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Today my body let me know that, yet again, we’re not pregnant.  Not sure why.  A + B is supposed to equal baby.  It has before, three times actually.   295 more words

Mystery in a Bottle

Late night. A genie pops out of my wine bottle — I can’t stop her. She’s no Barbara Eden, no voluptuous babe. She’s middle-aged, like me. 252 more words

The Doomsday Curse

Book 3 in the Ruby series:

Ruby’s studies at the Academy of Peace are cut short when a terrible curse is invoked. At the same time, her mother and Granny disappear. 55 more words


The Traveler's Telescope

Book 2 of the Ruby series:

“I hardly think that’s a laughing matter,” snapped Mrs Pinkus, bustling past the telescope to the attic door. “You haven’t heard the end of this. 157 more words


Genie on the Bottle

What a different experience Major Nelson would have had if his precious genie had been on the bottle instead of in it.  Of course the nature of situation comedy is that chaos must ensue, and so there was a lot of that to go around.   489 more words


Eden's Wish by M. Tara Crowl (ARC Review)


Goodreads: Eden’s Wish
Series: None
Source: ALA
Publication Date: September 1, 2015

Official Summary

All twelve years of Eden’s life have been spent in an antique oil lamp. 529 more words



Thanks for having me.  Sleep will come soon, but not before you get one last word in.

Post what you feel is the most left out paranormal “creature” of all of our mystical magical fantasies.   15 more words