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Teaching with Violence - Short Script Review (Available for Production)

Teaching with Violence

In my day (warbles the ancient reviewer) horror was simple to classify. You had ghost stories. Creature features. And, of course, Slashers. Ah – the good ole days. 397 more words

Standard Short

Film Review No.384: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Well here we are. The last Mad Max film left for me to cover on Film Dump. Got them all done this year too. I guess that counts as a season, right? 1,801 more words

Film Dump

Fellowship Of The Ring

On July 29th, 1954, J.R.R. Tolkien published the first volume of The
Lord of the Rings
, which not only defined a genre but elevated Tolkien to Fantasy Fiction Overlord of the literature world. 515 more words

Book Review

Short Story: Darius Figgaro, Legends of the Shoemaker

I wanted to share a short story out of my book Shirley’s Short’s and Flashes. It is a fantasy/mystery story. It’s not long and I hope you enjoy it.   1,613 more words

Short Story

Cooked - Short Script Review (Available for Production)


A this-or-that of urban legends as an old cat lady goes about her day. …

There’s something about mixing horror and comedy that just works so well.  355 more words


The Holy or the Broken, by Alan Light

The other day, I was chopping potatoes in the kitchen and singing quietly to myself. (I always seem to sing quietly when indoors; I have an ingrained terror of disturbing the neighbours.) The Chaos came into the kitchen. 1,103 more words


It’s Time for a Change…I Think, by Mae Clair

I know I’ve been scarce lately, but I’m hoping to get back to regular blogging soon. I miss not doing regular posts. I’ve been keeping busy writing and editing, but I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking about my blog in general. 439 more words

Mae Clair