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Rewriting the Future: Using Science Fiction to Re-envision Justice

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When I tell people I am a prison abolitionist and that I believe in ending all prisons, they often look at me like I rode in on a unicorn sliding down a rainbow. 2,003 more words

Sci Fi

Defy the restrictions of genre

This has been on my mind a lot lately: that for reasons I don’t entirely understand, genres in the book biz are here to stay and that isn’t such a hot thing for litera-toor. 120 more words


Write or Wrong Part 16: Margo L. Dill builds a platform


I am Supposed to Write in the Same Genre. . .What?

Margo L. Dill

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One of the biggest pieces of marketing advice out there is build a platform, grow an audience and write in the same genre. 638 more words


An Inside Look With Heather Houston, Seton Hill University '16

Note: Thank you to first year contributor J.R. Dawson for providing me with these questions!

How does your residency work and how it is paced? 1,597 more words


Sci-Fi-futurey Whatnot Fiction

Alright… So I’ve been actually writing today, mostly more of that pirate fiction that I’m always on about. I haven’t reached a point with it that I want to throw it up here yet though… but I wanted to put something up, so I reached back to something that lay dormant from about a month and a half ago. 1,614 more words

Dark Times: Horror Writing for Young Adults

Bookshelves have been exploding with rich, dark horror novels for young adults in the past few years. I would argue that the horror genre is a staple in the young adult market, much like realistic fiction, and less of a trend. 511 more words