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I’m a fighter

I am the descendant of a long line of fighters. They survived the oceans, the whips, the chains, the bars, the rapes, the injustice and lies. 59 more words

Palestinian Indigeneity and Zionist Colonialism

In his 2016 book “Israel’s Colonial project in Palestine: Brutal Pursuit”, Elia Zurek states that colonialism has three foundational concerns – violence, territory, and population control, and that Israel practises all three forms of what he terms “settler colonialism”. 1,285 more words


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Israeli Defense:

For Muslim Arab authors like Said, Massad and Zureik, promoting the notion that Jews “illegally occupy” and “steal Palestinian land” supports a libel that legitimizes terrorism and provides an excuse for genocide.

Doing Exactly That:

Palestinians are on "Israeli land"; this legitimizes Israel's Palestinian terrorism and provides an EXCUSE FOR Palestinian GENOCIDE.

Palestinians are the terrorists 

Syrians are the terrorists

Lebanese are the terrorists

Iranians are the terrorists

How about: Israel is illegitimate. Israel is the terrorist in the Middle East.  Israel is ethnic cleansing Arab populations for its own gain.


On Thursday, Moshe Feiglin, a rightwing political figure in Israel, went on television and explained his plan for the Gaza Strip: ethnically cleansing it, and those who survive the IDF can then ask for refugee status in the EU.

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The Great Hunger Memorial – Providence, Rhode Island

A larger-than-life statue of three Irish figures sits on a round stone base, bordered by a walkway that incorporates the donor-bricks and flagstones. The walkway leads to a commemorative wall that narrates the history of the Great Hunger amid Irish immigration. 201 more words

Irish History

EP REVIEW: Bestial Warfare - Genocide

Here I review the new, debut demo EP from BESTIAL WARFARE which is out now on Dunkelheit Produktionen!

  1. opens with samples that drop right into incredibly brutal and chaotic attacks from the band.
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America's Hidden History -- The Forced March of 1862 in Minnesota

by Chris Mato Nunpa, PhD
retired Associate Professor of History at Southwest Minnesota State University and author of the upcoming (Sept. 2019) The Great Evil: Genocide, the Bible, and the Indigenous People of the United States… 522 more words