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Installing Gentoo Linux on ZFS with NVME Drive (Part 2)

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If you missed it my last post was looking at how to get Gentoo Linux installed on a ZFS filesystem with NVME disks.   1,796 more words

Installing Gentoo Linux on ZFS with NVME Drive (Part 1)


A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I would be dumping Windows and making the move to Linux as my primary operating system.  I’ve now done it and as I’m writing this my PC is now running Gentoo Linux with ZFS as the operating system for my boot drive and mounted data.   3,264 more words

Transitioning Between LAN and WLAN By Bonding Ethernet and WiFi

Here’s the situation: you like to have the LAN cable plugged into your laptop when you are sitting at your desk to take advantage of the gigabit speeds, but you sometimes like to roam around by connecting to the WiFi. 455 more words


Too Many Options

I cannot decide. There are too many options. A Microsoft Windows person would have no idea.

It’s all the fault of Linux, or more properly “GNU/Linux” pronounced “Gah-New Lin-ux” or sometimes “Gah-New Lin-ox.” Much to the distress of the GNU people who provide all the software for Linux and BSD systems, nobody wants to say “Gan-New” before “Linux.” The harsh reality is this: the vast majority of the public just calls it Linux. 844 more words


Baby Reggie eyes redemption in signing Lynch


Baby Reggie, formally known as Bruce Irvin, sought out several free agents to join the Oakland Raiders this offseason. But, after dropping the ball on a majority of his targets, he now has his sights set on the cream of the crop in retired running back Marshawn Lynch. 211 more words

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PostgreSQL on a Raspberry Pi 3 64-bit with Binary Streaming Replication

In my home office I run PostgreSQL with streaming binary replication between two servers. I don’t need streaming replication in my home office, but it is a good way to learn the system and it’s also nice having the ability to switch which server is the master during upgrades. 516 more words


This week in science (April 5 - April 12)

By Claire Roth

Technology – Samsung steps up

In the age of technological personal helpers, such as the voice-controlled Alexa and the iPhone-dwelling Siri, the electronic appliance and smart technology company Samsung has stepped up to the plate with their own virtual assistant: Bixby. 240 more words