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Why People Who Lack Forgiveness Are Single (L.L.T. #3)

In this day and age, if one practices forgiveness on a consistent basis, it is seen as a weak, submissive, and opening yourself up for heartache, and many feel that forgiveness translates to just letting people walk all over you. 142 more words
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Make Sure It’s Genuine — Orlando Espinosa

Make sure whatever you say or whatever you do is genuine and not superficial!

via Make Sure It’s Genuine — Orlando Espinosa

“Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary.” ~ Mother Teresa…

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Strange Love

They say love is blind
It can sometimes be strange too
One can with open eyes
Find affection true 111 more words



Hello! Am super excited to have you back here; hope the previous week was a good one? I pray this new week will usher you favor and grace beyond your expectation. 784 more words



Hey! Glad to have you back for another promising episode off the ongoing series on marriage. But before we start, allow me take this time out to thank everyone for stopping by and for your amazing comments; it elates my soul everytime I read them. 894 more words



Where most marital problem comes from is: most couples shift the process of uniting(union), till after they start to live with one another, that is very dangerous. 746 more words

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We might disagree over certain things in today’s write-up; but I hope I will be able to make you see reason after this topic.😀

So, today, we would discuss about marital unity, but before I kick off, I want to say a big thank you for your feedbacks; they make me wish I could start doing more immediately. 800 more words

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