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Physicist Book Explores 9/11, Climate Change, Chemtrails and Geoengineering

Free copy of the book available in PDF (Here)

Author, Andrew Johnson: The weather is something which affects all of us, every day of our lives. 312 more words


JIM FETZER REPORT: California Fires an Isreali EMF Attack Against the United States

JIM FETZER REPORT: California Fires an Isreali EMF Attack on the United States.

Jim Fetzer exposes a pattern of electromagnetic warfare against the United States that mostly benefits Israel… 33 more words


The Real Reason Weather Is Manipulated

The Real Reason Weather IS Manipulated
While everyone is busy arguing that control over weather doesn’t exist, history reveals that it was developed for an ulterior motive…


Earth Changes - September 2017

This video is short and to the point as to where we need to be placing our focus and heart coherency at this time. I did not address the aspect of geoengineering that is very much involved in making a bad situation worse, as the bottom line is that if we place our focus and heart energy in the right direction, such interference will cease. 30 more words

New Earth

Ave Maria – Prayer For Mothers to Protect Their Children Against Geoengineering

Kate Magdalena Willens sings an inspiring new rendition of Ave Maria in an appeal for help to protect the children of our planet. Music by Franz Schubert, words by J. 40 more words


Our unnatural skies & the equally unnatural air we breath … a cocktail of aluminum, arsenic, barium, cadmium, lead, mercury, thorium & more ... from South Canterbury

From South Canterbury Sky Watch, an exposé of the skies in South Canterbury. Having researched geoengineering for a few years now, I can assure you that in spite of current and ongoing denials by our NZ government/ 563 more words


Orwell's Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change

Who Controls the Funding Controls the “Science “

Who controls the temperature datasets controls the past, and who controls the past controls the future.

Welcome to the Orwellian world of temperature adjustments and climate alarmism. 270 more words