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And Then Came Comic Con: Ogiue Maniax Status Update for July 2015

September I feel was kind of an exciting month, and I think I’ve put out some of my best articles in a while. Chief among them are my… 319 more words


Do Not Pursue Sue Bu: Genshiken II, Chapter 116

The truth comes out in more ways than one in this chapter of Genshiken. Not only does it turn out that this entire trip was an elaborate way to help Madarame towards finally making a decision about his love life (much to Kuchiki’s chagrin; it was supposed to be… 884 more words


HatoZine, the Hato Kenjirou Fanzine, is Accepting Submissions

Hato Kenjirou is one of the central characters of Genshiken whose struggles with gender and sexuality and overall cheerful yet reserved personality have earned him many fans. 114 more words


Fun with Money Puns: Ogiue Maniax Status Update for September 2015

As September begins, I feel as if something is going to happening. I’ve been considering promoting the blog more than I have in the past, and really thinking about if I should make more efforts to have my posts reach people rather than writing them and waiting for readers to show up. 342 more words


Turnabout: Genshiken II, Chapter 115

It’s Keiko’s turn for with Madarame, and she uses the opportunity as only Keiko can. At the same time, she shows both some chinks in her armor and her resilience in spite of that. 802 more words


A Cheeky Angel: Genshiken II, Chapter 114

It’s finally Angela’s turn to spend some alone time with Madarame in Chapter 114. Looking as if she’s going to do something wildly inappropriate, especially for a shrine, but in fact it doesn’t amount to anything more than hand-holding and longing stares. 679 more words


Impressions: Sundome [NSFW] Part 1

Sundome (manga), by Kazuto Okada

Trigger Warnings: Nudity, Erotica, Dominance/Submssion, BDSM, Death, Feces, Urine, Blood, Prostitution, NTR

Kurumi Highlights[1]: Tragedy, Illness, Coming-of-Age Story, “Meaning of Love?”, Friendship… 1,275 more words