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How to Hack 5 Education Trends

If you’re like me, you might have set some professional goals for the summer – books you have been meaning to read, technology you wanted to learn, etc…  If you’re also like me, you may be in a bit of a panic right now because none of those things got accomplished.   388 more words


Surrounded by Smarties (but not the candy)

I spent the last few days in AWE of my colleagues. I have always known I was working with some very intelligent people, but to be back with them sharing what they know after they have spent their summers preparing, I just have to say I am beyond impressed. 285 more words


10 Picture Books That Are Simply Genius

After having my best start to the year ever in 2015, I knew that we would begin again with Genius Hour.  This list contains 10 of the picture books I will be sharing with my students in September as we start exploring their passions. 720 more words

Genius Hour, 20% Time

Whether you call it Genius Hour or 20% Time, the idea is to let kids work on projects that interest them. There is considerable variation in the definitions and implementations but most of the results have been positive and great learning experiences for students and teachers alike. 366 more words

Genius Hour

Fun with little people

Genius Hour

I am a year 8-12 HSIE teacher in a large K-12 school. We are trying to increase our K-12 links and also add some PBL elements. 321 more words

Genius Hour

Look at them go!

So we had another Genius Hour session yesterday and had my kids set up their own blog so that they could track their progress and express their ideas. 101 more words

Clovers and Corn: 4-H and FFA

This past weekend, I traveled to my hometown of Blue Earth, Minnesota, and visited the Faribault County Fair (for the record, Blue Earth is not in Blue Earth County – don’t get confused).   654 more words