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Contributing to Well-Being

In Mike Nickerson’s book, Life, Money and Illusion about today’s ecological and economical crisis, he describes shifting from a paradigm of continual growth to one of sustainability by choosing to focus on and measure Well-Being rather than the GDP. 610 more words


A matrix of human needs

I have been reading “The Economics of Happiness” by Mark Anielski, recently. As part of the attempt to determine what genuine wealth is and where it comes from, Anielski analyses other cultures and forms of wealth. 57 more words

A note about GDP vs. GPI and my utopic visions

As an economist, I cannot make value statements about what “should” or “ought” to be. What I can comment on is economic efficiency; I get a particular sense of amusement from the idea of “potential… 491 more words

Earthgauge Radio July 26, 2012: Bill Rees and our ecological footprint


On Earthgauge Radio this week, I re-broadcast a full feature length interview I did with the renowned UBC ecologist Bill Rees, who was recently honoured with the prestigious… 286 more words


Our true Finances - Genuine Wealth & Well Being by Dr. John F. Demartini

So often we toss certain common words around – like the words “genuine” and “wealth” – as if we fully understood what they both mean and as if they each had their own single common root meaning. 1,123 more words