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Growing Up!

Maturing into a grown man is rough with many tough expectations. A lot of men still can’t grasp the concept to this day. Once a growing man has finally had enough of playing and mediocrity in life. 87 more words


A Woman

A Woman is precious.
A Woman is emotional.
A Woman is sensitive.
A Woman is nurturing.
A Woman is your child’s mother.
A Woman is a Man’s backbone. 16 more words



Marriages are no longer sacred, relationships are treated like games and true friendship is hard to come by.
People are selfish and don’t understand that when you truly love or care enough for someone. 27 more words


Pretty Eyes Arthur Monk

Arthur’s eyes come through even in sepia. Beautiful!

This gentleman is IDed on the back of this real photo postcard, unfortunately there are too many Arthur Monks born in his time period to find out who he was. 10 more words


An Excerpt From A Woman's Experience With a Gentleman

There have been an enormous amount props being given to the “thug attraction” in regard the style and personalities of some men women are attracted to. 1,535 more words


Henry Goes Shopping for His Sweetheart: 1906

A Shopping Incident.

The young man screwed his courage to the sticking point and dashed into the large drapery establishment. lnside were many customers, all ladies, and many attendants, all ladies, too, and all dressed in black, and looking very tall and dignified. 541 more words

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Hair Style’s to Compliment Your Facial Structure 2015/16

As years go on there will be many of these posts going to be updated to stay with the times. But today most of the same layout from the previous post… 971 more words