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The Villainous Viscount Or The Curse Of The Venns Now Out on Amazon...

Having worked on this for quite a while on and off, I’ve got quite attached to the characters.  I think if an author is with them for more than six months, h/she is  sorry to let them go. 192 more words



As most if not all of you know by now, New Orleans regrettably lost its bid to throw WorldCon 2018. As such, there is no pressing need to rush out the next set of Black Tome Books and since several authors have contacted me privately request extensions, I’ve decided to formally push back the deadlines for both… 167 more words


Narrative Velocity - Starting The Story Grid

I started reading The Story Grid by  Shawn Coyne today and thought I’d blog about it as I go through each section.

Who is Sean Coyne? 350 more words


The Nature of Good and Evil in Dungeons and Dragons (and what to do about it)

This is from 5th Edition D&Ds Basic DM Rules: “Humanoids are the main peoples of the D&D world, both civilized and savage, including humans and a tremendous variety of other species. 1,086 more words


How to Use Conflict to Give Your Novel a Sense of Direction

Anyone with small kids is familiar with this situation: they argue over (take your pick). One says, “I want it.” The other says, “No, I do.” Or one says, “Let’s do ___,” and the other says, “No, let’s do ___.” As a parent, you can step in, which you often do. 966 more words

Creative Writing Prompts

Fact and Fiction: Understanding the place of research in genre fiction

I’m a sucker for a well-researched story. And not just the story/narrative itself, but the worldbuilding. In my experience with various writing communities (both online and off), there are some writers who opt to neglect research with the excuse that it’s just fiction. 950 more words