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Research: Target Audience Questionnaire

To give me a better understanding of who my target audience for my crime/thriller short film should be, I decided to create a short questionnaire that I am going to send to a variety of people to answer it. 90 more words


Research: Characteristics of Short Films

To help me to understand more about the characteristics of general short films, I decided to watch a short film called ‘Money Box’ and analyse it to help me create my own short film. 358 more words


Lyrics vs. Poetry

Believe it or not, there are quite a few fundamental differences in writing both song lyrics and poetry. I have written poetry for years now and have decided to dabble as a lyricist quite recently (I am talking about strictly writing lyrics, not the music accompanied by it). 590 more words


Here's how your music tastes change throughout the year

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

As the seasons change so do people’s musical tastes, according to streaming leader Spotify.

The most obvious change is the flourishing of Christmas music every year during winter, but there are a bunch of other changes in what people listen to. 191 more words


Genre: an evolution...

The genre changes every day. But what genre? A novel is a novel, a horror story is just horror; but it’s not. Compare any one genre to its original conception and it has changed over the years, it has evolved. 358 more words

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Mixing Genres: An Important Writer's Tool -- Melissa Berg

Author Melissa Berg is back with a look at how mixing genres can be an invaluable tool that every writer should have. She will look at three ways different stories have used this technique. 2,828 more words

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The Wonderful Genre of GIFs

Genres are a typified response to a recurring social situation, that being said are GIFs a genre?

In Eppink’s A Brief History of the GIF, he states that: Today the term GIF is typically used to mean an animated GIF file or an otherwise short, silent, and looping moving image.

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