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Penguins in Antarctica - with hilarious captions.

So I actually wrote the vast majority of this post after my first close encounter with Penguins in Antarctica, over a week ago. But data was prohibitively expensive there, so today I finally get to post it! 425 more words


Westpoint and Saunders Island Landings

Two days out of Ushuaia, Argentina enroute to the West Falkland weren’t spent sleeping, starting with 7:45 a.m. wake-up calls. The Marine animal specialist, Annie, did presentations on seals and whales while our ornithologist, Adrian, helped us identify birds of the Falklands and South Georgia Islands. 277 more words

Local gang

These three penguins seemed to be part of a local gang. They clearly picked their home turf, an old rusty whaling ship at Foyn Harbour and were now hanging out overlooking their territory. 78 more words


Fuzzy Love Story

Gentoo Lynux Adams was born on April 1st 2005 into a hoarders home. I rescued him the very moment he was able to leave his mother. 888 more words


Leaving Rothera

NOTE: Due to the mammoth trip north with frustratingly slow internet, this is the first time I’ve been able to upload blogs (over a month). Then my computer wasn’t allowing me upload photos. 598 more words


Happy World Penguin Day

Yes, another special day. After Earth Day, today is World Penguin Day. And the second international day devoted to penguins, after Penguin Awareness Day on January 20th. 94 more words