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Classroom Interactions Online

As I was reading through this week’s assigned chapters, I became very thankful that Alec and Katia know this research well, and have shown our class, by example, what online learning should/can look like. 864 more words


Genius Hour Blog #3 : 2017-03-07

1. Over the past week, my partners and I have continued working on building up / fixing the website we started the week before. We were also able to find few recipes that we liked and started getting inspiration from those to write our own recipes. 290 more words

Genius Hour

Genius Hour Blog Post#3 March 7th, 2017

  1. Over the past week i learned a lot about the basics of Photoshop i tried to tweak some of the pictures by learning about some of the tools and it worked out really great and i am looking forward to editing more pictures.
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Genius Hour

Genius Hour

March 7, 2017

Yesterday, In my Genius Hour i learned how to remove the background of the picture and merge two pictures into one.

Genius Hour

The Eye of the Storm

Hey friends!

There’s a lot of news to bring to you today, which is appropriate seeing as I haven’t posted in nearly three months. Uh, sorry about that. 228 more words

Genius Hour

Genius Hour Blog#2 Feb 28th

  1. Over the past week i started to write my Proposal and started to get it ready in a Prezi. I also started looking into the basics of Photoshop.
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Genius Hour

Genius Hour Blog #2 : 2017-03-01

Our proposal – Prezi – Proposal

1. Over the past week, I was able to get together with my partners and start working on the project. 356 more words

Genius Hour