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Thirteen Four Seven

This world doesn’t know a thing about LOVE.

How would you do? Give up? Let it be? But what if you know you can be someone’s salt in their wounds and light in their darkness? 91 more words

Live, love and laugh ...

Last night and this morning I had my Nana on my mind. Nana is my paternal grandmother and she passed away several years ago. I miss her terribly. 135 more words

Life's Little Lessons

What are God’s promises to those who have been saved and perfected? | Eastern lightning

Relevant Words of God:

I am now walking abroad in the midst of My people, I live in the midst of My people. Today, those who bear genuine love toward Me, people like these are blessed; blessed are those who submit to Me, they will surely stay in My kingdom; blessed are those who know Me, they will surely wield power in My kingdom; blessed are those who seek after Me, they will surely escape from Satan’s bonds and enjoy blessing in Me; blessed are those who are able to forsake themselves, they will surely enter into My possession, and inherit My kingdom’s bounty. 2,395 more words

Article | Eastern Lightning

The path to true love!

I would like to present a rather radical explanation, in our time anyway, to describe a common occurrence concerning relationships in our society. 

   During the time of adolescence, there is a stirring that becomes keenly apparent to girls early on, and typically to the guys a bit later. 448 more words

Amazing Love

We are living in a world where hurt is real. How often in our lives that we feel like we are unloved? Rejected by peers. Shunned by a crush. 359 more words

Define Relationship

People think I’m cold and aloof. They tell me to my face. They think that I’m mean to tell them off. And I agree.

I used to be bubbly and light-hearted but I’ve lost my innocence. 293 more words

A Day In The Life

Choosing our life partner

I had an AH-HA! moment a few days ago that I want to share with you. Up until a few days ago I never really understood the choices we make when finding a partner and to some degree the processes we go through in determining whether we move forward in a relationship or disband it completely. 394 more words