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Do bike helmet laws save lives?

No, bike helmet laws aimed at casual riding do not save lives. The United States has put great emphasis on bicycle helmet use for the better part of this century. 461 more words


GEO Contact Lens Lovers, Behold The GEOLICA!

In my personal opinion, when it comes to cosmetic lenses – GEO is one of the big boys (girls?) in the game. Every girl who knows her cosmetic contacts, knows GEO. 407 more words

Trident: The Diary of a Whistleblower

On Monday, Able Seaman William McNeilly handed himself in to the Military Police at Edinburgh Airport following his public release of an 18-page dossier on Trident… 691 more words


Benefits of alcohol

Quite a few studies have come out recently touting the benefits of alcohol.  From wine to whiskey, drinking in moderation seems to be the key to longevity. 153 more words


Designing a Safe Space for Humanity

Everyone has personal targets. The desire to achieve a certain grade, reach a level of fitness, save an amount of money. Often these aims are created when we feel that we aren’t quite doing enough, and just before the serious consequences kick in. 689 more words