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Wands Are For Wimps!

Just to be clear, I enjoyed Harry Potter as much as the next guy, but magic in Cosmothea is quite different than in other stories, settings, and games, and not just for the sake of change. 1,034 more words


The Gods of Cosmothea Part 4b of 4

In the Absence of the first High Celestials, more wars and more deaths followed as the lesser gods wrestled for control, but Ranos returned to the Shadow Realm for a time and reconsidered his actions, surprised to find his conquest less satisfying than he’d assumed. 777 more words


Looking Back and Moving Forward Pt 3 of 3

Ok, you’re almost up-to-date and then we’ll go back to our regularly scheduled programming – talking about the upcoming Cosmothea Blended-Genre RPG.

I had mentioned some bad news already and there’s a bit more of it, but there’s been some good news mixed in there too and more to come! 1,183 more words


Looking Back and Moving Forward Pt. 2 of 3

Before jumping back into history, I want to finish a thought about “making it” from the last post.

If you build a talented team, you’re going to have a better shot at making a great game than if you go it alone and this has been one of my guiding principles. 835 more words


Looking Back and Moving Forward Pt. 1 of 3

I thought over the next few posts, I’d give you some insights about myself. Since I’m designing this big, blended-genre RPG and am putting together the RPG Design Alliance, you might as well know more about who I am as I’m not going anywhere. 935 more words


Orc Battle Barge

There are a great many vehicles in Cosmothea, regardless of what genre or planet you are on. They can be powered by anything from magic to steam, clockwork, fusion, living souls and more. 111 more words


The Cosmothea Campaign Setting

Here’s an extended summary …

Thirty Three years in the making (and now on our 5th edition), Cosmothea kicks off in the year 3057 AD, seven hundred years after the glorious Age of Wonder, in which the taager built the galactic communications network, spawned numerous amazing technologies, ushered in an era of peace, and then after several embarrassing blunders that threw the universe into chaos, shrank back into isolation and left others to pick up the pieces. 1,445 more words