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The Gothic published

What is the Gothic?

From ghosts to vampires, from ruined castles to steampunk fashion, the Gothic is a term that evokes all things strange, haunted and sinister. 253 more words

Film Studies

P is for Paranormal Romance (and #Preorder)

Girl meets vampire. Girl loses vampire and settles for wolf instead. Or phantom. Or hybrid. Or shapeshifter.

Paranormal romance is a bit of strange concept. But it’s incredibly popular. 287 more words

Come Away: Some thoughts upon FROM UNSEEN FIRE's release

Take my hand.

Trust me. I will not let you trip or lead you astray.

I know this path. I found it in the wilderness; I marked its stones and notched its trees. 311 more words


Bye Bye Birdies?

My bird feeder is half full.

It’s an extra large “squirrel proof” version that almost lives up to its name. It’s tall and has a red metal cap and four weight-sensitive perches designed to give smaller birds a chance against the jays and cardinals and squirrels in the neighborhood, and mostly it works. 584 more words


Ready Player One

This will be quick, because Ready Player One is a particularly Spielsbergian piece of fluff that (SPOILER ALERT, BUT NOT IF YOU READ THE BOOK) ends with the good guys winning and all of us ready to forsake the machines and only live in OASIS part-time.  241 more words

Book Review

Altered Carbon

I finished this series two nights ago but haven’t blogged about it yet. I loved the first two episodes, got bogged down in the middle of the series, and then finished it when I had the realization that perhaps my expectations were a bit skewed by what I thought it was about. 735 more words

Book Review