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When the penguins are done breeding, they start moulting. Every penguin has to change their feathers. For birds, and especially penguins, their feathers are very important as they are their drysuit that keeps them dry and warm. 74 more words


The Antarctic big five: Penguins

Everybody knows the ‘big five’ of the African savannah. The five large animals everybody wants to see during a visit to Africa. Antarctica doesn’t have an official big five, but it’s quite easy to make one. 204 more words


More Gentoos

This trip again, we visited several Gentoo Penguin colonies. In contrast to Adelie Penguins, Gentoo Penguins are doing really well on the West Antarctic Peninsula. In many places, the Gentoo numbers are increasing. 42 more words


Penguins Of The Antarctica

It was the penguins. Penguins were the reason why I decided to go to the antarctica. I did see some penguins in South Africa, and also in Galapagos. 612 more words

K. Chae

Teenage boys and girls

These young penguins are usually extremely curious. They really want to try out anything (except for swimming yet). Whether it is whale bones or human beings, they often come running towards them to see what they are. 48 more words


Late season penguins

This late in the season, we find two types of penguins, moulting adults and nearly grown up youngsters. The moulting adults try to do as little as possible as moulting costs a lot of energy, and they can’t go out at sea to feed. 90 more words


A specialist

There is one think about penguins and their colonies. They are not the cleanest of all; understandably, as penguins cannot leave their nest to go to the toilet. 175 more words