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Psychological Suspense, or Women's Fiction??

How does one tell the difference between these two genres?

Is a novel with two female main characters, in  which the plot revolves around the relationships in the book, particularly friendship but with a key disaster to avoid,  a (psy) suspense, or Women’s?  126 more words

Pop Goes the Question - Short Script Review (Available for Production)

Pop Goes the Question

A young man waiting to propose gets harangued and upstaged by his well meaning family and friends.

One of the most important rules of comedy is to riff on a relatable experience. 383 more words

Standard Short

For the Love of God - Short Script Review (Optioned!)

For the Love of God

Two men of the cloth discuss a crisis of faith

Writing good scripts can be such a Catch-22. The best movies deal with important ideas… emotional and intellectual issues that get to the… 286 more words

Standard Short

2 capsule reviews: A Spell of Winter + Cockfosters

I’ve never done capsule reviews before–the closest I’ve gotten is the Superlatives roundup at the end of every month–but they strike me as rather a good idea for books that you enjoyed but just can’t summon up the energy/quotes/coherence to do a full-length review for. 1,229 more words


Album Review: SayWeCanFly - Darling

SayWeCanFly’s latest EP is a solid release that takes you back to the early 2000s when acoustic musicians came in their masses to pour their hearts out through their guitars. 25 more words


The Reading Season

Like everything else associated with the holidays, I’m sure you’ll consider this article one that comes too soon. But, for the publishing industry, the looming spectre of the Christmas season has well and truly begun. 718 more words