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Amethyst Towers

Chocolate Sugar Crystal Geodes

A friend of my tipped me off to this and it’s absolutely incredible! ¬†Students, Abby Wilcox and Alex Yeatts, of the Culinary Institute of America created gigantic chocolate sugar geodes with coloured sugar crystals, or rock candy inside. 107 more words



Rocks are kind of a trip, some hard and strong others light and easily broken, some smooth and some rough.

I had a little one ask me once as we were skipping rocks across the water where rocks came from? 237 more words

Laura Moriarty: Wax Geodes

“Self-taught artist¬†Laura Moriarty‘s sculptural paintings appear like long lost geodes, geological mysteries layered with multi-colored rings. The asymmetrical pieces reference the earth not only in their appearance but also their process, as Moriarty heats and cools pigmented beeswax is a way that references erosion, weathering, and subduction. 66 more words


You Are The Eye of Creation Creating.

There is so much information, so many different parts and pieces that came thru all the readings yesterday, there is no way I am going to have time to share it all this morning.   2,100 more words

The Shift

A life in a day....

We have been camping out in the desert for about 6 weeks now, a few nights in campgrounds and a few nights with friends outside of Phoenix. 657 more words