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GW: A Mother's Grief - Before I Wake

From my experience watching and reading horror novels, grief always leaves an indelible impression on characters, even more so when those characters are parents, and deeper still when the grief is driven by the loss of a child. 1,674 more words


In Support of Predictability for Fantasy Plots

New, different, unexpected – these are the things we all want in a story, right? After all, if the story is too predictable, too much like all the others we’ve read, then why bother with it?  389 more words

Writings About Writing

Genre Writing: Story Crafting in Horror Movies

It has been a while since I wrote anything in the horror genre, and as a horror writer I feel as though that is repugnant. Which is why today I announce a rather new endeavour in my genre writing segment which has been on hold since October 2017 (where has the time gone?) You can read those previous iterations… 327 more words


Some Points of Submission for Science Fiction - A List for Writers

The quest to be a science fiction author at times can feel a bit daunting. In my experience here in Australia, it can feel like perpetually digging in the hunt for a point of publication. 202 more words


Don't Stay in Your Lane: Writing Outside Your Genre

You’re a writer. Yes, you reading this blog. I’m talking to you. You might not know it, but you are, in fact, a writer. Everyone has an inner artist, an inner storyteller. 806 more words

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Tips for Writing Different Genres

Last week Engen announced their next anthology – Dystopia From the Rock. This genre isn’t as widely known as their previous anthologies (I know I did a double-take), but don’t fear!  586 more words

Engen Books

In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was nothing but a yawning gap. It expanded and contracted.

There were no sounds to hear.

There were no sights to see. 319 more words