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1.26 Love Lessons (FRWL) (NSFW)

Author Note: Warning! This chapter contains mature adult sexual content that is not suitable for younger readers, including sexual content. I have tried to remain tasteful with my pictures.  2,597 more words



Here I am again-

A pebble on the border

Of having something interesting to say.

I wish I could just write what I think

I wish I could just say what I mean… 32 more words

My Poetry

...Rub the Lamp...

Shimmy, shimmy ya. Shimmy yeah. Shimmy hey. Honey had the maracas bumping against her hips and ass, hypnotically, while the bass guitar scaled the stairs. My eyes followed the lacquered sheen shining off the bourbon chocolate of her muscled thighs. 1,896 more words

Short Story

A Genies Way

May 22, 2017 by Patrick Starks

Akiiki was always known to be a happy spirited genie. Always full of love and devotion to the people that accepted him—it was no surprise that he was not talked about in the Arabic tales—for that he was not a genie of evil, but of good. 451 more words

Short Stories

Jericho River Article at Ancient History Encyclopedia

Ancient History Encyclopedia has just published an article about me and about my book, The Jericho River. Please check it out! 100 more words

Author's Corner

My MARVIN AND FATIMA Compilation: Tweaked Title, Tweaked Cover

Cover art by Commotion22

Previously the title of the compilation was Marvin and Fatima Three-in-One, and the subtitle was “Wishes, Genies, Sex, and Death.” But now I’ve made the former subtitle be the title, and I’ve demoted the former title to subtitle. 6 more words

Inside My Books

What is a Jinn?

In Arabian and Muslim mythology a Jinn is an intelligent Spirit which is ranked lower than am Angel. They are also believed to be able to take on the form of humans and animals and some say they even have the ability to possess human beings. 100 more words