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What is God's love?

What is the love of God? We hear about it almost every time we go to church. We read about it in the Scriptures. God Himself is love…Still, do we truly understand all the power and fullness contained in His Agape? 169 more words


How To Genuinely Love

Love is a universal language that everyone could understand. However, does everyone know how to speak and express a genuine kind of love?

Some people are struggling to speak and express genuine kind of love.  478 more words


Neglecting Love

At the present time, we often neglect love in our daily lives. In our work, school, ministry, family and relationships. Owing to the fact that we are too goal-oriented, we are missing the important thing in life, and that is… 597 more words



He is the most manly of the men
The most gentle and loving
Compassionate and caring
He passionately kisses my cheek
And he holds my hand and never let’s go… 237 more words


Our Love (Part 3)

I love you so much, that agape love
That thing that people say takes years and years to form
Well its been years
And it has formed. 151 more words


Our Love (Part 2)

So you say you love me?

I couldn’t have heard a more powerful sentence
That sentence can make a dead man smile
That sentence can make the sun reach Hell’s darkest corner… 80 more words


Our Love (Part 1)

Just when I thought I couldn’t have gotten any crazier
I hear those words I only dreamed of hearing
Making my head spin more out of control… 64 more words