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Leo Varadkar

Feumaidh mi aideachadh nach urrainn dhomh tuigsinn ciamar a thionndaidh Èirinn bho dhùthaich anns an robh feisen gèidhe toirmisgte gus 1993 gu tè far an do thachair ann an 2015 reifreann soirbheachail às leth phòsaidhean ghèidh, agus a-nis eadhon… 77 more words


Neil and Alfred

I quite like watching Neil Oliver’s documentaries: occasionally he seems to exaggerate to make them more interesting, but always manages to stay safely on the ‘documentary’ side. 68 more words


The disappearance of Mike Perham

I’ve had an occasion to mention him several times in my blogs. After all, he was one of the people who gave me – however unwittingly – the biggest push to try and go to live in Scotland. 162 more words


Convivialité : Un Parc d'Automne

« Autumn Park. » est une image de la beauté et de la nature, qui décrit une cohésion avec des gens et l’environnement. Les feuilles sur les arbres sont en train de changer avec l’arrivée de la saison automne. 557 more words


John Bercow

It seems that the attempt to oust him from his post for stating his opposition to Trump’s addressing the Houses came to nothing. And rightly so. 41 more words



Il y a environ deux ans et demi, j’allais au magasin quand un homme, qui paraît avoir à peu près 17 ans, m’a demandé dans la Panmure Street une sèche. 78 more words


Risk factors for Myopia Development

The following article is presented to you by Pablo Sanz and Miguel García
Disclaimer: For all general public, some elements may require deeper knowledge.

As noted earlier, Myopia is one of the world leading causes for visual impairment, but what is the aetiology ?   1,038 more words