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What is Genome Sequencing?

In one of my recent posts, I talked about personalized medicine and how genomics will likely become standard medical practice one day, so this seemed like a great time to discuss what the term “genome sequencing” means. 624 more words



I just saw this incredible video about the inevitable future controversies of CRISPR gene editing. I really like how they blend science, technology, and society – and humor! 106 more words


Quora activity for January 2015 - August 2016

Quora is a question-and-answer site. You can view all my contributions here; selected highlights are listed below. I encourage you to check out the other answers submitted for each question, too! 605 more words


The genesis of us: a genome unraveled

Science writer Carl Zimmer had his entire genome sequenced and analyzed. In a special feature series in Stat News, he reports on his intriguing dive into the genes that make up the person he is.

(animation: Dom Smith)

Inside Out

Olive, Alive Oh: A Tree’s Genome Has Been Sequenced in Spain

Credit: Manuel Sánchez (RJC-CSIC)

The more that is known about a plant, the better the chances are for modifying its behavior and improving its product – be it a fruit, a nut or, as an example, a kind of fruit called an olive. 473 more words


Personalized Medicine

As medical science marches forward, the prospect of personalized medicine becomes more exciting than ever. The basis is simple – treat patients according to their specific disease, drug sensitivities, and genetic makeup. 833 more words


Personalized Breast Cancer Treatment Gets Closer to Reality

New research adds fuel to the movement toward more personalized treatments for cancer.

In two corresponding studies published Monday in the journals Nature and Nature Communications, researchers sequenced the genomes of 560… 386 more words