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Installing Gentoo Linux Tips

Gentoo is a very popular source based distribution primarily intended for more experienced Linux users, although really it’s not as hard as people make it seem, certainly you should have experience using Linux and be comfortable using the terminal. 1,294 more words


Just Funtoo

Every time I use someone elses computer I’m reminded how much I have grown away from Windows. Over time as hard drives crash and my frankenputers slowly bite the dust. 200 more words



I installed Red Hat Linux for the first time around 1998. Don’t remember much more than something about disk druid. Hard drives wasn’t to large at that time. 385 more words


Yes, I Tried Out Gentoo

One of the developments that has happened in the last few months is that I gave Gentoo a spin for a month and was quite fascinated with it for a while. 218 more words


VLC on Gentoo and no subtitles

The VLC media player is both – hated and loved. I tend to like it because it plays a lot of different formats and broken files pretty well in my experience. 188 more words


Installed Pantheon on Gentoo

I was reading randomly about Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) and suddenly remembered elementary OS and how neat it looked. It’s almost like Mac and puts lot of emphasis on HIG that lead to faster and efficient apps, positive user exp etc. 207 more words

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A viable option I shall look into myself when I finally install Gentoo, and this may also solve an issue any of you may have when installing Pantheon. (bonus!) I shall soon be writing about different desktop environments, their features, pros and cons. Pantheon will be included in the list. Stay tuned!

Gentoo support for EDK2

On the EDK2-devel mailing list, Stéphane Veyret just announced Gentoo Linux for EDK2, including rEFInd application support. Excerpt:

I made a Gentoo ebuild for EDK2. This ebuild transforms a little bit the installation in order to be able to use the product as is generally used a library in Linux. 32 more words