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"Cave of Forgotten Dreams" (2010, dir. Werner Herzog)

The documentary form is very powerful because of its ability to impart ideas and facts to an audience, and because documentaries are sometimes presented with non-staged scenes they give the impression that everything in them is absolutely real. 698 more words


Storytelling And Seriousness- A Ramble (With A Comic Preview)

[Edit: I write these articles fairly far in advance, so I’m proud to say that something vaguely similar to the cyberpunk comic project I discussed in this article will end up being posted here. 1,095 more words


Another 10 favorite Kpop songs

Warning: if you do not like Kpop, then don’t read ahead ^^ And wait for another post.
I have some more old and a few new songs I liked and couldn’t fit into the last post because it was already pretty long. 105 more words


Why Give Up?

I’m reading a book at the moment that I have decided I won’t finish. I hate abandoning books, and its rare that I will do so. 843 more words



I absolutely love this quote.  Not because it’s from some famous author or millions of other people have photoshopped it and shared it for inspirational boards on Pinterest.  243 more words


"Duel in the Sun" (1946, dir. King Vidor)

David O. Selznick, possibly the most famous producer of motion pictures of all time, had his hands in many of the most beloved Hollywood films. He worked with the likes of John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, Carol Reed, Howard Hawks, and many others. 744 more words


Yes, it's all metal, and yes, it's all good

By Lance Brock

Something that always gets on my nerves is all this in-fighting in metal. Just because it’s not the most brutal thing ever or because it’s too brutal or whatever the hell else is wrong, there’s always some jerk-off somewhere saying “(band) isn’t metal.” 515 more words