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Popular EDM Genres - House

For the next few posts, you’ll find some of the most well-known genres in EDM today, with a listing of notable subgenres and artists, as well as examples of both old and new of each genre’s sound. 173 more words

Exploration of Genres Follow-up

Over the course of this past semester, I read and reviewed a series of novels, analyzing how each fit the typical characteristics of the genre. I enjoyed this project as a whole, especially the additional component of discussing the novels with my classmates. 144 more words

Book Reviews

Director Profile: John Ford (1894-1973)

I once saw a conversation on the IMDb message boards of what the “Mt. Rushmore” of American cinema would look like. I remember names like Billy Wilder, Martin Scorsese, Howard Hawks, Michal Curtiz, and others being thrown around, but I distinctly remember one name remaining all the while: John Ford. 625 more words


What The Shiny Future Of Games Looks Like

I was watching Extra Credits and the Game Theorists, as I usually do anytime I get on the internet, and both sites showed some videos of an important topic. 657 more words


On Body Counts, Death, and Dying

Or, “This entire post is why I end up on a watch list somewhere.”

Thankfully, there’s nothing going on in my personal life that’s making me think in this direction. 975 more words