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Want to Piss off a Woman?...Here's What You Do


People always talk about how women always complain, women are caught up in their feelings, blah blah blah. For this post, let us go ahead and pause all those thoughts because society has made putting feelings out there “abnormal” in this male dominated society because you all are too scared to deal with them, but that conversation is for another day. 321 more words


Colores que debes usar según tu tono de piel.

Cuando hablamos de color a menudo pensamos: ¿cuáles son los que van mejor con mi tez? Muchas veces salimos de casa y lo único que queremos es regresar, esto se debe a que no nos sentimos cómodos con lo que vestimos y automáticamente se ve reflejado en nuestra actitud, estado de ánimo, emociones, rendimiento, etc. 473 more words

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The Privileged

Brotha Wolf keeps providing.  B-dubs, just so you know, I keep responding to your blog because you hit the nail on the head every time.  You are the apotheosis of what I’m trying to respond to.  5,921 more words

The Struggles of Dating: Age of the Techno Date

To Swipe, or Not to Swipe

With the everchanging world of technology, the dating game has changed considerably for everyone. Before the creation of tinder, people would fall in love in a coffee shop, or reaching for the same apple down the local Tesco. 763 more words


Moisturisers, creams, soaps and more.

What lotions do we need when we wet shave?

Getting a good lather ready for your wet shave will be one of the main vital elements to achieve a high level of comfort. 854 more words

The Straight Razor Journal


Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My today’s topic might touch a nerve. Sorry! Lol!


Why Do We Romanticize The Past? Based on my observations on relationships. 573 more words