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Extracurricular Activities and Sponsors

When thinking about extracurricular activities, you can’t think about them without the teachers, sponsors and coaches who make it all happen. The adults who supervise, manage, instruct and mentor students in these clubs, organizations and sports teams are profound parts of the impact the involvement has on them. 239 more words

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Extracurricular Activities and Physical Health

One facet of extra-curricular activities that is very prominent is sports and physical activities. This ESPN article reports that although the exact number is unknown, millions of kids participate in youth sports in the U.S. 212 more words

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Extracurricular Activities and Mental Health

Some believe that extracurricular activities help to improve the mental health, behavioral health and social development of students, important factors of academic performance. It is important to examine whether or not this positive relationship could exist, considering that if the relationship is negative, then it may reveal that extracurricular activities negatively, indirectly impact academic performance. 243 more words

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The forecast was spotty after introducing the idea of Passion Projects, but giving the students a week for ideas to brew while I was having one-on-one conferences, I thought some would come to the idea generation meeting with at least a rough plan of what they’d like to do. 216 more words

Resonance- Practical Pedagogies, Toulouse 2015

Resonance from Practical Pedagogies, Toulouse 2015

‘Take homes’ and ‘what next?’ are a common feature of attending workshops and conferences. How do you synthesise the learning that has happened and bring it back to your community? 377 more words

MI Time (a.k.a Genius Hour) Introduction

MI Time stands for Music/Innovation Time.  It’s based on the concept of Genius Hour/20% Time/Whatever you choose to call this awesome time for students.  We decided to call it MI Time (pronounced MY Time) because this is music class and we are working on being innovative. 462 more words



Here I am asking my students in my innovations class to blog every week, and I’m just walking around visiting about their blogs, talking to them, and, most importantly, not blogging myself. 511 more words