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Laura Moriarty: Wax Geodes

“Self-taught artist Laura Moriarty‘s sculptural paintings appear like long lost geodes, geological mysteries layered with multi-colored rings. The asymmetrical pieces reference the earth not only in their appearance but also their process, as Moriarty heats and cools pigmented beeswax is a way that references erosion, weathering, and subduction. 66 more words


You Are The Eye of Creation Creating.

There is so much information, so many different parts and pieces that came thru all the readings yesterday, there is no way I am going to have time to share it all this morning.   2,100 more words

The Shift

A life in a day....

We have been camping out in the desert for about 6 weeks now, a few nights in campgrounds and a few nights with friends outside of Phoenix. 657 more words

He will Sustain You

In my Journaling Bible, before creating this ‘Geode’ page, I prepared the page first using one coat of Dina Wakely Clear Gesso, dried with a craft heat gun. 512 more words

Art Journal

Amazing Amethyst

Amethyst by far, is my favorite crystal. The color is so vibrant, and soothing. I recently went to a Gem and Mineral Show and picked up a stunning Amethyst geode, and I’m completely in love! 258 more words

How is Amethyst Formed | Created?

Amethyst Formation

A question we get asked a lot: How is Amethyst is formed?

The simple answer: Most of the Amethyst found today (from Brazil and Uruguay) was formed ~130 to 150 million years ago from ancient lava fields. 80 more words