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Freewriting Cheat Sheet

Day 7: Creating a Freewriting Cheat Sheet

Before I begin, I have to be honest and say that I began writing this post over a week ago. 603 more words


The Micro-credential is Here


Yours truly, the K-State College of Education is rolling out micro-credentials for you, EdCats, the most well-prepared educators in the country. (But anyone can take them… and everyone should!) 487 more words

Navigating Uncertainty

In the opening keynote of ISTE 2017, Jad Abumrad, creator and co-host of RadioLab, spoke about the creative process.  He reminded us that all creators regularly oscillate between excitement and self-doubt.   362 more words


Genius Hour #14 – June 6

I finish my photo shop project over the past week, I use the filter Galley to change the types of different parts in the image.  I feel really exciting because I finish this project. 114 more words

Genius Hour

Genius Hour #13 – May 31

  1. What happened over the past week,
  2. How it made you feel (yes I want a feeling and why you felt that way).
  3. What you learned, what challenges you faced,
  4. 110 more words
Genius Hour

Genius Hour Last Blog - 2017 - 06 - 20

Over the past week, we all tried very hard to upload everything onto the new website maker program after our trouble with are original one the week before. 595 more words

Genius Hour

Final Blog - June 20

My final project is a video game. It’s in 2D platform and it is action shooting type of game. In making this project, I use a software named Gamefroot. 403 more words

Genius Hour