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The Hardest Road

Almost every week there is some Conference or seminar promoting evidenced based birth . Or someone is screaming that some procedure or other is not  “evidenced based”. 894 more words

Gentle Birth

Unintended Consequences Part 2

A few days ago I posted about the dangers of ” laboring down”. That practice is often done when women have epidurals in the hospital and the cervix is completely dilated. 599 more words

Gentle Birth

Unintended Consequences

As I was reflecting on how to get better understanding of pregnancy, birth, and long term outcomes out to the public when my data would compete against millions of others passionate thought, opinion and experience …I was trying to figure out why a pregnant woman would believe me rather than her doctor, doula or Childbirth Educator I realized the way is to show people self evident facts that make things (seemingly unrelated data) line up and become… demonstrable, self evident, provable and not shakable…That my friends I what I am looking for and it is truth. 378 more words

Gentle Birth

August 2015 Class

My next 5 week HypnoBirthing group class series starts August 15, 2015 at Owltree Yoga Center at 1914 Mellwood Avenue Louisville, KY 40206.  Next to Mom’s Music! 48 more words


Masyarakat Emergency

Saya: Ternyata waktu Ibu melahirkan gue, Ibu menerapkan gentle birth dengan metode home birth (melahirkan di rumah)!

Bams: Oh ya? Kenapa?

Saya: Ketika gue lahir, fasilitas kesehatan belum sebanyak sekarang. 95 more words


Melahirkan Anak Kedua - Part 2

Setiap Ibu punya kisah melahirkan yang beda-beda. Bahkan pada Ibu yang sama, setiap proses persalinan pun bisa beda-beda. Begitupun dengan saya. Persalinan pertama dan kedua beda banget. 1,440 more words