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3 Takeaways from a Survey About #GeniusHour

Here is a review of a survey we conducted of our #GeniusHour students about halfway through the project. Do they look forward to it? Do they think it’s a good idea? 407 more words


*Laughs nervously*

So…I got some stuff done. But not nearly as much as I wanted. I can’t really tell you how much I’ve progressed, because it’s not very specific? 112 more words

Update on My #GeniusHour Project: It Works!

I have been working on my own GeniusHour project at the same time as my students. I have been trying to build a video game arcade console that can play all my favorite games from growing up. 750 more words


The Power of Choice

The lack of autonomy in schools today is saddening. The standardization of our assessments has led to a narrowing of our curriculum and instruction. This is happening in schools where even the leaders are giving permission to teachers to explore their passions and to innovate in their instructional approaches. 766 more words


Stoked - May 6, 2016

Made my Bitmoji! (Above) I also added Bitmoji to my computer as a Google extension (or is it add-on?) Either way, it’s in Google Chrome now. 510 more words

Two Hidden Secrets to #GeniusHour Success

In my first post on my school’s SML project of 400+ students, I mentioned four key elements of success: Teachers taking risks, students succeeding, students failing, and admin support. 337 more words


Minds are Changing!

We are into week three of our 20% Project and the students are working hard.  I have students that are learning to cook, solving a Rubik’s Cube under three minutes, archery, smelting metal, learning sign language, raising money for charities, raising awareness about pollution and raising awareness about cruelty to animals.   114 more words