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[1: 1,769 of 10,000] BE Gentle

Man can be mean in some certain chaotic circumstances…
But if there’s a choice to be gentle, then be.

We can be honest, we can be blunt… 27 more words


Saturday Serenity: Gentle Giant

The clouds over Lake Michigan this afternoon are primarily grouped together, traveling in packs across the water.  And yet, as I peered over my usual large coffee mug, floating by in my peripheral vision was this large, ‘gentle giant’ of a cloud.  35 more words



You are courageous and brave,

I adore you for that

You are resilient and strong,

I love you for that

You are kind and gentle, 12 more words


Reminder About Death

The following was narrated to us by one of our sheikhs.

There was a taxi driver and he would drive around in Riyadh. He picked up 3 boys and it was salaah time so they stopped at a gas station to pray. 124 more words


Gentle Giant

A manta ray pokes a fin through the water’s surface off the French island of Mayotte, in the Indian Ocean. The mantas’ size and fearsome-looking cephalic fins once earned the animals the name devilfish; however, we now know better: Scuba divers have found them to be gentle and accommodating. 6 more words


you and the messed up world

​your gentle

soothing voice

are too

beautiful for

this world

you and

this messed

up world

are not

meant to

be one


It was a ...

It was a beautiful weekend. Yes, indeed. Despite of some dreadful incidents happened last week. The sun also rises and shines on us softly. Sometimes it might be hard, but sometimes it makes me so gentle, unexpectedly.

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