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Venus Enters Libra -- November 8th, 2015

Lady Venus Enters Libra on November 8th at 10:31 AM EST until entering Scorpio on December 4th at 11:15 PM EST. When Venus leaves Mutable Earthy Virgo for Cardinal Airy Libra, there is a definite shift in our emotional quotient — whilst in Virgo, Lady Venus was extremely fastidious and selective in those whom she would invite into her realm. 1,052 more words

Astrology Notes

Open letter to my one and only..

Dear husband,

(Wow. I never thought I’d hear myself calling someone that.)

Well hello. *in my most British Adele voice*

I first want to start off with the most sincere “thank you”. 502 more words


Let Love be Genuine - Romans 12:9-13

1.    Genuine Love is Sincere, 12:9

The first phrase of Romans 12:9-13 acts as a title for this unit of thought. We are introduced to agape love, the deep, self-sacrificing love that should be characteristic of a believer. 596 more words


Ninoy Aquino International Airport - Manila

If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines to visit your love then I think it’s prudent that I share some tips, comments and recommendations about this airport in particular. 432 more words


So many people have a biased preconceived notion about intimacy. They believe that having sex is essential to a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship and it will bring a couple closer and strongly connect them but unfortunately not really. 985 more words


What is God's love?

What is the love of God? We hear about it almost every time we go to church. We read about it in the Scriptures. God Himself is love…Still, do we truly understand all the power and fullness contained in His Agape? 169 more words


How To Genuinely Love

Love is a universal language that everyone could understand. However, does everyone know how to speak and express a genuine kind of love?

Some people are struggling to speak and express genuine kind of love.  478 more words