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Spotted Flower 24-25: MORE! THERE MUST BE MORE!

Well, it didn’t take long for !Saki to find out what’s going on. Dammit, !Hato, you forgot to wash his house sweater too? No way you’ll be the perfect hus- er, wi- er, spouse at that rate! 326 more words


Leftover No More! Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

If you find yourself with leftovers this Thanksgiving, no need to worry. There are a multitude of ways in which to use them creatively after the holiday. 499 more words

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Unpantsed by Genshiken: All Geeks are the Same in the End, Including You

Instead of writing my literature review, I’ve decided to write my thoughts on Genshiken episode 9 for now. I don’t know what spurred me to do this, I guess it just made me feel a lot of things? 1,888 more words

Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda and the Secret Life of Hato Kenjiro - guest essay by asandyrabbit

Genshiken Dropout‘s asandyrabbit considers Kiss Him Not Me, fujoshi socials and harems, Genshiken Nidaime/ Spotted Flower and the power of the One True Pairing… 4,105 more words


I Am Hato

Why do I like HatoMada so much? Why do I relate so much to Hato? Maybe it’s just that Genshiken hit me at the right point in my life. 1,298 more words


Still Not Done With HatoMada

I think in order to truly be HatoMada fan, you really have to embrace brevity and transience. The gratifying moments of a fan of this pairing are short, far between, and riddled with “ifs” and reasons why they shouldn’t happen. 594 more words


The All-Gender Gaze (also Chapter 22 of Spotted Flower)

I’m sure somebody has made this point before, but I thought of it on my own so whatever. Genshiken the original focuses more heavily on the male gaze and how the largely male cast observes female anime characters as objects of lust. 1,595 more words