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Gentoo Penguin Chicks

Photographs of Gentoo Penguins nesting with their chicks at Edinburgh Zoo May, 2015.

This is by far in my opinion the best penguin enclosure I have seen and I have read that it in fact the largest outdoor pool in Europe.   113 more words

Takeover Tuesday: Celebrate World Penguin Day at Newport Aquarium

Happy World Penguin Day! My name is Dan Clady, I am the Senior Biologist in charge of penguins. Thank you for joining me on this special Takeover Tuesday. 450 more words

Wallpaper of The Week: Kemono Friends 2

The internet is crazy about this Kemono Friends anime and I’m here to promote what’s trending in the anime world. Too bad I haven’t watch this anime yet, I need to check this out, just what this anime is about.


Left overs

This late in the season means the penguins have finished breeding. This also means the easy pickings for the Brown Skuas are over. No more eggs to steal or chicks to grab. 68 more words


Penguin Party

Edinburgh Zoo, March 2017


Late season

For me this it was the first time I was this late in the season on Antarctica. This picture nicely sums up what a penguin colony looks like at this time of year. 138 more words