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Spring is Coming, Ditch the Cargo Shorts

By Kevin Gaiss

It is the middle of March and I am still looking out into my yard while on “spring” break and I still see snow. 579 more words

Bow-Ties VS. Neck Ties

By Kevin Gaiss

Here comes a real debate worth having. Bow ties, or real ties. Both are great, both are classy, and both serve their purpose. 567 more words

What Watch to Wear When

By, Kevin Gaiss

A gentleman is never late to anything unless he has a damn good reason. In the 21st century, we really have no excuses considering we all have portable time tellers in our pockets with capabilities of telling us what time it is all over the globe. 1,024 more words

Ties rules

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Tie Rules – the dos and don’ts


Do buy silk ties with a wool interlining. It will feel classier, look better and last longer. 229 more words


Mid-Calf Socks, Please, Please go away.

By, Kevin Gaiss

I am guilty. I am guilty of wearing high socks with shorts and even on one occasion I can think of, with boat shoes. 886 more words

The Ghost of Princess Borghese: 1840


Leaves Its Coffin and Gives a Valuable Ring to a Poor Woman.

The approaching marriage of Don Marco Borghese with Mll. Ysabel Porges , says the… 509 more words

News And Announcements

Firsts - a (very) short story

“You can keep on going with them” Annie said breathing heavily. ”I just quickly want to catch my breath” She stopped to sit down on a boulder under a tree next to the hiking trail. 515 more words