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My Visit to the Genshiken University

A geek voyage to Japan typically involves trips to the various otaku mecca strewn across the country. From shopping areas such as Akihabara and Den Den Town to sites found in anime such as… 725 more words


I'm on UnimeTV


If you follow me on twitter (wink wink), you might know that I have joined the awesome team of UnimeTV. If you don’t follow me on twitter, well…you know now. 68 more words


Boyz II Men: Genshiken II, Chapter 125

In this month’s chapter of Genshiken Nidaime, the old boys are back.

Chapter Summary

Madarame, Tanaka, and Kugayama meet up for drinks. While they start talking about how things have changed now that Madarame’s finally not going back to the old university, the conversation eventually shifts to girls. 1,203 more words


Going Down The List: Miss Monochrome - The Animation


For the uninitiated, Miss Monochrome is a character created and voiced by Yui Horie. The first season of the anime aired in Fall 2013, while seasons 2 and 3 aired in Summer and Winter 2015, respectively. 261 more words


For Their Sake: Genshiken II, Chapter 124

This chapter of Genshiken calls back to one of the earliest moments in Nidaime. Is the story getting back on track, or was it never derailed in the first place? 1,316 more words