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Edible Geode

There are kids’ projects that are ho-hum for the adults, and there are kids’ projects where even the grown ups in the room say “Wow!” This project definitely falls into the latter category, a homemade geode rock – that just so happens to be edible too. 305 more words


God is such a GUY!

I have spent much of my life on the day or so before Christmas doing Dad’s wrapping. I don’t know if he shops at the last minute, or just realizes that things aren’t yet wrapped at the last minute, but in either case, I’ve come to expect the last minute, “Hey Stacey, I need you to wrap this for me.” Why? 738 more words


A Rare Prize

Geodes are extremely elusive and sought after rocks. They take an incredible amount of time to form and involve many different factors to fall into place. 487 more words


Mimi's Camp

I looked around me. Did I give everyone their rock book? Were the tables ready? Did I have a chart on the wall? Check. Check. Check. 453 more words


Crystals for a Happy Home

A few years ago when I was just starting to so research on alternative ways to live, I was very drawn to the power of crystals. 466 more words

New Age

Geodes - My Latest Obsession

You know something that’s really beautiful? Geodes. There’s just something about them. Ugly and rough by all appearances on the outside, and then you break one open and it’s this glittering metropolis of stunning, unexpected luster. 113 more words