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Christmas Countdown Day 4 Genuine Happiness

Many people ask me what makes me genuinely happy? I believe that only you can make yourself happy if you choose to be.  It might sound simple to say just be happy, but being positive is one way that helps.   129 more words

Rosie Moore

when you fall in love. and out of it. and back again.

Love is kind. Love is not self-destructing. Love is not toxic. Love is genuine.

But love, can also not be love. Sometimes we justify its meaning because we are desperate for it. 318 more words


Quote from Saint Teresa of Calcutta

The Loss of Real Love in Fiction

This is a slightly modified repost. I originally shared my thoughts on this topic about a year ago, but it’s important enough to bring back around. 455 more words

Who is a perfect mom?

It is already so hard to grow a human being inside the body.I have felt my baby growing from a pea size to cauliflower size.I am very sure every netizen mom has done that ;comparing her baby with the vegetables given in the  growth chart.I had a high-risk pregnancy.I was always on this anxiety-seat .Why is the baby not moving even after the meal?Is my baby fine? 481 more words

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