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The Sierra See-Saw

It seems like the Fall AGU meeting brings some new wrinkle to the GPS measurements in the Sierra.  In the past we’ve seen suggestions that the Sierra were going up tectonically, then that… 819 more words

Sierra Nevada

UNAVCO - Mapping with Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs), commonly known as drones, can boost ground-based science from the air. Take aerial photos for structure from motion (SfM) products, including high-resolution topography as point clouds and digital surface models, mount sensors to collect electromagnetic and infrared data, or capture video for reports and outreach activities. 13 more words



# Carl Friedrich Gauss was born on 13 April 1777.

# He was a German mathematician but his work included number theory, statistics, analysis, differential equation, geodesy, geophysics,mechanics, electrostatics, magnetic fields, matrix theory, optics and astronomy. 52 more words

New U.S. datum requires location corrections of up to 1.5 meters

A new datum or geospatial reference system is being introduced in the United States to become the official datum in 2022.  At GIS in the Rockies… 311 more words


Imagining Soviet Surveying

Last week I wrote about some of the apparent differences between how the US and the Soviet Union used satellites for mapping and geodesy. The Soviets seem to have been slower to operate dedicated satellites in both areas, with no apparent explanation. 306 more words

Soviet Satellites and Mapping

John Davies’ website has announced that his and Alexander Kent’s book The Red Atlas: How the Soviet Union Secretly Mapped the World will be released by University of Chicago Press. 843 more words

Stakes in the Sand: Surveying in the Gulf War

In 1990, US forces arrived in the Persian Gulf with a cornucopia of navigation technologies: not just GPS but also LORAN, TACAN, TERCOM (for cruise missiles), and… 956 more words