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Exploring benefits, limitations of genomic sequencing

Given the opportunity, would you take a test to determine your chances of developing cancer or a disease like Alzheimer’s disease? 

Amy McGuire, Leon Jaworski Professor of Biomedical Ethics and Director of the Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy at Baylor College of Medicine, explores this question and moves beyond hypothetical questions in her TedMed talk.  69 more words

Baylor College Of Medicine

Very long couple of days

Yesterday and today have been draining.

Yesterday, I had three classes each 70 minutes long: banana slug genomics, applied electronics for bioengineers, and a guest lecture for another class on protein structure.  1,090 more words

Circuits Course

Image of the Week: Sequencing Ebola genomes

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Our image – or in this case video – of the week is a time-lapse video of Professor Ian Goodfellow installing viral genome sequencer machines in Sierra Leone. 348 more words

Infectious Disease

Update on NCI Genomics Workshop

Earlier this week, the NCI’s Office of Advocacy Relations hosted a webinar to debrief the community on a childhood cancer genomics workshop held back in February. 332 more words


New and unidentified medical conditions

I recently read an article titled “One of a Kind” by Seth Mnookin in the New York Times, for my MBB class. While reading I realized that after years of scientific advancements and knowing so much about our bodies, there still are many unsolved mysteries, things science currently has no explanations for. 127 more words

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