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Welcome to my new Blog!

To whomever is reading this blog, I want to welcome you to my blog. I needed a hobby that I can express some thought and discuss some of my passions. 88 more words


Lots of Sketches

A bunch more sketches I found from my old blog, now being transferred to this blog.

MRT Warrior: Random Stories

Dahil balik MRT Warrior ang peg ko ngayon, I will be sharing random things about this. Medyo masakit ang Php 180 per day na parking fee dito sa Ortigas at medyo kailangan naming magtipid tipid. 685 more words

Life And Family


He lived with us very briefly
When I was still a child
My father’s elder brother

When we prayed before our meals
And made the sign of the cross… 205 more words


Hold the Door

Simple rule, always hold the door open.

A gentleman takes the lead, holding the door open for women, for others.

Consider the symbolism with this admirable gesture.   33 more words


He is a wild wind tamed in a human skin, a lion’s heart who is not allowed to be ferocious and vigorous and his patience is seen as his weakness, but that ever burning fire in the eyes make you see a warrior from some distanced land.

Fj King

Michael one | Dating misadventures

Let me set the scene for you- it was two months ago, I had a bit of time on my hands after starting work in the psychiatry unit and I was bored. 583 more words