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When Should We Talk About Our Genotype In A Romantic Relationship?

Temmy was shattered.

Her world was torn to shreds by a piece of paper. All the flush of excitement displaced by pain, tears, and a deep sense of depression. 746 more words



The affair that began between Abel and Bidemi on the eve of the elections was consummated again the next morning before they got up,and several times that afternoon, and within days of becoming involved with him,it seemed to be all they did now. 488 more words

Mental Scars

Can we quantify genetic and environmental influences on a characteristic?

There are indispensable books, books that we have to have (even if we end up reading only the book flap…). Other books, down below in a list of importance, are books that we plan to buy when a chance comes. 1,008 more words

Evolutionary Biology

Ryan's "Traits of Money" Series ( Part I )

This is Part 1 of a series of posts discussing the “Traits of Money” Chart

In May 2014 I published an article on CoinDesk discussing the traits of money in the context of Universal Darwinism. 751 more words

Do you wanna play a game?

So you probably think this entire thing is silly, you see someone with¬†Epicanthic folds and they have to be Asian right, like at least 1/4th because like otherwise it’s impossible. 206 more words


10 facts about Race: believe it or not

  1. The idea of race is a modern social construct that only separates us as a species rather than bring us together.
  2. Race is not biology, genetically we are all made of the same parts, no one person or ethnicity is superior.
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