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Choosing Your Birth Team

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a great birth team to make your dream birthing experience a reality. In my own… 2,073 more words

Pregnancy Update Week 28 - The Third Trimester

Hi D Ho and welcome to my 28 week pregnancy update. Baby is now about 2.25 lbs and about the size of an aubergine (or egg plant in the US). 995 more words


Pregnancy Update Week 19 - Gentle Birth and Mindfulness

Hi D Ho! Week 19 pregnancy update is here already and baby is now the size of mango (or an heirloom tomatoe if you’ve been paying attention to too many US based baby websites like us :-) ). 540 more words


20,000 Feet.

When I was pregnant, my husband had ever asked one question to our doctor, “how to get easily birth delivery without pain?” The doctor only said to me, “if you are willing to have painless labor, you need extra efforts to prepare everything, as if you greet the president.” 278 more words


Save Millions of Dollars in Health Care Costs by Providing a Birth Doula to Every Mother

A Birth Doula for Every Mother

A majority of women—and our society as a whole—have relinquished pregnancy, childbirth and their postpartum time to the dictates of profit-driven institutions. 682 more words


ACHI Advanced Practice Seminar on Breeches, Twins, Hemorrhage

HQ Brochure
Here’s our brochure to our ACHI Advanced Practice Seminar on Breeches, Twins, Hemorrhage
November 7 & 8, 2015

Gentle Birth

Prenatal Yoga Bahagia

Kalau flashback ke masa-masa waktu hamil, jadi senyum-senyum sendiri. Kangen pengen hamil lagi. #eh :p (padahal anak baru 3 bulanan)

Pas menginjak usia kehamilan 28 minggu, mulai deh saya cari info sekaligus daftar senam hamil, yoga hamil, dan kelas-kelas prenatal lain seperti kelas laktasi. 381 more words