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Practice Makes Perfect

What Does it Mean to You?

Take a look at a past drawing, writing, or something else you’ve created and remember what it meant to you. 100 more words

Genius Hour

Letting Go!

In my last post I left with my first graders excitedly launching into Genius Hour! But I have to admit that while I had heard and read of all of the amazing learning that could await my class, I had a bit of an “Eeyore” monotone thought in the back of my head as we began . 475 more words

Genius Hour

We're All Scared

One of the Gurus of Genius Hour, Joy Kirr (@JoyKirr), shared a document of “Videos for Genius Hour” on Twitter recently.  There are many videos on there that I haven’t seen, so I truly felt like I came across treasure of immense proportions when I opened the… 235 more words


Responsible Choices

One of the rules in the school where I teach is to “make responsible choices” throughout the day. I know what that generally looks like for my first graders in their day — respect your friends, complete your work, and use what you already know to make good decisions. 612 more words

Genius Hour

Passion-based KM

My son has just started secondary school and I was at his school last night to learn about their “skills” lessons. It sounds fantastic. More than one parent asked if they could come along. 311 more words


Genius Hour: passions with purpose

I’m excited to announce that I have taken the plunge into the unknown and introduced Genius Hour to my students. We are all absolutely loving it! 1,328 more words


Genius Hour

This year I introduced my Grade 5s to Genius Hour. I know I’m a little bit behind the eight ball here, I’ll admit it, but after reading about Genius Hour, it just made sense and it’s been a huge success in our class. 854 more words

Genius Hour