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Measuring Evolution: Weekly Reflection 9/25/17

There are two core equations when you enter into the math of evolution. These two equations are p+q=1 and  p^2+2pq+q^2=1 (image 1). To be able to utilize these equations there are some things you need to know beforehand. 574 more words

Week 3 Analysis

This week in class our main focus was genes and alleles of certain populations. During these lessons, we also explored the Hardy-Weinberg Principle. The interesting thing about this equation is that for it to work, a population must meet certain requirements; 222 more words

Week Three: Allele Frequencies in stable populations

The main idea that we focused on this week was allele frequencies, or the amount of different variations of a trait in a population. Since populations are never constant, allele frequencies change through many processes of evolution. 268 more words


Weekly Reflection #3

Finishing up the month of August, we learned about measuring evolution, specifically variation, mostly through the Population Genetics lab. Variation is the raw material for natural selection, and it comes from mutations or reproduction. 345 more words

Week 3

Forces of Evolutionary Change

There are 5 main forces of evolutionary change that we focused on.  This definitive list came from the two note sections, Forces of Evolutionary Change and Measuring Evolution, in my composition book. 589 more words

Shit #1 - Ung thư (Phần 2)

Nguyên nhân gây ung thư

Như đã nói ở phần trước, ung thư là do các tế bào bất bình thường phát triển một cách mất kiểm soát. 2,487 more words

Ung Thư