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DCR Genre Analysis

Business requires a lot of responsibilities so being part of a discourse community means being with individuals who share the same goals, language, values, etc. Having a career in the business field an individual must be able to have strong communication skills, organizations skills, and a enthusiasm for this career. 886 more words

Do You Know Your Book Genre?

Many times, I pick up a book in my favorite independent book shop without realizing or caring what genre it falls into. But then of course comes these questions from a stranger that you are making small talk with:  215 more words


Some thoughts on the eve of submitting a book proposal

When I was in grad school, I got a small stipend to put together the alumni newsletter. There was a guy who (twice) sent in an update about his life as a real estate agent, noting that, though his career had veered away from writing, he still used his MFA-acquired-skills to edit the community wine newsletter. 1,253 more words

Writing About Writing

Express Yourself by Madonna

Come on girls
Do you believe in love?
‘Cause I got something to say about it
And it goes something like this

Don’t go for second best… 375 more words


Into the Groove by Madonna

And you can dance
For inspiration
Come on
I’m waiting

Get into the groove
Boy you’ve got to prove
Your love to me, yeah
Get up on your feet, yeah… 196 more words


Importance of Place: Part 2

So I started a story. (Bear with me please, this does relate to the title and the previous post!) I wanted to try writing a contemporary romance, and I had several reasons for doing so: because so far I haven’t, to see if I could, for a challenge, for a change. 571 more words


On Writing by Stephen King Post #2

Last week we visited King’s advice for best wielding tools from what he termed the “upper layer” of the writer’s toolbox.  This week we’ll slide that drawer back in place and open a deeper one, the core of practice that has enabled him to write both prolifically and well.   835 more words

Stephen King