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“A Gentleman is a prime example of what a man should be” ~ Pontius Joseph

So, here we are. Another blog, another blogger, and a topic which can easily be controversial. 529 more words

post of the day 15/08/2017

Leaving behind all his excuses I again started to focus and work on my health and to be very true my workout time, whether I am cycling or jogging or working with irons is my best time. 135 more words


A beautiful man.

People never understand why I define a man as beautiful but that is exactly who he was–a beautiful man. He had honey eyes that when looked at you, you knew you were loved; eyes that were always in awe of you. 571 more words


14 apps every modern gentleman should have on his phone

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caption Make sure your phone is doing everything it can. source Shutterstock

Your phone is your life – you use it for everything from your calendar to your Rolodex to your primary email outlet. 894 more words


Tailor Me by Moss Bros - a welcome return to tailoring

Thirty years ago, in 1987, I entered the World’s oldest Air Force Academy – Royal Air Force College Cranwell – as an officer cadet.

Those first few days were spent in a whirlwind of excitement and continuous movement as we cadets raced around the College being introduced to Officers’ Mess etiquette, medical examinations, the gym, the swimming pool, and most importantly being ‘kitted out’ in uniforms. 1,241 more words


The Dancer's fantasy.

August is always one of those months you can’t wait for and then when it arrives things aren’t as great as you expected. You spent all winter imagine sitting outside drinking cocktails with the girls watching the hot guys walk by when really, you end up sitting inside Starbucks as the weather is having an emotional five minutes.   874 more words


thought of the day 10/08/2017

Melancholy is a major problem today, people take stress and feel sad without any real reason, and all are so impatient and in a hurry. We have to understand the fact that everything takes time like if you are hitting the gym and pumping iron, then it will take time to bring visible results.  60 more words