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Gentoo support for EDK2

On the EDK2-devel mailing list, St├ęphane Veyret just announced Gentoo Linux for EDK2, including rEFInd application support. Excerpt:

I made a Gentoo ebuild for EDK2. This ebuild transforms a little bit the installation in order to be able to use the product as is generally used a library in Linux. 32 more words

3.8+ kernel for Pogoplug

TL;DR attach dtb file to kernel and boot

I’m running gentoo on a Pogplug E02 and had some difficulties with kernels after 3.7. These kernels use a new infrastructure called device trees to tailor the kernel to new hardware. 145 more words


HPLIP 3.15.7 Problem

Nach dem ich die Hewlett Packard Drucker Treiber, HPLIP auf die Version 3.15.7 upgedated hatte, druckte mein HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125nw nicht mehr. Nach längerer Recherche habe ich herausgefunden, dass es sich dabei um ein Problem in HPLIP selbst handelt. 39 more words


ZFS-root on LUKS

TL;DR ZFS as a root device on top of LUKS

I encrypt my devices. This saves hours of changing passwords in case a hard disk is lost. 991 more words


Gentoo | X11 Xorg

Follow the Gentoo-Wiki Howto. But emerge xorg-x11 instead of the recommended xorg-server. Otherwise you will cry.


Gentoo | Midnight Commander umlaut problem.

The Midnight Commander shows crap instead of umlaut characters? Command locale -a doesn't print something like de_DE.UTF-8? There is no de_DE.UTF-8 locale!

First add… 39 more words


Natural Scrolling + Left Handed Mouse Buttons

Things described below are done on my Gentoo Linux on 2015-08-15. However they should apply any X11 Systems such as Debian, Ubuntu, or Arch Linux as well, because none of them are depending on Gentoo specific tools. 284 more words