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Wallpaper of The Week: Kemono Friends

So I guess the internet is buzzing over this Kemono Friends and with a lot of art rendition depicting the characters, I guess we have to start considering this trend seriously, hahaha. 28 more words


Giant Step Onto The Seventh Continent

In my head, I heard the music from 2010 a space odyssey as I finally stepped onto the Antarctic continent.

Brown’s Bluff is a tuya on the northeast side of the Tabarin ┬ápeninsula jutting out of the top of the Antarctic Continent. 335 more words

Immense Tabular Icebergs, Kinnes Cove

Located on the SW end of Joinville Island, just off the Antarctic Peninsula, Kinnes Cove is named for the owner of an 1892 whaling expedition. Look at the beauty of these icebergs the ship had to carefully navigate through: 142 more words

March of the Penguins-Day 2

An incremental scene of a penguin chick crowing to the world then losing balance, it’s indelible in my mind. I hope it gives you a smile. 10 more words

South America

Get out!!

Penguin colonies, like this one on Peterman Island, are often home to skuas as well. Not really to the liking of the penguins, as the skuas aim for the eggs or chicks. 40 more words