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Finding UNIX in GNU/Linux

In the spirit of UNIX claimed thus far, I decided to explore GNU/Linux options that would provide similar capabilities as FreeBSD. Of course, FreeBSD is absolutely irreplaceable and nothing can beat the organized nature of ‘true’ Unices. 595 more words


Something I will forever hold dear to my heart...

I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with 51 penguins the other day!

Both species, King and Gentoo, are beautiful loving animals and I wish I could spend all day, every day with the funny little creatures. 167 more words


Introducción a Gentoo para principiantes

Las distribuciones

Hay distintos tipos de distribuciones Linux:

  1. Gratis o con costo
  2. Para el hogar, para la empresa
  3. Para grupos de personas especificos como Cristianos, Musulmanes, científicos, otakus,  believers (fans de Justin Bieber) …
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Gentoo - First Impressions

I’ve just finished the shutdown of my Raspberry Pi Gentoo installation box.

I did something of a “shortcut” via the directions here:


Install Gentoo on Raspberry Pi 2 / 3 + USB Hardrive…

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Pi Building, Cross Building, and Related Links

Folks have expressed a bit of interest in some of the lower level of what I’m doing with Raspberry Pi OS build stuff. My Tablet now has over 50 links open and I need to get some of them closed. 3,740 more words

Tech Bits

A Day Ashore in Antarctica

Our team of FjordEco scientists got the chance to leave the ship today and actually set foot on solid ground again. We needed to service a weather station and time-lapse glacier camera atop Useful Island, a small island at the mouth of the fjord. 612 more words

Remote desktop keymap problem

Do you have keymap problems connecting from linux to windows?
Maybe rdesktop -k KEYMAP cannot find the keymap file it is searching for. Check /usr/share for rdesktop/keymaps and copy this stuff to ~/.rdesktop/keymaps/