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An Ongoing Trend: Sediment, Swirls & Stone

In a post a while back, I discussed a trend I love in interior design, and one that has enjoyed more than a few minutes in the decor spotlight: stone. 397 more words

For The Home

Geodes: Who Needs a Centerpiece?

Who knew rocks could be so cool?  A centerpiece.  A “flower”.  A sculpture.

I love this botanical at the entrance to Dallas Market Center that uses a geode as the “bloom”.  147 more words

Design Perspectives

The Kindest Cut - haiku by Dennis Allen Lange

A geode –
When beauty is more
Than skin deep.


photo by Elvis Santana at


* The haiku I write are lines of 3-5-3 syllables instead of 5-7-5. 20 more words


Geodes - My Latest Obsession

You know something that’s really beautiful? Geodes. There’s just something about them. Ugly and rough by all appearances on the outside, and then you break one open and it’s this glittering metropolis of stunning, unexpected luster. 113 more words


Geode Nails

There is no denying that the Geode trend is taking over, look at these amazing cakes for example:



aint they beautiful! and oooh! a Geode Latte! 33 more words

Purple Nails

Reflective Geode cinema

Thank you all for being patient while I was taking more photographs, back to normal as we start it back off with The Geode cinema within Parc de la Villette – one of the largest movie screens in the world within unique reflective architecture. 11 more words


Uruguayan Amethyst Quartz Crystal Cluster, Specimen, Beautiful Points, Geode

Uruguayan Amethyst Quartz Crystal Cluster, Specimen, Beautiful Points, Geode
URUGUAYAN AMETHYST Quartz Crystal Cluster, Specimen, Beautiful Points, Geode Amber (1) Ametrine (2) Aquamarine (13) Aura Quartz (5) Auralite 23 (8) Black Tourmaline (8) Blue Kyanite (12) Brazilian Amethyst (27) Citrine Quartz (62) Clear Quartz (3) Emerald (8) Labradorite (12) Lemurian Seed Crystals (4) Malachite (3) Miner Specials (1) Minerals And Crystals (126) Moldavite (8) Orgonite (5) Palm Stones (46) Rose Quartz (6) Smokey Quartz (20) Smokey Quartz – Palm Stones (2) Special Offers (1) Stilbite (1) Tumbled Stones (3) Uruguayan Amethyst (90) Wands (13) Wholesale (4) Other (4) "Come Explore Our Crystals At The Crystal Cottage" Beautiful Amethyst "A Specimen Of High Quality!!!" Specimens Dimensions: 7" INCHES TALL / 7.5" INCHES ACROSS THE FACE & 4" INCHES THICK Specimen Weight: 7.18 Lbs Our Very Best, The Crystal Cottage Of Vermont About UsWelcome To The Crystal Cottage Of Vermont On ! 568 more words