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Mimi's Camp

I looked around me. Did I give everyone their rock book? Were the tables ready? Did I have a chart on the wall? Check. Check. Check. 453 more words


Crystals for a Happy Home

A few years ago when I was just starting to so research on alternative ways to live, I was very drawn to the power of crystals. 466 more words

New Age

Geodes - My Latest Obsession

You know something that’s really beautiful? Geodes. There’s just something about them. Ugly and rough by all appearances on the outside, and then you break one open and it’s this glittering metropolis of stunning, unexpected luster. 113 more words


$55.43 - Perfect Storm Earrings

$55.43 USD

 Featuring titanium infused geodes, labradorite, and variously colored glass beads, with lightning bolt charms, these magnificently dangly earrings are very reminiscent of a rain storm, and would be fitting to wear in honor of any storm-related Deity, such as Zeus, Poseidon, Apollon, or Thor. 23 more words

Pristine & Primrose

How To Grow Gorgeous Geodes With Kids

Ever been on a walk or to the playground and come home with no souvenirs? Yea, me neither! My kids love to find ‘treasures’ when they are out and about. 743 more words


Crystals are an interesting mineral – I don’t assign any specific metaphysical properties to them while acknowledging their magical properties though there are those who do. 766 more words

How to make Geodes

We have this lovely book all about rocks. A rock is lively by Diana Hutts Aston. It’s all about the ingredients that make up rocks. It has some beautiful pictures in it, in an attempt to recreate some of this beauty we made some Geodes.  109 more words