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Who Should I Marry?

I am a 37-year-old man. I met Amaka during our church’s annual convention two years ago. This girl is incredibly beautiful; she is everything I want in a woman. 566 more words

The Myth of Race

Races, as natural divisions of the human species, are
rather like angles. Many people believe in them, devoutly.
They can even tell you what properties they have.
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Gov. Obiano Moves To Ban Couple With AS-AS Blood Genotype From Marrying In Anambra State

Governor Obiano’s latest move is to checkmate the rise in the number of new born babies who come up with sickle cell disease Anambra state governor, Dr Willie Obiano stated that his government will work hand in hand with churches across the state to ensure that intending couples have their blood genotype verified before they get married in order to prevent sickle cell disease. 223 more words


Making sense of genotype-phenotype distinctions, version 5

The predominant current-day meaning of genotype is the DNA passed to the organism by its parents. The phenotype is the physical and behavioral characteristics of the organism, for example, size and shape, metabolic activities, and patterns of movement. 358 more words


Parental phenotype may affect offspring phenotype

By Shannon Bohman ’19

An individual’s genotype, composed of the maternal and paternal’s genomes, is expressed physically as a phenotype.  A team of Netherland geneticists found that the phenotype of an offspring depends partly on the environmental factors experienced by his or her parents. 187 more words


Fun With Science

I was sorry to lose Alice– my black otter– and was happy that Mia had three otter kits in her litter: a blue otter, a black otter, and a broken black otter, all does. 540 more words


PLD - genes or hormones?

This is a quickie post, based on a small study just published looking at whether the genotype affects phenotype when it comes to liver cysts. 611 more words