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Jack Janes

I have dedicated my blog to Jack Jane’s as he is fairly handsome and he once told me “Cam your not so bad on guitar”


Rock N Roll

In our performance lesson we where learning about rock n roll. We learnt about the different stylistic traits, the origin and some key songs. Rock n roll originated from the southern states of north America and had evolved from what was originally the blues. 58 more words


Write Here, Right Now

By Amber Jensen

In the years I’ve spent as a student and a teacher in middle and high school, I have both asked and been asked the ubiquitous question: “But why do we have to learn this?” And I’ve told and been told the answer that so often follows: “You’re going to need to know it when you get to college.” 1,715 more words


Who I Follow, Part 5

Over the course of last year, I started posting all the social media profiles I follow as a writer. I love sharing my resources with other writers, so I’m going to go ahead and continue that this year. 395 more words


I Read 120 books in 2017 :) - Part 1

So, I read 120 books in 2017! I mean, that’s some achievement. Here are the names of the first 40 titles that I had the opportunity to read last year along with my rating for the same. 308 more words

The Magic Of Books

Euripides and the Complexities of Genres

So, one of the more serious questions that has come up in the course of tracking humor in the Gospels is the likelihood that documents with such a serious subject (i.e. 215 more words

Panic by Lauren Oliver

Synopsis: In the town of Carp, everyone feels trapped and the only viable way to get out is by competing in a game called “panic” during the summer after high school. 256 more words