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Justis Gyori - Prental Genome Sequencing and its Moral Dilemmas

With a consistent influx of scientific discoveries, it becomes inevitable that a burst of technological breakthroughs would be upon us. And with these breakthroughs, change is brought to the forefront as the most influential of actions. 770 more words


IBM Thinks it Can Make Your Food Safer: Will it Work?

Our food system is by no means bulletproof when it comes to pathogens. In just the past year, the United States saw major outbreaks of… 615 more words

Quashing Stubborn Hospital Infections Relies on Genetic Sequencing

Scientific American Jenni Laidman 16 January 2015

No matter what they tried, the staff at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham in England could not quell an outbreak of a multidrug-resistant pathogen. 55 more words

Clinical Pathology

Mind Over Matter

You are a brilliant scientist and, after decades of hard work, you have developed a new medicine that should cure depression. But you need to test your miracle drug in a clinical trial to make sure it is working. 1,480 more words