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The Loss of Real Love in Fiction

This is a slightly modified repost. I originally shared my thoughts on this topic about a year ago, but it’s important enough to bring back around. 455 more words

Who is a perfect mom?

It is already so hard to grow a human being inside the body.I have felt my baby growing from a pea size to cauliflower size.I am very sure every netizen mom has done that ;comparing her baby with the vegetables given in the  growth chart.I had a high-risk pregnancy.I was always on this anxiety-seat .Why is the baby not moving even after the meal?Is my baby fine? 481 more words

My Life


Being vulnerable is scary. It is. It can make you extremely self-aware and show you sides of yourself you may not be comfortable embracing yet. So why succumb yourself to this feeling? 492 more words


What love is...

Are you sharing loving kindness with people surrounding?

Are you saying “hello”, “Thank you”, ” I love you” from deep of your heart or for the sick of saying? 297 more words


When Mute Speaks

I had the privilege of joining my boyfriend assisting his co-worker’s family to have a medical check up and the message that came across beyond words is GENUINE LOVE. 188 more words


For Your Loved Ones...

…I must post I believe with confidence the benefits in health and well-being will far exceed with my information that which you would receive from available modern medine, growing more detailed and amazingly well-sourced continuously, and free… 76 more words

Genuine Love

Affirming Ourselves to Death

Selfishness is nothing new, but it has grown to such enormous proportions that this generation is actually known as the “Entitlement Generation.” The saddest part is that we, the members of this generation, have been deceived into believing that there is nothing wrong with this and even seem to have redefined morality as personal happiness. 1,725 more words