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Nidaros, Pilgrims, & MET/MET Variants

Niðaróss (“Nidaros”) is an older name for Trondheim, or kaupangr.  (“Mouth of the River Nid,” “Trading City.”)  It is at 63°25′47″N 10°23′36″E (so I’m getting there… getting to the Arctic Circle).   822 more words

Man drags Wife to Court over infidelity, alcoholism

21-year-old between one Idowu Iyanda and his wife Florence was dissolved by Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, on Friday over the wife’s infidelity and alcoholism. 469 more words


Ethnicity and Physical Features are NOT Accurate Predictors of Parentage or Heritage

Let me say that again, ethnicity results are NOT an accurate predictor of heritage, or parentage. This is a great deal of confusion swirling around this topic. 3,723 more words


It's World Sickle Cell Awareness Day!

Since 2008, the 19th of June has been set apart by the United Nations as a day to increase public awareness of the Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) which has been officially recognised as a global health concern. 704 more words

Journal Entry

Phenotypes, Genotypes and Kal-El

by Jim Sliney Jr 6/10/17

Here I am studying for an exam. Behind me, one of my cats, Kal-El, meows near the food bowls. I turn. 343 more words


Genotype-phenotype distinction, with schemas

A revised entry on the genotype-phenotype distinction has been published by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. A major difficulty we had preparing this revision followed once it was noted that philosophers write on the genotype-phenotype… 306 more words



When it comes to dating, most people feel shy to ask certain questions. They don’t want to come off as too desperate. They really like the person, so they don’t want to ruin the possibility of a relationship by asking questions that’ll open up a Pandora’s box. 1,040 more words