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        " only forgettable, only bearable."

Cotton Blazer – @HM

Gingham Shirt – @Jcrew

Flower Lapel – @MadeMenLA

Pocket Square – @HookAndAlbert

Sunglasses – @HM

Trousers – @Zara_Worldwide

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Life = Styled

7 Tips On How To Be a Gentleman

1 – Keep Tidy

Whether it’s your home, your car, or yourself; keeping a neat lifestyle is important in making a good impression on anybody. To business associates or employers it will show that you take yourself and your projects seriously and to a potential significant other it will show her that she won’t have to be behind you picking up after you constantly. 376 more words


Chivalry: getting the balance right

Chivalry (n) 1. the system of behaviour followed by medieval knights, that put a high value on honour, kindness and courage; 2. very polite, honest and kind behaviour, especially by men towards women.

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Single Life

Deadbeat Dad's, Absent Fathers, and Abusive Men

Are there decent women in the world?  Is there a woman who can be considered virtuous?

Some woman would rather put up with abuse and a low life man, than to have to live in a situation where they would be obligated to trust or submit to a man. 551 more words


Day 25: Turn ons and turn offs!

I don’t know why but this seems like a fairly hard thing to write about! Anyway I will try my best and tell you about some of my biggest turn ons and offs in a guy. 418 more words

Personal Confessions