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How I Learned to Love (and Learn From) My Kids’ Favorite Books

When my wife and I decided to have kids, we felt pretty sure that they would grow to love reading as much as we did. Even before our oldest son was born, he was getting a taste for literature. 125 more words

Creative Writing Prompts

What's Wrong with Genre Fiction?

Edith writing north of Boston, not quite sure what season it is.

(Warning: /Rant ON/.) My answer to this post’s title question is, NOTHING!

So I was one of three authors on a cross-genre panel at a local library two weeks ago. 684 more words

The Beleaguered Romance Writer

Sigh. I’ve been dissed again. I write historical novels — and they have romance in them. Even some mild (sweet, they call it) sex. And I get reviews and fan mail that indicate that lots of people, mostly women, but a surprising number of men, admire them. 566 more words

Review- Cantoral, "Cartoons in the Suicide Forest"

Leza Cantoral, “Cartoons in the Suicide Forest” (2016) – The internet has been good for horror literature, it seems, both as material and as means of propagation for independent producers. 454 more words


Let's Get Freaky: Five Great Horror Novels

To me horror has always been more than “scary stories” and I have little interest in novels or films that focus on nothing but splatter and gore. 627 more words


Available for Pre-Order: Hell's Brood

The first Eve of Light story collection will be available on March 3. Pre-Order the collection now on Amazon or Kobo at the low price of $2.99. 140 more words

Dark Fantasy

Review- Sagan, "Contact"

Carl Sagan, “Contact” (1985) – Carl Sagan seems like he was a good old guy. Everyone loves “Cosmos.” He was a humanist of the old, gentle school, like Kurt Vonnegut and Stephen Jay Gould, before things got as mean as they’d become around the beginning of the twenty-first century. 351 more words