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Emerging Media is EMERGING in all Industries

Emerging media is coming to light in all industries. Businesses are realizing the need to embrace emerging media platforms in order to give themselves an edge over the competition. 192 more words


Mobile Geo-fencing

With the increasing movement of consumers from traditional web browsing (i.e. laptop and desktop computers) to mobile browsing on tablets or smartphones, advertisers are now using a mobile marketing technique called geo-fencing when trying to target potential customers. 151 more words

Crosshair Media Placement

Restaurant Marketing in the Moment

Your menu should be evolving and changing quickly.

Is your craft beer selection changing by the hour or even faster? Are you hosting special events on a regular basis? 464 more words


Restaurant Marketing: What to say when asking for your customer's information

Giving your customers customization and benefit for giving you their information. Showing your customers a clear benefit for giving you their information

“What’s in it for me?” That’s the question your customers will ask themselves when you ask them for their personal information.  522 more words


Restaurant Marketing: Thrive instead of Survive

In order to thrive, restaurant leadership should be demanding food innovation.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, restaurant executives are blaming the upcoming election for soft sales performance.  558 more words


How to utilize location-based restaurant marketing effectively

How can marketers take advantage of location data to reach consumers and drive restaurant visits?

In today’s technology-driven world, more American adults than ever report owning a smartphone device (68% according to a recent Pew survey) and, depending on the settings of that device, technology companies around the world are collecting location data like it’s going out of style.  533 more words


Three “Easy” Restaurant Marketing Steps for Casual Dining to Stop Killing Casual Dining

The big restaurant holding companies are pulling out all the stops to drive “butts in seats” for their casual dining restaurant brands.