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Genius Hour - Tackling Research

As Genius Hour continues, teachers are heading into the research aspect of the project. My original Genius Hour group decided to reach out and enlist the help of our library assistant, Kristina, to teach their students how to research.   1,321 more words


Research Seminar: Student Voices

With just a few classes to go, I asked my students to write a reflection of their experience in the Research Seminar class. I asked them to write about what they have gotten from the course, and to give me suggestions for what I could do to make the course better for students. 560 more words

ILE Update - Senior Dipen Patel

In Help Desk Live- Episode 17 senior Dipen Patel shares an update about his ILE.

Student Voice

ILE Update- Seniors Michael & TJ

In episode 16, TJ Horgan and Michael Seleman provide an update on their ILE’s.


3D Printer Fun

I believe in thinking BIG! That’s why when I decided I wanted a 3D printer for my class, I wrote a proposal and placed it on  357 more words

Random Thoughts

A Window Into What I Do...

Normally this type of post would be in my professional blog… “Tag You’re It,” however many of my friends and family outside of my professional circle are not familiar with my present position as an Instructional Technology Specialist. 987 more words


Why My Comfort Zone is Not Important

Kids are amazing. Without fail, they exceed our expectations whenever given the opportunity to try something they’re interested in at school. Without fail, they step up to the plate and help each other learn in these instances so no one is left out. 250 more words