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Video : Dellé ft Gentlemen – Tic Toc

Time is ticking but that doesn’t apply when to great minds are joining forces which is exactly what happened when Dellé teamed up with Gentlemen which resulted in ‘Tic Toc’ and today they present the visuals for it.


The Witch's Ring: 1886


A very curious, struggling, sleepy, old village is Addingtune. Half a century behind the rest of the world, it still sits between the green hills of the Eastern State, its elbows on its knees and its chin in its hands, musing on by-gone days, when old King George held the land under his sway, and when, as its old folks sagely remark, things were not as they are now. 2,777 more words

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Mr. Handsome with the twinkly eyes

This handsome young gentleman (only identified as C.H.P.) has a twinkle in his eyes, as if none of life’s negativity darkened his soul yet. His hair is swept up too; it remains conservative but just a bit different, as any youth would attempt to be. 29 more words


A Set-to at the Fives Court

“FIVES-COURT. A place distinguished (in addition to the game of fives) for sparring matches between the pugilists. The combatants belonging to the prize-ring exhibit the art of self-defence at the Fives-Court with the gloves; and it is frequently at this Court where public challenges are given and accepted by the boxers. 766 more words


Those Successful Women Drummers: 1908

Successful Women Drummers and How They Succeed

By Frances Van Etten

Women drummers are becoming more plentiful every day, and they are successful, too. One has but to go to the firms employing these “ladies of the grip” to learn that their sales are as large as, if not larger than, those of the sterner sex. 2,962 more words

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Top 5 Instagrams for all things Wet Shaving

Although many may consider wet shaving to be particularly niche, social media platforms have helped grow appreciation for the art. Instagram, YouTube, and even blogs such as this one allow wet shaving enthusiasts to gather, learn, and most of all, discover the latest and greatest in the world of wet shaving. 498 more words

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I found him again, with chicks

That was way too easy. :)

Do you remember when I posted the beautiful couple on the bicycle? That was last September. I hoped to stumble upon this 1920’s postcard model again, but I did not hold my breath. 123 more words