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How Could a Blood Test Be Used Soon in Breast Cancer Care?

We’ve heard a lot in the news over the last year about how researchers are working to develop a blood test to detect cancer, sometimes referred to as a “liquid biopsy”. 1,330 more words

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Independence Blue Cross to cover cancer genome sequencing

By Bob Herman and Shannon Muchmore  | January 11, 2016

Independence Blue Cross will begin including whole-genome sequencing for some cancers as a covered benefit starting this spring, the health insurer said Monday. 316 more words


Creative Minds: What Can Hibernation Tell Us About Human Health?

When bears, bats, and other animals prepare to hibernate, they pack on fat at an impressive pace to almost double their weight. As they drift off into their winter slumber, their heart rates, breathing, and metabolism slow dramatically. 651 more words


Editorial: The next contagion

Published in The Hindu on April 5, 2013

The influenza A(H7N9) virus, a novel bird flu strain that emerged in China, has infected nine people and already killed three. 424 more words


The Commercial Ecosystem of Biotechnology in China

Since China’s first commercial cloning company was established in September 2014 in the eastern Shandong Province with the birth of three pure-blooded Tibetan mastiff… 259 more words


Editorial: Marvellous rodent

Published in The Hindu on July 21, 2011

Increase in human life expectancy produces a concomitant increase in the number of harmful mutations and accumulation of different forms of damages, which in turn enhances the risk of cancer and old-age diseases. 382 more words


Editorial: What genome sequencing reveals

Published in The Hindu on March 23, 2010

How rich human genetic diversity is has been revealed by the fully sequenced genomes of an indigenous southern African hunter-gatherer belonging to the Khoisan or Bushmen community, and a Bantu individual. 329 more words