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For Your Loved Ones...

…I must post I believe with confidence the benefits in health and well-being will far exceed with my information that which you would receive from available modern medine, growing more detailed and amazingly well-sourced continuously, and free… 76 more words

Genuine Love

Affirming Ourselves to Death

Selfishness is nothing new, but it has grown to such enormous proportions that this generation is actually known as the “Entitlement Generation.” The saddest part is that we, the members of this generation, have been deceived into believing that there is nothing wrong with this and even seem to have redefined morality as personal happiness. 1,781 more words


How Jesus Changed My Friendships

Last time we met at Belong I spoke about overcoming weird times in friendship. Vulnerably, I shared some humbling ways the Lord needed to teach me about being a good friend.  1,143 more words

Spiritual Growth

Why do we need rest?

When God created the earth, He worked for 6days and rested on the 7th day. God blessed the seventh day and made it holy. (Genesis 2:3) 89 more words



The 15th of April…

that marks the ending

the beginning of the end.

the end of the beginning.

saying vows… that should and would last eternity. 52 more words


The Cure

Alive and well is the beast in this land.

This cursed land in which we dwell.

Ignorance is bliss, we say,

But the knowledge of such danger, is necessity. 226 more words