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A Genie's Price

The figure glanced down at the tombstone, loving memories flooded through his mind like a tsunami. His body began to quiver with emotion as tears slowly rained down from his dark brown eyes. 1,114 more words


What would I say if a genie granted me 3 bookish wishes?

My three wishes:

  1. To have an endless book buying budget. So that I could spend an endless amount of money just on books. (Maybe a little bit of food – Maybe)
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Shimmer and Shine

Plotline Emphasis: Season 1: Interpersonal interactions, Other seasons: Problem Solving

Gender Breakdown: Mostly female with supporting males

Gender Roles: Varied Female and Varied Male… 1,403 more words

Kids Shows

BMM, Fests, Genies and what not?

What is BMM?

When you google the term BMM, it leads to searches which say “Bachelor of Mass Media is an undergraduate programme which has been designed to prepare the students to figure a career in various sectors of the media, both in television and print.” 631 more words


An Unnerving Legend

Legend says that, for someone to become a demogorgon, they must get four hundred people to commit the same sin as them. Why four hundred? It is never truly known why exactly, nor is it known how the person changes into a demogorgon. 270 more words


Why I Am Not A Successful Urban Fantasy Writer

So before you go ahead and take my Urban-Fantasy writing group’s side in throwing me out into the mall food court by the Chinese food stand with the unsettlingly outgoing staff let me explain my work-in-progress. 685 more words