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Deal 1341: Trap

She had done her homework. She had her silver key, found the hidden door, and had a goal in mind. She was ready.

The key faded as the lock turned, so that she could not remove it to use again. 431 more words

Daily Deal

Says she hears There’s tricks i’ the world

Most people work out that there are tricks in the world a little later than Ophelia does. I guess she really is an innocent. Even an 8 year old child in this day and age understands that not every one is honest, that the world doesn’t always do the right thing or the fair thing. 90 more words


Deal 1341 Preview

Walk in The Dreamlands:
On a puddle of pale mint (#cceedd) are dealt
Beauty, fowl, The Unknown, Widget, Learning, Rat, and Gentleman

Daily Deal

A piece of paper... and memories.

Scribbled across it was everything that I like about this one particular man. A man that I made lots of exceptions for because he’s different than anyone else I know. 327 more words


A Gentleman Vagabond And Some Others PDF

In modern parlance, a gentleman (from gentle + man, translating the Old French gentilz hom) is any man of good, courteous conduct. A gentleman may also simply be a I nearly get taken to the cleaners by a well-run poker scam in Saigon. 415 more words

She speaks much of her father;

My friend’s father is declining rapidly. He was always a man full of vigor and vitality but has, in recent months, lost his ability to move with ease, has fallen, has relied on a wheelchair for the first time. 129 more words



//worldcat/oclc/192635 The young gentleman and lady’s monitor, and English teacher’s assistant; being a collection of select pieces from our best modern writers.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue has 24,789 ratings and 6,267 reviews. 389 more words