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Where’s Non-invasive prenatal testing heading?

Chris Kaposy considers the future trajectory of non-invasive prenatal testing and the implications of using this testing method to conduct prenatal whole genome sequencing. 845 more words


Sequencing genomes with the Museum's Frozen Collection | Digital Collections Programme

To commemorate the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute turning 25 in 2018, the Institute and its collaborators are sequencing 25 new genomes of species that reside in the UK and represent the richness of species in this country.  1,237 more words

Digital Collections

Science Policy Around the Web - October 27, 2017

By: Cindo O. Nicholson, Ph.D.

The Opioid Crisis

Engulfed in opioid deaths, Ohio turns to science

The state of Ohio has been the most plagued by the opioid scourge in the United States. 738 more words


#MicroMatters - Monkeypox

Recent reports of suspected cases of monkeypox virus in some regions of Nigeria has brought this little known about virus into the spotlight. In this article, Obabiyi Ajao & Amara Anyogu discuss current knowledge about the disease caused by this virus and the reported outbreak in Nigeria. 1,030 more words

Lipid metabolism and its role in obesity and health

Obese but healthy, thin but suffering from a multitude of disorders including metabolic syndrome. For years, this clinical observation, also known as metabolic healthy obese, has befuddled doctors and medical researchers, and motivated significant amount of research aimed at understanding the aetiology of obesity and its implications in health and disease. 440 more words