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The Shades of Life

When life knocks you down repeatedly
Your soul becomes weary
Dejected, you begin to lose hope
Living seems out of scope 58 more words



Love is a small lettered word

Which has unexplainable power

Learn to love genuinely

Without expecting anything in return

Love everyone

Even those you think are unlovable… 12 more words



Love is really a truly lasting treasure

When its birthplace is a selfless heart

It becomes a beautiful blossoming light

Whose pure loveliness will never depart… 111 more words



As I searched for a genuine spiritual peace

One day a true treasure my life embraced

That single moment I answered Your call

When my loneliness by Your love was erased… 142 more words

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What is LOVE anyway?

It is so easy to fall in love in a society where having a “bae” is life and not having one is some seriously sad news right there. 447 more words

Humor: How It's a Tale Sign of True Love

Of course, in a committed relationship, there’s a time to be serious and to take care of business.  But, human beings are playful creatures.  We weren’t created to be hardcore serious and super down-to-business all the time.   138 more words
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Capacity for love

Sometimes it surprises me just how much we are able to love. We may hold out and wait for the right circumstances, but when our hearts are opened then there is infinite love to be given. 324 more words

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