eyes.
Hearing the lamp
Whisper to him
Like a calling
He rubbed it gently… 277 more words


I wish I had a wishing well.

Or a Genie in a magic lamp.

Or a coin to rub to make my wishes come true. 262 more words

Read Chapter 4. The Journey of the Genie

Welcome to A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters! Read Chapter 4. The Journey of the Genie for free online.

The Hunt is On!

While in Turkey, Philomena Dashwood witnesses the theft of the only known Genie in captivity from its display. 154 more words

A Steampunk Guide To Hunting Monsters