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The Force(s) of Geometry

There’s a lot more to Geometry than congruent triangles.  Geometry can generate hurricanes and slam you to the floor.

It all starts (of course) with Newton.  696 more words

Structure Of Space

Rough isometries

An isometry is a map between two metric spaces which preserves all distances: for all . (After typing a bunch of such formulas, one tends to prefer shorter notation: , with the metric inferred from contexts.) It’s a popular exercise to prove that every isometry from a compact metric space into itself is surjective. 355 more words


Sofia - A vantage point

When you start talking about moving to Sofia, you will feel a lot of pushback. It’s funny because I’ve lived a lot of places, and Sofia is the first city where I’ve felt pushback. 559 more words

Special Places

Poem for October...

October O hushed October morning mild,
Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;
Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild,
Should waste them all. 108 more words
Hidden Meanings

Dark Matter & Energy - Part 2.3

Fate of the Universe

Part 2.3 – Determining Density (Omega Ω)


In the last post we saw that the fate of universe, whether it will a ‘Big Crunch or a ‘Big Chill’ or a ‘Big Rip’ depends on the density of matter in the universe, represented by greek letter Omega Ω. 589 more words

Dark Matter & Energy


Geodesics, an Austin, TX based project, is one of the many bedroom producer outfits popping up in today’s music world, but this remix of Cathedral’s “Unbound” is good enough for us to take note of this relatively unknown artist. 51 more words

Tune Of The Day

Four-point CAT(0) condition

The definition of a metric space guarantees that if we pick three points from it, we can draw a triangle in the Euclidean plane, with vertices labeled so that the side lengths are equal to the corresponding distances in the metric space. 533 more words