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It is important to emphasize that the gentle birthing movement is not an attempt to make women who have had Caesareans or epidurals or Pitocin induction to feel guilty or less than those who succeed at birthing without these interventions.

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Gentle Birth

Is Birth Really All About the Baby?

When I meet with clients one question I often ask is “why do you want this type of birth/birth plan?” And one of the most common answers is “I just want to do what’s best for my baby.” Though this answer is completely understandable and reasonable, it is my belief that it should not be the goal. 611 more words


Why prenatal yoga

Here’s why I want you to come (or send someone you know) to my upcoming prenatal yoga and meditation workshop:

Connecting with your pregnancy through breath, movement and in circles of women is very special, supportive and inspiring. 334 more words


Melahirkan Gladys dengan Nyaman

Hello again, back to motherhood story. Gladys udah 8 bulan tapi cerita kelahirannya baru sempet ditulis sekarang. Alhamdulillah, masih inget dengan jelas banget saat-saat sebelum melahirkannya. 2,476 more words

Gentle Birth

Gentle Birth bukan Mie Instan

“Saya ingin melahirkan tanpa rasa sakit, gimana ya caranya?”

Kalo ada yang jawab dengan cara “Gentle Birth” rasanya pengen saya lempar pake lensa Nikon seri Nano. 675 more words

I'm Pregnant

are spanish doulas really the walking dead?

its going off in spain – reminiscent of the burning of millions of women during the witch trials of the middle ages. today sees a report about the strange goings on of the witches being released by one of the governing bodies of the spanish midwives – this report has been collated over the last three years and has been put together by a multi-disciplinary group of experts composed of nurses and legal specialists in health and criminal law (this is what google translate tells me anyway!). 1,278 more words

Mbrojol di Metta Mother Care (MMC)

Saya selalu takjub dengan cara Allah memperkenalkan saya dengan Tante Bidan ganteng bernama Yuliecana Mekanik (bukan nama sebenarnya). Bermula dari acara prenatal yoga yang diadakan oleh komunitas… 368 more words

I'm Pregnant