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Writers' advice on self-publishing

There is a lot of advice about writing and self-publishing. A recent tread from the kboards Writers’ Cafe, Time to Hang It Up, tackled the problem of a writer with academic credentials and several years of self-publishing experience, who, despite of being prolific and writing in popular genres, is unable to get any traction selling their stories. 946 more words


Life & Lapels

I’m working on a new project and looking forward to finishing it up and getting it out the door. It’s been a busy month so far, but there never seems to be quite enough time to get everything done. 57 more words


How to Describe a Character's Sense of the World

When I was an undergrad, one of my writing teachers lamented that too many novelists were trying to write books that could easily be filmed. A  1,908 more words

Creative Writing Prompts

I Can Remember It For You Wholesale: 'Overlay' (1972)

“‘These people are dangerous and insane,’ Hemmings said. ‘The polarities, the constants, the projections, and so on, all of this would indicate that within a very short amount of time, even by our standards, they will pose a real menace. 1,977 more words

Genre Fiction

Genre fiction, or: why a love story isn’t the same as a romance

Two very different book bloggers almost simultaneously sent me assessments of On Different Strings (KindlePaperback). They agreed on one thing if pretty much nothing else: it is not a romance. 551 more words


How to Swim in the Narrative Stream

If you spend any time in writing classes, you’ll eventually encounter the term “fictive dream.” It was coined by John Gardner in The Art of Fiction… 1,587 more words

Creative Writing Prompts

#51. Suicide Squad (2016) -- A Shoot the WISB Subcast

Will Smith, mallets, and boomerang weirdos, oh my!  Shaun, Rachael, and Paul join forces to discuss the latest addition to the DC Cinematic Universe, Suicide Squad… 122 more words

Genre Fiction