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Jurassic Park (1993) - Steven Spielberg

I was shocked at how much of an impact this film must have had on my psyche as a child – I remembered the scene with the kids in the kitchen as though I’d just seen it the day before. 38 more words


Friday Night Drabble Party!

Spring break, bitches!

Yep, I will be heading down to FLA on Sunday to go party it up!

Okay, okay, I’ll actually be in the minivan with the Fam for most of Sunday as we go see my sister and then head out to see some friends where more than likely I will end up napping in a lounge chair for most of the week. 875 more words

Jake Bible

Learn to write like Douglas Adams! - Creative Wordsmithing Ep. 4

For this episode, I run Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy through the Creative Wordsmithing TADS system.

To show how this kind of analysis can reveal certain valuable patterns in writing, I have two more of these videos planned with very different styles of writing. 43 more words


Exciting news about... me!

Greetings my fabulous readers ~

Life really┬ácan become a whirlwind at times with opportunities popping up when you least expect them. One such opportunity came when… 177 more words


Actors who need to star in historical romance

Since Outlander has officially become my favourite tv show, I have been thinking about other actors that should take the plunge and do a historical romance movie or tv show. 219 more words

Historical Romance Novel

A promise is a promise...

On Wednesday, I promised you an awesome post by the end of the week. Well… I lied. Kind of. I had fully planned on writing up this spectacular post yesterday but I worked on a chapter in my novel instead. 1,156 more words