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Internet tips for SBOs

Promote your business in the Internet world by going where your customers are. Using mobile messaging services, making sure your business information is available to search engines, and geo-targeting are a few ways to get there. 378 more words

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How to Make Ad Blocking Scams Irrelevant

Ad blocking started as a means of protecting personal information and reducing the amount of disruptive ad clutter while online. Now, it’s all a big scam. 720 more words


How Car Dealerships Can Use Social Media to Maximize Tax Return Spending

With tax filing deadlines around the corner, many Americans will be getting a tax return. Hence, a wave of disposable income that companies will be looking to maximize revenues from. 263 more words

Automotive Mobile Geo-Conquesting is Booming!


Automotive Mobile Conquesting Overview:

  • We place over 15,000 premium mobile apps and mobile web browsing across your desired Geo-fencing area
  • We offer dynamically updated ads that show the user the distance they are from your location or if you have multiple locations – the distance to the closest…
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Types of Targeting

Types of Targeting

  • Behavioral Targeting: targets users using 3rd party data
  • CRM Audience Targeting: Targets audiences using the advertiser’s first party CRM data i.e. loyalty members, past purchasers…
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Sure, You Could Hire Muscle to Get Car Buyers Shopping on Your Competitors Lot Over To Your Dealership!

But before you do, consider the next best thing, Geo-Targeted Mobile Conquesting/Fencing!

There is a reason the mobile ad/marketing spend was 30.45 Billion last year and will reach 42.01 Billion this year. 145 more words