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Holiday Basics...

Requests are coming for holiday basics: decorating, managing unruly relatives, college age kids who trash the house, and pushing ourselves to the brink of exhaustion and alcoholism. 586 more words


From Hobby to Business by Kim Kiyosaki

Should you turn your hobby into a business?

There are many important ingredients when starting your own business. Determination, creativity, knowledge.

But in my opinion, the most vital one is passion. 1,032 more words

Just How Romantic Were Highwaymen?

I have a vested interest in that question because two of my ancestors were hanged at Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire for highway robbery in the first half of the 18th century – fortunately for me, they had married and left children by then. 852 more words


The Tux Guido lil Bit of Me

Food, fun, faith, and family this is the perfect formula to happiness. Here I want to share my experiences with those of you that might care, those of you who maybe able to learn something from my point of view, and can also teach me something as well. 261 more words


Blogtober #12: Top That! 🎩

Hello, everyone!

What happened to the gentlemen?

Do you remember how cool they were back in the day? You probably don’t because I’m talking about… 682 more words

Club Penguin Island


Life is so much more exciting when you just lower your expectations. Expect nothing and you will be happy. Expect more and get hurt. Just do your part and dont overthink it.

The (almost) perfect gentleman

The talkative young woman sitting opposite me abandons her thought mid-sentence and cocks an ear to the background music. After confirming that it is indeed Phil Collins’ … 1,016 more words