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Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Go gentle, gentle, into that good night

Old age brings acceptance of this last fate

Fly, fly to the beckoning, golden light

All seasons will end by pre-ordained right… 156 more words


"spring rain"

As I stood with the sprinkling of mornings spring rain, allowing it to saturate my bodies soul, I peered over to a leaf on the poinsettia with its too spring rain sprinkles, in that moment it was if I the leaf, the leaf was I for that timeless time in that now we were both having our bodies filled with natures nectar, allowing each of our limbs of leaf to be nursed, nourished and nurtured with earths copiousness with each celebrated sprinkle of rain. Peace.


What is one who feels hurt but chooses to be kind regardless of how they feel?

What is gentleness even when I am angry? Fake? hmmm I don’t think so. 53 more words

The Real You

Modenine – “Trust” ft. Gentle

Modenine is known for his lyrical prowess and he never fails to deliver on any joint. Modenine decided to release this single off his Limited edition Above Ground Level CD 2 titled “Trust” featuring a new act,Gentle who sounds just like 2face Idibia. 50 more words