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Legalized Genocide

New York has supported and furthered genocide by legalizing abortion at any point during the pregnancy, even up to the birth of the child.

The Democratic Governor of NY, Andrew Cuomo, “signed into law the Reproductive Health Act, which, among other things, takes the word ‘abortion’ out of the state’s criminal code, ensures that doctors and clinics who provide abortions can’t be charged and codifies that abortions can be performed after 24 weeks if the fetus is not viable or the mother’s health is at serious risk.” (CNN). 224 more words

Religion isn't a joke, Jim. Millions suffer from it every year.

It is one thing to repeat a question, to try and use it as a gateway to spark a conversation, but to answer it with another question means that you can never understand what to overall message that we are striving to denounce. 552 more words

The Quest For Enlightenment (2/6-2/20)

The Complicated Victim

The exchange between Mary Rowlandson and her native Algonquian captors complicates the discourse of discrimination against indigenous people. A previous student’s blog post, “A City Upon Intolerance and Genocide,” illustrates the savage genocide experienced by the natives. 130 more words

The Quest For Enlightenment (2/6-2/20)

Breaking Unfounded Intolerance

It is difficult to read so many stories and narratives surrounding the native and understand how high the ignorance was. In the beginning of Mary Rowlandson’s narrative, the scene she depicts is quite gruesome, but as modern readers it can be understood that the native’s violence was an effect of intolerance. 440 more words

The Quest For Enlightenment (2/6-2/20)

Mary Rowlandson's Journey of Confusion

John Winthrop left behind the ideals that genocide and sexism were all in the name of religion. In fact, it’s the reason why many crimes that have happened in America throughout history, have been committed and tried to be justified through history books. 384 more words

The Quest For Enlightenment (2/6-2/20)

What Was Then, Is Still Now: A City Upon a Hill of Oppression

The author of last year’s blog post spoke on how today’s American public is generally ignorant of the original “fantasy of religious superiority and human inequality,” inspired by Winthrop’s “City Upon the Hill.” However, I feel as though subconsciously, it is exactly those ideas that dangerously fill many Americans with pride when imagining their beloved, “City Upon a Hill.” 504 more words

The Quest For Enlightenment (2/6-2/20)