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5 reasons why you should go to GenreCon

If you’re in Australia, and love genre writing, then there’s one place you have to be in November this year: GenreCon. I went to my first GenreCon, Brisbane’s biggest and best celebration of all things genre writing, in 2015 and I snapped up my early bird ticket’s to this year’s event without thinking twice. 361 more words

How to Not Judge Another's Reading Choices

It’s hard to be myself sometimes. It’s especially hard to be myself when it comes to books. There’s a certain kind of pressure to appear cultured and refined. 352 more words

Good Writing Goes Beyond Genre

What is good writing? To me, I define good writing as having clarity, cohesion, and coherence. (I feel like I read that in a writing book, the 3 C’s…but I can’t remember for the life of me where.) Good writing, as the title suggests, goes beyond genre. 310 more words


Genre Writing For You

Genre Writing For You

The Joy of Words

Author’s Note: This is my latest post on Medium. Please feel free to click the link and join me there. 522 more words


How To Write a Cozy Mystery, Plus a Free Printable!

Writing a Cozy Mystery

As fun and easy as they are to read, writing a cozy mystery is a whole other game. They are intricately woven with character growth, theme, clues, and the classic red herrings that can sometimes be hard to balance all at once. 2,129 more words


A Meeting with a Beta Reader and More Genre Issues

I had a wonderful opportunity yesterday to sit down and discuss my new, unreleased novel with one of my beta readers yesterday. He provided some terrific insight in regards to characterization and novel pacing. 353 more words

How long should your book be?

A common question that I hear when I teach novel writing or even talk with other writers is, “How long should my book be?”

My answer is usually, … 455 more words