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The Earl of Wittering Goes to the Seaside Part 9: Adventures in the Bath House

The Earl of Wittering marshals his family after breakfast to decide on the morning’s activities. ‘Porrett has made a recce,’ he announces. (He commanded the local militia for four months and, in his imagination, is forever a soldier…) ‘The bath house is up to standard and there is the choice of taking a machine and having a dunking or using the facilities – plunge pools, shower baths, steam rooms and so forth.’ 717 more words


Mrs Lucian's Seaside Flirtation: 1906


Juggling With Matrimony,

W.J. Mobray

“It’s very wrong of me,” she said, “to let you put your arm around my waist in this disgraceful manner.” 1,493 more words

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So I fucking did it again. I went MIA on you guys. Definitely not my intention. I have really been having a rough few months. I thought anxiety attacks were behind me, but I guess I was wrong, and I guess AFJF had that kind of power over me for me to actually have one again. 421 more words

Opinion: Gentleman

Gentleman (n.)

     ― A chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man.

In our generation, do guys still open doors to ladies? Do they still offer sits? Or maybe escort or lead them home? 98 more words


How a Gentleman Practices Self-Development

One definition of a Gentleman, found in Webster’s dictionary, is, “A man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior.” Baby boys do not come out of the womb a gentleman. 1,105 more words

A gentleman you say?

A personal one to my heart.

What makes a gentleman? The word that can be indicted in hundreds of different ways. It’s all down to the lady. 604 more words