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Incandessa: Chapter of Burning Night

In Asia, when Cheng’bai, the Red Weed, the White Immortal met face to face Harsha the Red Immortal, something extraordinary happened in the epicentre of their confrontation before they both disappeared. 3,065 more words

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Literary Fiction and Genre Fiction: A Brief Analysis

The Pros and Cons of Literary Fiction

Literary fiction has more of an attention to character than plot itself. It uses plot as a vehicle rather than the primary fixture. 609 more words


Wind Chill Giveaway!

I’m giving away a  signed paperback copy of Wind Chill on Goodreads! You can either click on the image/link directly to the right in the sidebar or right here: … 15 more words

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The Expanse - James Corey

I just finished Leviathan Wakes, the first of the Expanse series by the pseudonyonmous tag team known as James Corey. I’m usually not a space opera fan – it seemed so clearly empirical and alpha male even its latest iterations that I couldn’t take it seriously except as an example of a cultural anxieties and cultural work in action (thanks Cawelti and Tompkins) – and I’m not sure that this series will be different, although I had high hopes. 394 more words

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How to Stretch Present Action

Some books come with warnings, a heads-up to readers that the text is demanding and challenging. On one hand, these warnings are necessary to allow readers to brace themselves for what might be slow going. 1,176 more words

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A Spoof Gothic Historical Romance Episode

Now for some comic relief. Who’s for a Gothic historical romance, full of anachronisms (which the re-cycled characters know too well).

Scene: A castle in the wilds of Yorkshire, UK, on the moors.  867 more words


Welcome To My World: 'Hell-Knights'

New novel (novella?) title, yes. It’s the literal English translation of the Old English word, hellcniht, which means “demon”. There are no demons in the novel, but there’s a lot of devilry going on – or at least the source of the vampire scourge will be demonic in nature, and rather tragic, at that. 341 more words

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