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Write or Wrong Part 16: Margo L. Dill builds a platform


I am Supposed to Write in the Same Genre. . .What?

Margo L. Dill

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One of the biggest pieces of marketing advice out there is build a platform, grow an audience and write in the same genre. 638 more words


An Inside Look With Heather Houston, Seton Hill University '16

Note: Thank you to first year contributor J.R. Dawson for providing me with these questions!

How does your residency work and how it is paced? 1,597 more words


Sci-Fi-futurey Whatnot Fiction

Alright… So I’ve been actually writing today, mostly more of that pirate fiction that I’m always on about. I haven’t reached a point with it that I want to throw it up here yet though… but I wanted to put something up, so I reached back to something that lay dormant from about a month and a half ago. 1,614 more words

Dark Times: Horror Writing for Young Adults

Bookshelves have been exploding with rich, dark horror novels for young adults in the past few years. I would argue that the horror genre is a staple in the young adult market, much like realistic fiction, and less of a trend. 511 more words


Taking Chances And Writing Different Genres

Once again, I find myself posting about something I came across this past week. This one actually came from last night. I was at the weekly meeting of the writer’s group I go to when someone brought a screenplay. 586 more words


What Do You Want to Read and Write for 2015?

As we enter the final week of January 2015 starting Monday, and we’re sticking to our resolutions (hopefully). I want to know from most of you, what do you want to read for the new year? 314 more words


A Romantical Interlude (for a Pirate)

Alright, I refuse to let myself get caught up in over-indulgence, and go on and on about the fact that I have had radio-silence (figuratively speaking) up here for a crap load (again, figuratively speaking) of time. 2,352 more words