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The Curiosity Workshop

The Curiosity Workshop is a website founded by Mia Nicklin, who began to write daily “curiosities” for her son when she observed that his school experiences did not seem to be stimulating his interest in learning. 218 more words


Genius Hour: dream BIG

This year, my students have been enjoying their passion projects. I still have a lot to learn and there are certain things that I want to do differently next year, but this allocated time for exploring passions (commonly known as Genius Hour) has been one of the most rewarding parts of teaching this year. 696 more words


Punching In, Punching Out

Day 6 of Writer’s Boot Camp

Today is about keeping track of my day. Rachel Federman has some really good advice on keeping track of my time usage in the day in order to not only see if my time is being used effectively, but also to make a plan later so that I can be more productive. 468 more words



I didn’t finish one thing on my blog before I finished my project, and I don’t plan on forcing any of these things before I turn 16. 567 more words

New Blogger

This is what Genius Hour means to students

Last week, I wrote 5 reasons NOT to do genius hour and the one reason that you should. The truth is that, during the process, teaching in genius hour is a series of ups and downs that can feel exhausting and rewarding from week to week, sometimes both at the same time. 646 more words

Always Faithful, Always Ready

30-Day Writer’s Boot Camp Day 5

Today is a two-part writing process of always being ready to write even at the most inopportune moments and writing about what irritates me when I run into frustrating moments and can’t really write. 649 more words

30-Day Writer's Boot Camp

Getting My Bearings

Day 4: Getting Your Bearings

Today is about figuring out what type of writer I am in terms of making writing a daily ritual. Even though this is only day 4, it has been a really fun process so far. 523 more words