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Day 11: Millionaire Review and Starting Quadrilaterals

Today was the most Monday-est of Mondays. The kids were zombies, I was probably a little zombieish, it was rainy all morning. I also didn’t have something with a lot of movement going today, which maybe would have helped. 567 more words

Gluten or Roundup?

On rare occasions we dine out with our son, and as soon as we mention food allergies, the server brings us the gluten-free menu. Since my son can eat gluten, the gluten-free menu doesn’t help us much. 492 more words


Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Portions Of Federal ‘3 Strikes’ Sentencing Laws

While the country was busy celebrating the Supreme Court’s long-awaited marriage equality ruling, the justices issued another ruling in the Johnson v. United States case that dealt a crucial blow to the prison industrial complex. 621 more words

Supreme Court

Day 10: Special Segments and Triangle Inequality

We did an entire unit today. It started out with looking at midsegments and then we moved to perpendicular bisectors, angle bisectors, medians, altitudes, and all those fun centers that go along with the points of concurrency. 308 more words

Day 9: More Triangle Proofs

Today was a continuation on proving triangles congruent and parts of triangles congruent. We did a ton of just practicing proofs. One way we reviewed for our test was to have pairs at the board. 206 more words