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  Growing up with a perfectionist of a mother (meant with love) anytime there was a photo opportunity she would always tell us to “find your light” so that whether or not the camera had a flash, your face would be lit and the photo would turn out just right. 202 more words


AGATE geode druzy necklace

Ruby Necklaces
This is so Gaga meets Billy idol meets my mom! And I feel like it would give me magical powers!
How much do you think this costs? 24 more words

NATURAL SELECTION BODY JEWELRY - Just getting started in here!

Well  we are just getting started  on this page,  but  we are not strangers to this scene.

Stay  tuned to see  all kinds of pretties for your and your holes ,  made with love.

Body Jewelry

Wednesday Wanderings: Another Earth?, Border Photos, Amethyst Hotel, and Body Farms

Breaking Space News! NASA to announce discovery of a potential second Earth on Thursday:

Kepler Discovery

There are some pretty interesting borders between countries out there. 163 more words

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