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EPIC VIDEO: 3 Chemtrails Tankers Filmed From Above | Air-To-Air

DAILY MAIL: Two German fighter jets intercepted a London-bound airliner after air traffic control lost radio contact with the pilot. Jet Airways flight 9W 118… 271 more words


STUDY: Climate Engineering Enhances Global Warming - Ice Melts

A paper Published by J. Marvin Herndon on Jan 29, 2017 provides strong evidence of deliberate and toxic climate manipulation involving chemical melting of arctic ice sheets. 894 more words

Global Warming

Passenger Video Reveals Chemtrails From 747 Turbofan Exhaust

One can see here, which I have always suspected, that the material inside the turbine is turbulent and is not diverted separately as before. In this film you can see only the outer turbine because of the much too small windows.” – … 1,031 more words


2/4/2017 Climate Engineering Update, Toxins and Climate Deception

EPA Employee Fired for Exposing Dangerous Aluminum Contamination From Aircraft Emissions Fallout.

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Disclaimer: Many researchers disagree with Wigington’s apparent support for the corrupt UN/IPCC agenda to blame CO2 and GHG emissions for global warming.  612 more words

Global Warming

Florida Climate Engineering Captured by Satellite and Ground Observer

A TERRA satellite view from the early afternoon of January 28th, 2017 about 1 PM reveals an unmistakable north-south aerosol operation over South Florida that drifted with the cirrus level flow out into the Atlantic as the day progressed.  242 more words