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Quitar el código de la NSA por default de Linux

Me llama mucho la atención que al compilar el Kernel ver la palabra NSA por default seleccionada siendo que en Gentoo una distro especial para elegir sus características, me parece pues una mala configuración por default, aunque tal vez a los desarrolladores de Gentoo les pareció buena idea porque si lo requiere Gentoo Hardened que irónicamente debería ser más seguro… en fin, recordemos que Gentoo es una distro Estadounidense así que bueno… no nos quejemos… :S… 37 more words


My first Gentoo Desktop Clip , recording "problem #1"

Heya :D actually I had this weird glitch on Chrome (transparent Google Chrome Bug) but it solved by itself while recording my screen, also you can see how I search for info ^-^



A Day Ashore in Antarctica

Our team of FjordEco scientists got the chance to leave the ship today and actually set foot on solid ground again. We needed to service a weather station and time-lapse glacier camera atop Useful Island, a small island at the mouth of the fjord. 612 more words

Remote desktop keymap problem

Do you have keymap problems connecting from linux to windows?
Maybe rdesktop -k KEYMAP cannot find the keymap file it is searching for. Check /usr/share for rdesktop/keymaps and copy this stuff to ~/.rdesktop/keymaps/


Antarctica, One Last Dream (part 2)

Day 3-4 The First Landing

After two days at sea, the world around us began to change. The ferocious waves and gales gradually gave way to a calm sea. 582 more words


[VIDEO] Penguins of Antarctica

Enjoy my penguin montage of these little guys doing what they do – being adorable and chasing their moms around for food. All penguins are Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins living on the Antarctic Peninsula.


Photography - Gentoo penguins from the Falklands

It’s a hard life Babies – a tantrum?

 The loner

 In a flap

 Feeding time

If you enjoy my poems or anecdotes why not purchase a paperback of anecdotes for £7.25 or a kindle version for free. 94 more words