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Openings At The U.K. Penguin Post Office

The Penguin Post has learned that there are plenty of people who want to spend five months in the bitter cold, sleeping little, be virtually isolated from the world, won’t be able to shower for up to a month and live in close proximity to three people and 2,000 penguins for five months, and work for the post office. 134 more words

New Penguin Chicks At Omaha Zoo

The Penguin Post has learned that Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium has a trio of brand new penguin chicks that are going on display today.  184 more words

Gentoo Penguin

You would have difficulty finding a more chivalrous bird than a penguin. When a male penguin wants to court a mate, he sifts through beach pebbles until he finds the smoothest, kinda flat one and presents it to her (like a very sensible engagement ring). 61 more words

Falkland's Trip Report Part One

I have this before about places being one of the most Beautiful places on Earth, but the Falklands must surely be added to that list. It has its own type of beauty ,the apparently untouched wilderness that stretches for miles before your eyes, knowing that these lands are so WORD populated that you will most likely come across a penguin on your wanders than you will a settlement or a person. 1,154 more words

Brize Norton

Goodbye penguins!

Often when I am posting (slowly) something I already notice some mistakes or remember that I forgot to check the right way to write certain word before the posting. 880 more words

Antarctica Cruice

Petermann Island

We reached the southernmost point of our journey at 65°10′S 64°10′W on Petermann Island. It was sunny, foggy and sunny again, almost no wind. Hence ideal conditions for our last landing to visit the, at the moment, also southernmost colony of Gentoo penguins. 163 more words