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the "handler"

yeah, you’re probably right. i’ll stop.

some juice would be good.


The Lucky Locket: 1875

A Lucky Mistake.

Among the strange passengers who drifted over to New York from Havre, a little while ago, was a young French girl, named Louise Dumont. 977 more words

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Trifles Which Try the Temper: 1892


The incurably tidy person in a home is almost as tiresome us the inveterately untidy. The one puts every possession you have into some perfectly proper place, but one which it would never have occurred to you to choose for it; the other never can spend ten minutes in any room without bestrewing it with unnecessary odds and ends— both are unreasonably trying to the temper. 965 more words

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The Slaves of the Carriage: 1904


Those who are “to the manner born,” i.e., who have ridden in a carriage since they were in their nurse’s arms, may consider a carriage to be as natural a portion of their being, as a centaur might esteem his equine extremities. 4,006 more words

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Bow Tie. Everyone who has the basic knowledge about style knows that the finished bow tie is socially unacceptable. It is the only alternative for men who do not like to wear a standard tie but also want to be properly dressed. 8 more words


Sauce for the Fall

I believe this look is dapper inspiration at its finest!

Try this look for this upcoming fall.

Enjoy Your Day!

Sauce for the Fall by… 6 more words

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