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[/dev/random] midori fonts and csd windows under xfce (xfwm4)

Websites with bitmap fonts in Midori

Midori works well as a web browser, but I did have some issues with displaying fonts on certain websites (not midori’s fault), I never tried to find a solution for it, I used… 190 more words


On the Crossroads, Past the Arch

To begin with, I have been a vivid Arch Linux user for quite some time. I greatly enjoyed the flexibility this specific distribution offers, even when using derivatives, such as ArchBang. 204 more words


Portage webrsync-gpg, emerge --sync with extra care

Portage tree contains mostly categories with different ebuilds and also specific functions (eclass/) which is shared code that ebuilds use, so they control the build process. 927 more words


Gentoo Penguin

You would have difficulty finding a more chivalrous bird than a penguin. When a male penguin wants to court a mate, he sifts through beach pebbles until he finds the smoothest, kinda flat one and presents it to herĀ (like a very sensible engagement ring). 61 more words

Linux-do - The Path to Linux

For some people Linux is merely an operating system, an inexpensive alternative to Windows or Mac. For me and many others Linux represents a path – ‘Linux-do’ as the Japanese would probably put it (Bushido or Bushi-do – ‘the way of the warrior’). 273 more words


Perfect Ten

I’ve mentioned how penguins are pretty special birds, but I couldn’t resist posting again about their incredible adaptations as swimmers. On land they strut and waddle and trip and jump and generally look adorable and a little bit ridiculous… but as soon as their flippers strike the water, they transform. 644 more words