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I’ve been hard at work collecting all my short fiction into one book, due out soon from Three First Names.

Vampires, beasties, zombies, ghouls… and the murderous kid next door. 49 more words


Publishing House Seals Deal with Marvel, Understanding the 'Slush Pile'...

What really happens to manuscripts sent to publishers? (ABC Online)

In recent years the cobweb-draped tower of manuscripts tottering in the cleaning cupboard of a publishing house has been replaced with an electronic file on somebody’s hard drive.

260 more words

Book of the Month: Dark Matter

My September Book of the Month selection was enjoyable enough to read, but ultimately a disappointment.

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Jason Dessen is a family man, a brilliant physicist who chose domestic bliss over career success a decade and a half before we meet him. 367 more words

The Origins of Malazan

I assumed that the Malazan series was a direct descendent of Stephen Donaldson’s Unbeliever series, but having just re-read the Earthsea trilogy I’m starting to wonder. 262 more words


How a Character's Past Can Inform the Present Action

Here is one way to think about conflict: A character has a desire (like, say, wanting to eat a really good sandwich), but something stands in the way of satisfying that desire (there are no good sandwiches, only Subway). 1,430 more words

Creative Writing Prompts

Cover Art: 'Hell-Knights'

A QUICK NOTE REGARDING MY BLOG: I’m set to move forward with a paid account for my personal WP blog/site, so I’ll be updating this space now and then – though only with publishing news like this post and other things. 208 more words


My Experience at Hampton Comicon

This past Saturday, I attended my first ever comic book convention: Hampton Comicon in Hampton, Va. I had a table, roughly 20 copies of all three of my novels, and a slew of business cards, flyers, and bookmarks — both for my work and the work of some other self-published authors I enjoyed. 444 more words