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Enjoy cycling without breaking a sweat! Discover an electric bike with hidden battery!

If you would like to ride with an electric bike, but don’t like the look of an electric bike – usually comes with an huge and heavy battery pack and it’s not your thing! 100 more words


Good Things Come To Those Who...

Don’t you just love when great things happen to great people? Such is the case for our favorite car guy, Alvin Heggs, of Heggs Auto Group. 550 more words


Why Does Appearance Matter So Much???

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My today’s topic says;

Why Does Appearance Matter So Much???

Well- every society has its orientation. Its accepted norms, approved and stamped by the society as appropriate. 654 more words


The Man in the Dog-Cart: 1890s

My next tale has always seemed to me one of the most interesting psychic experiences that I have ever heard related.

Some few years ago, a young officer, whom we will call Lestrange, went to stay at a country house in the Midlands. 782 more words

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WHAT IS SARAHAH ? And how to use it 👨🏻‍💻

Sarahah is a social networking platform which is developed in saudi and is used to receive honest replies of your friends for your personal improvement without even knowing that who has sent the message. 127 more words


You're With Me: 5 Team Board Games You Should Play

(Source: kotaku.com)

Today, we’re always being told that videogames are social. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to take enough of a step back to realise that this is weapons-grade nonsense. 1,427 more words


How To Wear Shorts Dapperly

Knickerbockers, Short pants, knee pants, are terms that were used for shorts that were uniforms for school boys. Men did not start wearing shorts until after World II. 619 more words