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Gentleman Prefer Blondes

Hailed by Edith Wharton as “The great American novel”, Gentleman Prefer Blondes is the diary of Miss Lorelei Lee, a debutante society girl racketing around European bohemian city-centers of the 1920s. 1,129 more words

Sauce of the Day

Today I was feeling rather business minded. In this voguish ensemble I paired a navy blue blazer with grey slacks, striped navy blue/white button down and a green and royal blue paisley printed tie along with a black belt and black wingtips . 41 more words


Volunteer Nurses in the Great War: 1914

The fashionable women of England are very anxious to help. At least they say they are, and never would we doubt a lady’s word. But their good intentions are thwarted on every side. 1,393 more words

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BEARDSTYLE - The Soul Patch

One of the daring beard styles I could never pull off, mainly because I cannot get pass shaving my mustache off – yeah, that’s not happening.  185 more words



Hot, coarse sand
Blowing mildly across the wreckage
He visited daily.
Each time may be different.

What was hidden?
What value could there possibly be? 59 more words

A distant peak

La misantropia non è mai stata così semplice: basta staccare internet e qualunque forma di
comunicazione diventa magicamente impossibile. Signori miei, dove andremo a finire!