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Promised Reveal

As promised yesterday here is the assignment that I designed in Photoshop about my work in progress, Second Life: Fallen leaves.

Before I show my design, I’m going to explain the expectations of the assignment. 124 more words


The book that's nothing like 50 Shades ... She's the Boss

Ever Afters released this week from Boroughs Publishing Group. It’s book five in the 101 Nights Romantisodes, a series about the genie Amani and her new human husband, Jason Masters. 104 more words



Genies: a term used commonly in Australia to describe genealogists or family historians.

It seems that the term is used internationally as Dorene from Ohio… 13 more words


'Agent X,' 'The Farm,' 'Genies' Receiving California Tax Credits

A pair of upcoming cable series — TNT’s “Agent X” and USA’s “The Farm” — have been selected to receive production tax credits worth a combined $12.5 million from the state of California. 550 more words


A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes; A Goal Is A Wish Your Head Makes; Then There Is Reality.

 **Just as a disclaimer, the feminist in me believes Cinderella is a horrible role model for young girls.**

Though I love the movie, I will pass on the overall message in regards to women. 408 more words

Jinn are No Laughing Matter, says Saudi Citizen Fed Up with Mockery

…and he’s absolutely right. The existence of the jinn has been acknowledged for thousands of years. They are recognized in the Koran. We may not know if they exist for certain, but the point is that we don’t know that they don’t exist. 633 more words


Teen Wonder: Taylor Wilson

“He got obsessed,” says his father, Kenneth. “Whatever he was involved in, he went at it nonstop. Even getting him to eat was a big trick. 1,184 more words