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What does a Gentleman do in his free time?

Lifestyles are how we live our lives each and everyday. Every single person is living a lifestyle and each lifestyle is unique. Whether you spend most of your days playing extreme sports or spend most of your life playing video games, it’s all a lifestyle. 402 more words


Proper manners and Etiquette of a Gentleman.

The topic of proper manners and etiquette, for the most part, is a pretty complex subject. For instance, how do we know what is acceptable behavior? 456 more words


Dress The Part.

Each and everyday we all get up in the morning and dress ourselves for work or for school. We dress ourselves when we go out to the mall or to social events. 428 more words


Why style matters.

A wise man once said “You may not want to judge, but the world will judge you.”

Here are four reasons why you should give a damn about style. 462 more words


What does being a "Gentleman" really mean?

We’ve heard this term “Gentleman” crop up everywhere in every generation. However, what does this term actually mean? Research shows that Gentleman originates from the french term “Gentilz Hom”. 543 more words


This Is What A Real Gentleman Looks Like

Being a gentleman is not just about knowing how to dress. It is not wearing a button-down and pants with an expensive watch and hash tagging, “Gentleman” on Instagram. 980 more words

Bravery and Fear

Early in high school, I believed myself a coward. Cultured stories tell us that heroes are born. Superman, Hercules, and Paul Bunyan were all born to be great and had grandeur from the beginning. 478 more words