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Penguins May Benefit From Climate Change

Although climate change and warming temperatures are bad for many species there are some who may benefit. One group is the three species of Pygoscelis… 47 more words


The Source of Them All...

For quite a while now I have been considering source-based Linux distributions. I believe they pose the highest level of difficulty in terms of installation and maintenance. 618 more words


On the Crossroads, Past the Arch

To begin with, I have been a vivid Arch Linux user for quite some time. I greatly enjoyed the flexibility this specific distribution offers, even when using derivatives, such as ArchBang. 204 more words


Gentoo Penguin

You would have difficulty finding a more chivalrous bird than a penguin. When a male penguin wants to court a mate, he sifts through beach pebbles until he finds the smoothest, kinda flat one and presents it to herĀ (like a very sensible engagement ring). 61 more words

Linux-do - The Path to Linux

For some people Linux is merely an operating system, an inexpensive alternative to Windows or Mac. For me and many others Linux represents a path – ‘Linux-do’ as the Japanese would probably put it (Bushido or Bushi-do – ‘the way of the warrior’). 273 more words


Perfect Ten

I’ve mentioned how penguins are pretty special birds, but I couldn’t resist posting again about their incredible adaptations as swimmers. On land they strut and waddle and trip and jump and generally look adorable and a little bit ridiculous… but as soon as their flippers strike the water, they transform. 644 more words