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Outline With Necessary Scenes

A quick tip for outlining faster is obligatory scenes!

Okay, maybe you haven’t thought this through so you’ll have to trust me on this one. All movies have scenes that the audience expects to see. 215 more words

Trapped! With Your Characters

–Sondi Warner, Writer/Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads

Particularly in genre fiction, building complex characters can be complicated because of the formulaic nature of the writing. We might be tempted to plug in the typical caricatures—the luckless heroine, the tortured hero. 2,095 more words


The Hugos Matter, Whether That's Convenient to You or Not

Right now, there’s a not altogether unprecedented trend toward what I’m going to call concentrated apathy when it comes to pop cultural criticism. When it comes to anything that’s not an opera, a Murakami novel, or Hamilton, we’re only supposed to care so much. 1,124 more words


Stephen King Q&A: UMass Lowell 2012

Stephen King is, of course, an absolute legend and a colossal influence on any genre writer/fan my age (I was born in the mid 70’s!). Any time he offers up any insights into his “craft” and about writing/literature in general it’s always worth listening to. 117 more words

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How to Create the Perfect Plot

So here is the plot line…

In a post-apocalyptic world, a naive young girl named Charm Dimwhittle finds love but not before dying–twice. After gaining magical powers from living too close to the power plant that exploded, almost destroying the earth, she has the gift to heal the homeless. 693 more words

How RP has Impacted My Writing

Hey all! I’m trying my hardest to keep my content rolling over here. My focus is still sucking pretty hard, but I’m doing better in terms of mood and anxiety, so that’s a big improvement. 718 more words


When Being an Artist doesn't Pay

When it comes to technology, I am a bit behind. No, I’m not living in the Stone Age, but when it comes to e-books, I’m lost in the sauce. 346 more words