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How to Cope with People Who Hate Your Writing

No matter what you do in life not everyone is going to like it. Take writing for example, specifically genre writing. I’m a genre writer, meaning I write fantasy, science fiction, and the like. 256 more words


Should Writers Watch Television?

Do you watch television? I’m not talking about news channels, or nature documentaries now; I’m talking scripted dramas and comedies written and produced to entertain us. 649 more words

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Judge the Book: The Darkest Champion Cover Reveal

The say don’t judge a book by its cover, but of course you know we do. Since I’m obviously not a household name and I’m in the indie publishing business, it’s especially important for my books to have an eye-catching cover. 466 more words

Bard Constantine

Books for this Halloween

First things first…the finalists for this year’s National Book Awards!

I can personally recommend from this list: Laura Ruby’s Bone Gap, Sy Montgomery’s Soul of an Octopus… 145 more words


In Defense of FanFiction

I don’t go on Facebook often, maybe once a day and it’s a quick pass over. But about a week or so ago a writing group that I belong to had a post in my feed regarding Fan Fiction and how  1,078 more words

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Slipstream, Speculative, & Weird: Makin' a Comeback!

Earlier this February, Anna Russell and Jennifer Maloney of The Wall Street Journal came out with the article, “Slipstream Fiction Goes Mainstream.” –And this is great news for a number of reasons: great for readers, great for writers, great for art generally, great for social justice causes, great for learning how to reimagine the world we’re living in…the list goes on.  325 more words


Finding Time to Write ...

I need some advice on how to organize my schedule and make time for writing. As of now, I’m always on the go or doing something for family. 149 more words

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