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Pushing Limits

He stretched; arms extended above his head as his legs jutted out like they were stiff to wake his muscles up.  Once he got that initial stretch out he relaxed, lazily, on the bed; his hand rested on his abdomen through the open shirt.   464 more words

Untangling - A Gentleman's Approach

Part of committing to a serious romantic relationship involves intertwining many parts of your lives. Sometimes very deeply. This helps demonstrate trust and can strengthen emotional bonds. 380 more words


Deal 618: Haiku

wise man sees floating
fearless hobo, knows device
unseen but involved

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Being a gentleman never goes out of style.

Positive And Motivational Quotes

Deal 618 Preview

SUM Odd Cards:
Unity, Envy, Widget, Wisdom, Fearlessness, Levitation, and Gentleman

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The Truth About Gentlemen

Did You Know….?

The origin of the word “gentleman” is not, as one might reasonably expect, from “gentle” and “man.” Rather, the “gentle” part comes from another twiglet on the branch of words descending from the French word… 195 more words

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