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Some time ago I wrote a blog post about geodesics and different methods how they could be computed in Houdini. Geodesic distances are great since they represent the distance, or more precisely, the shortest distance between points on a surface. 331 more words


Some Old Stuff + Future Plans

Recently just set up a page featuring the honors components I did my last two semesters. If you want to dip your toe in Calculus of Variations, I recommend looking the paper on geodesics. 315 more words



Measuring geodesic distances and the computation of paths on a mesh is widely used in computational geometry for many different applications ranging from mesh parameterization and remeshing to skinning and mesh deformation. 823 more words


Lecture 11 (Jan 16, 2017)


Definitions of geodesic curves on a Riemmanian manifold. Differential equations of the second order. Local existence of solutions. Geodesic map. Geodesic spheres, orthogonality. Local minimality of geodesic curves. 58 more words


Three ways to look at things

A familiar shadow loomed in from the hallway.

“C’mon in, Vinnie, the door’s open.”

“I brought some sandwiches, Sy.”

“Oh, thanks, Vinnie.”

“Don’t mention it.    An’ I got another LIGO issue.” 704 more words


Yesterday we had a very nice talk about Liouville, given by Jesper Lützen from Copenhagen.

I am not going to summarise his talk. But here are a few small facts about Liouville which I didn’t know. 43 more words