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The App-li-fied life!

The Mobile App Phenomenon and its Impact

It will come to you as a shock, but sources suggest that an average American spends almost 4 hours a day interacting with apps on his/ her smart phone. 1,071 more words


Supporting Restaurant Expansion Through Smart, Local Marketing Efforts

Four ways to build your customer base in new markets

When a restaurant brand starts expanding outside of its home territory, it’s tough to gain traction. 549 more words

Restaurant Marketing

Internet Marketing Online: How to Make Money

The advent of the Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate. More than just a communications tool, the Internet has also changed the way businesses operate. 2,424 more words

Geo Targeting

The Importance of Search in Restaurant Marketing

How to make the best of your overall search strategy

Google processes over 3.5 billion search queries worldwide every day. These range anywhere from questions about health and history to searches for the latest viral cat video. 511 more words


How to Use Geo-targeting to Drive In-store Traffic

Online marketing gives you the ability to efficiently broadcast your message to millions of potential customers. Marketing on smartphones allows you to reach shoppers with the device they have in their hands. 347 more words


Automotive Brand Loyalty Smoyalty, Conquest Baby All the Way!

Overall brand loyalty stands at an average 49.5% so let’s just say car dealerships have a 50/50 chance that their new car buying customer is going to be back to do it again. 238 more words

How to save advertising dollars...


Advertising and Marketing is a Top 5 expense for nearly all successful businesses.  Yet, most business owners, marketing managers and quite frankly, ad agencies, waste tens of thousands of dollars quarterly in their advertising campaign.  270 more words

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