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Chloe Hamilton | Cho Kyuhyun




I’m the seller and you’re the buyer, so let’s do a business –Frioleroo

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Alternate Universe

Film Dump's 4th Birthday Review Special! Film Review No.369: The Exterminator

How do some films attain cult status? Sometimes it’s because the film housed an idea that sparked a large enough group’s interest. Sometimes it can be because the film is that special kind of inept that we just love to laugh at and with. 1,235 more words

Film Dump

Elite vs. Suburban Sub-Genre Aspects

In the eyes of many, there is a large contrast between the elite and suburban sub-genre of movies. However, there are also many similarities between the two the categories. 958 more words


The Yale Baroque Opera Selected “Erismena” for Presentation

The Yale Baroque Opera presented “Erismena” this month at University Theatre, sharing the engaging plot points and twists. It includes “Murder plots, star-crossed lovers and bawdy clowns (in) the story of a young princess who disguises herself as a male warrior to pursue her beloved.” The piece was written by Pietro Francesco Cavalli in 1655. 174 more words

Judah Blumenthal

With Apologies To The Ramones

I just Tweeted this (does Tweet get capitalized?), and am so inordinately proud of it, I’m turning it into a blog.

(To the tune of I Wanna Be Sedated by The Ramones) 67 more words


Creating a Stand-Up Female Character

My wife holds a serious measuring stick against female characters created for stories. She’s an avid reader and voracious about her television mysteries, too. Her women have to be smart, plucky, generous, and have a heart ready for love. 445 more words


My brother and my father are both “rockers”. They aren’t always listening to metal, but that’s a big part of the musical selection in my home. 42 more words