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Tyrion Lannister and Rape Culture

The hero worship of Tyrion Lannister is absolutely toxic and needs to stop. 

CW: rape, sexual assault. Also, spoilers (book)

First and foremost, I absolutely respect George RR Martin’s decision to write this character, and I do not feel that, by any means, Tyrion is the worst character in Westeros. 750 more words


The Girl Whose Daughter’s Husband’s Wife

Ugh, these stupid book titles!

It a trend that’s still happening – unfortunately – and one that has been written about (negatively) by women for years now. 219 more words


Fictional Characters I Would Totally Fuck - Part 11: Spike

I love fiction. I read a lot. I watch a lot of TV and movies. And I write fiction. Something you may have noticed about these posts (or derived from the title of my blog) is that I tend to like monsters. 1,422 more words

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Is originality dead?

These days I find it difficult to believe that there aren’t any new stories to tell. But you’d think some people would already know that. I periodically scan the bestseller lists to see what’s hot, and what’s not. 263 more words

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Fictional Characters I Would Totally Fuck - Part 10: Tate Langdon

Back in November of 2012 my life was forever changed as I binge-watched the first season of American Horror Story on Netflix. I had begun my… 1,514 more words

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The Writer’s Bag of Tricks

Genre and Trope and Stuff

Sometimes I am a dumbass. I know you find it hard to believe, but it is true. Some of my professed dumbassedness is self-inflicted. 442 more words

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