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How to show the coordinate grids in Google Earth and Google Maps?

      There is a few ways to show the coordinate grids in Google Earth. The easiest way to show the coordinate grids in Google Earth is select “Grids” from the “Tools” options. 2,164 more words


2018 Distinguished Classified Employee of the Year Runner-Up— Bret Pecoraro

The Staff Employees’ Council Classified Employee Recognition Committee announced that Bret Pecoraro has been selected as the 2018 Distinguished Classified Employee of the Year runner-up for his exceptional contributions to the University of Nevada, Reno and Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology. 87 more words

ITFR, ITRS & IERS - An Introduction


ITRF: International Terrestrial Reference Frame

IERS: International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service

ITRS: International Terrestrial Reference System


How can one know whether a point on the Earths surface is slowly moving? 497 more words


The Sierra See-Saw

It seems like the Fall AGU meeting brings some new wrinkle to the GPS measurements in the Sierra.  In the past we’ve seen suggestions that the Sierra were going up tectonically, then that… 819 more words

Sierra Nevada

The Bernet Triangle

One of the quest I would like to undertake this year 2,018 is to bring some mathematical material to support the work of Carl Munck. The ancient Gematrian numbers would show mathematically how the ancient sites around the world are very accurately positioned on a coordinate system in relation to the position of the Great Pyramid at Giza. 641 more words


UNAVCO - Mapping with Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs), commonly known as drones, can boost ground-based science from the air. Take aerial photos for structure from motion (SfM) products, including high-resolution topography as point clouds and digital surface models, mount sensors to collect electromagnetic and infrared data, or capture video for reports and outreach activities. 13 more words



# Carl Friedrich Gauss was born on 13 April 1777.

# He was a German mathematician but his work included number theory, statistics, analysis, differential equation, geodesy, geophysics,mechanics, electrostatics, magnetic fields, matrix theory, optics and astronomy. 52 more words