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Home from the Wedding Tour: 1902

The Wedding Tour.

“So you are back from your wedding trip, Beth,” said Beatrice, cordially. “Did you have a pleasant time?”

“An unusual one, at least,” replied Beth. 871 more words

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Health insurance is evil

I get squirmy, aligning myself with socialist and the left.  But they do have a good point on all of this corporate involvement. I believe in personal freedoms, which means corporations shouldn’t be leaking sensitive government data, being privy to special interest rates, or manipulating the stuff I do.   841 more words

Conservatives kill the poor

Here’s another good one!  It won’t be approved by the blogger, but that is why I post it here!  His statement is in quotes.  And here is the… 239 more words

GOP healthcare bill

Just being nasty, but here is a comment I submitted, which will inevitably be blocked by this sucker.

Starting after this sentence, my responses are in parenthesis.   516 more words

Letters To My Son : On Women

Hello, my boy. How are you? I hope everything is well and if not, I hope things will get better. They always do.

I took the time to write down my thoughts on certain topics that you may find someday be of interest or encounter in the future. 990 more words


"They had a little job they wanted me to do:" A wedding story: 1870s



By a Frontier Missionary

He was of Quaker extraction and education. But during the border troubles he had “fallen from the grace” of non-resistance, and had been “dropped from the roll.” He was therefore no longer in “good and regular standing” in that communion—if that can be called a “communion” where they do not observe the communion. 1,111 more words

News And Announcements

Avoid Unnecessary Mistakes/Try This- In Your Relationship!!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My today’s topic says;

Avoid Unnecessary Mistakes/ Try This- In Your Relationship!!!

There’s a saying that; “no two marriages are alike.” I believe that could be said for relationships too. 579 more words