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Tall Tales: Jackie Hiscock

Shut yer pokehole Carla-Jean! A gal can dream cain’t she?

Don’t you pay that old slag no mind. Her damn prannie’s so dusty a feller wouldn’t drygulch her fer a nickel.

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New Concept Art: Jackie Hiscock

Jackie here is one of our Gentleman characters. Mr. Hiscock can be a mean sonofabitch when it comes to protecting his interest in a herd, but overall he’s one of the more dependable folks out on the Republican frontier.


Narnia & Blueberry Tea

A few months back I decided to define my “type” in words.

It being;

polite, witty, socially conscious, curious and bright, not homeless, has a job (usually a cool one that makes mediocre money, but that’s what you find attractive, he’s passionate and doesn’t worry or stress over money and works for himself in something he loves.) No sign of a hidden wife and secret family, and most of all he makes you laugh and is a safe place for you. 1,378 more words

Single, Slightly Cynical Adventures

66: When Downton Abbey, Great Expectations, and Emojis Collide

It seems the stars have aligned in my honors classroom today.

  • In Great Expectations, we have come to the quintessential tipping point, where the namesake “great expectations” come to fruition, and Pip finally has the chance to become a true gentleman.
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The Prince and the Slave

The plight of the millennia relationship.

The way in which women, and girls are treated has radically changed in the past 100 years. The differences vary between the age, and culture; some cultures, even hundreds, or thousands of years ago would worship women, and other cultures would treat them as a tool for continuing the bloodline. 915 more words