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Check-in 02: Japanese

So, decently productive week. Finished the textbook exercises for Chapter 10, and added another story’s worth of vocab to anki. (It was the one on soybeans. 206 more words


Genki Sushi has one of the best sushi rice.


Chinatown Point

Bugis +

Orchard Central

Waterway Point @ Punggol

Opening Hours:

11.30am- 10.00pm Daily

Last order @ 9pm

Website: (check for more details) 391 more words


Japanese @ Dalarna University #2 - Intense

I am in the third week of my Japanese studies at Dalarna University and things are going well. My IT problems were related entirely to not using a wired connection so now that I am taking my classes downstairs the performance is just fine. 229 more words

Genki Lesson 1 Quiz

Test your mastery of the first lesson of Genki. Includes listening, reading, and writing. Topics covered: XはYです, ~ですか, nounのnoun, time, and age.

Genki Lesson 1 Quiz

Genki Lesson 1 Quiz Answer Key

Japanese @ Dalarna University #1

This week has been very hectic in more ways than one because the start of my Japanese studies at DU has coincided with other major events. 244 more words

In preparing for my move to Japan and learning Japanese, I researched EVERY detail I could to ensure a smooth (as possible) transition.  I watched videos , read books, talked to LOTS of people, but most importantly I did a lot of a fail-learning.  

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Kabuki Warriors: A Theater of Blades

(Image Source: Moby Games)

Recently I published a video about Spectrobes: Origins, developed by Genki. While I briefly mentioned the developer’s history with another Monster Collecting series, Jade Cocoon, they actually have quite a diverse portfolio. 636 more words