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I'm Not Dead!

Really! I’m not!

What I AM is really, really busy.

I’ve completed 2 Shitty First Drafts so far this year. They’ve been cooling their heels for a month, and I’m going to start revising them on May 7th. 925 more words



April was a great month!  Every book had something to recommend it, and there were several that were unforgettable  I read in a few categories: 206 more words

Monthly Wrap-up

I really do have trouble with surprises

I’ve started work on my mystery.  I have 120 pages written so far.  And if you’ve read this blog very long, you know that I need plot points to hold my hand before I can cross a street.   612 more words


Yes, I Read Young Adult Books

I know that there really are no “age restrictions” when it comes to reading, but that it’s more of a social concept of what kinds of books you should read as you get older.   396 more words

Bookish Things

biLLLy - Locked In

biLLLy has been a personal favourite of mine since I heard ‘Bad Timing’, a single the London-based producer released three years ago. Over the last few years his output has gone from strength to strength; singles like ‘Can’t Blame’ and ‘Confused Lover’ have solidified biLLLy’s reputation as one of the most exciting, emerging talents in the electronic arena. 74 more words