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Getting Along: Ogiue Maniax Status Update for February 2016

With Go Princess! Precure finally over, I feel like this is when the winter anime season truly begins. I hope that you’ll enjoy coming along the ride with me. 527 more words


FInal Fantasy: Genshiken II, Chapter 120

This month’s chapter of Genshiken Nidaime is about anal sex. No, I’m not kidding. Yes, my title for this post is awful.

Last chapter, after an emotional discussion between Hato and Madarame, Hato runs away. 859 more words


Hato Kenjirou Fans, This Is for You: Hatozine

A few months back, I mentioned the fact that Hatozine, a fanzine dedicated to the Genshiken character Hato Kenjirou, was accepting submissions. Now it’s been released… 118 more words


New Year, New Anime: Ogiue Maniax Status Update for January 2016

Whether you visited family or went to Comic Market or something else entirely, I hope everyone had a delightful end of the year. January means a new season of anime, reflection the last year’s, and a time to see where this crazy train takes us. 419 more words


Future Boy: Genshiken II, Chapter 119

At long last, it’s the final date! Hato gets his turn with Madarame, but while their time together starts off with some comedy, it quickly turns into a very serious conversation that brings… 859 more words


Going Down The List: Genshiken


I first watched Genshiken in June 2013, during my first anime burnout. At the time, I didn’t really have any desire to watch non-airing anime, so I decided to make a game out of it: Watch two shows in tandem and compare them with each other, and write a post on Reddit after each pair of episodes. 432 more words


Ogiue Chika + Satan = Oshino Ougi

Throughout Nisio Isin’s Monogatari series there has been a mysterious character whose motivations and origins are difficult to grasp. Oshino Ougi, who purports to be the niece (and sometimes nephew) protagonist Araragi Koyomi’s Hawaiian shirt-wearing mentor, seems to come out of nowhere and has a knack for planting thoughts into people’s minds and for getting them to unconsciously open up. 260 more words