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Trees Dying Everywhere; We're Next

Forests and trees are dying around the world.
Though record heat is a factor, it is not the sole reason we are seeing die of unprecedented in human history. 132 more words


California Drought and Water Theft Deliberately Engineered

Aaron and Melissa Dyke report on the California drought and feature The HAARP REPORT’s excellent contribution at analyzing the source, method and capability of these covert WMD’s. 317 more words


Geoengineering Exposed At California Jam 2015

On March 27th and 28th of 2015, a major global awareness event was held in Southern California called “Cal Jam”. This gathering brought together several thousand concerned citizens from all arenas of the global community. 193 more words


Aluminum, Barium and Strontium: the New Manhattan Project chemtrail sprays

Featured image credit: David Dees

By Peter A. Kirby

For about 20 years now, the people running the New Manhattan Project have been saturating our atmosphere and forcing us to ingest the witches’ brew coming out of the back of their airplanes. 5,420 more words


6 Manufactured Problems That Are Behind 6 Major Globalist Agendas

Bernie Suarez, Guest
Waking Times

Problem-reaction-solution, the Hegelian Dialectic is that process the globalist ruling class have chosen to use as the primary tool to constantly change society in the direction they want it to go. 2,292 more words


Geoengineer Ken Caldeira Tells Citizen Journalist to ”Shut the f_<% up!”

Editor’s Note: While Ken Caldeira does indeed tell a citizen journalist to shut the f*ck up, perhaps more telling is what he said during the rest of the discussion. 652 more words