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New book in the making :)

Hi guys :)

The other day I wrote a post about how much trouble I was having with starting this one particular book. In the end I gave up on it and now I am working on this other one :) It’s a young adult novella and at the rate I’m going it might be done in a few months :) For some reason young adult books are just easier for me to do. 47 more words


On Saying Yes: Fight the Fear

by Kate Maruyama

Eight years ago, I had two small kids and had sunk whole-heartedly into the motherhood thing. I was working reading scripts for money, which I did at home after the kids had gone to sleep. 2,017 more words

Closing The Gap

Women Who Share: Désirée Zamorano on Daily Goals and the Power of Conferences

In 1997, more years ago than I care to admit to, I attended a Bouchercon mystery conference and listened to the writer Patricia Sprinkle speak about the “seasons” in a writer’s life. 479 more words

Closing The Gap

How to Cope with People Who Hate Your Writing

No matter what you do in life not everyone is going to like it. Take writing for example, specifically genre writing. I’m a genre writer, meaning I write fantasy, science fiction, and the like. 256 more words


Should Writers Watch Television?

Do you watch television? I’m not talking about news channels, or nature documentaries now; I’m talking scripted dramas and comedies written and produced to entertain us. 649 more words

Writing Advice

Judge the Book: The Darkest Champion Cover Reveal

The say don’t judge a book by its cover, but of course you know we do. Since I’m obviously not a household name and I’m in the indie publishing business, it’s especially important for my books to have an eye-catching cover. 420 more words

Bard Constantine

Books for this Halloween

First things first…the finalists for this year’s National Book Awards!

I can personally recommend from this list: Laura Ruby’s Bone Gap, Sy Montgomery’s Soul of an Octopus… 145 more words