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Life Through The Lens - Part III - January 23 Image

A Gentoo Penguin moves dirt from one area to another for nest building.



Watching penguins can be hilarious. Their behaviour can be really funny, maybe because they do resemble us…

In this case, we spent quite a while watching a couple of penguins. 185 more words


The odd one out.

We often get the question how old penguins (or other birds or animals) can get. For biologist not really relevant, it is a lot more relevant to know until what age they can reproduce, but most people are no biologists. 176 more words


Gentoo Spring

Early November means spring for the Gentoo Penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula. They arrive back at the colonies and wait for the snow to melt so they can start building their nests. 161 more words


A new favourite?

In the previous post, I wrote about Paradise Harbour being my favourite place on Earth. However, that’s very weather depending. As you could see in the pictures in that post, it was quite grey and overcast day. 88 more words


Okay, It's Real Now

Week 1: F 27 October 2017, 22:38. Cape Shirreff, Livingston Island, Antarctica

For months now I’ve been saying the phrase “It’ll feel more real when…” to talk about my then-pending Antarctic experience. 548 more words

Antarctica - Cape Shirreff

Types of Penguin Species

The Different Species of Penguin list

Penguins are a family of non flying aquatic birds seen in the southern hemisphere in the cooler climate. Contrary to popular belief, penguins don’t have a natural habitat in the arctic pole. 223 more words

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