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Katrina Weather Warfare: 5,000 Body Bags in New Orleans 11 Days Before Landfall

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Beyond the Veil excerpt with host Raphael O’Neil interviews Captain “G” of US Army 104 transportation Division who reports he was… 1,370 more words

Weaponized Weather

CARNICOM INSTITUTE: Nano-sized Bio-Engineered Pathogen Filaments Sprayed From Planes

Chemtrails Sprayed With Impunity Means They Can Spray Bugs and Viruses Too

Lost Arts Radio Show with Host Richard Sacks – LOST ARTS RESEARCH  

Cliff Carnicom, scientist and published Geoengineering researcher discusses nano-sized bio-engineered pathogen filaments (Morgellons) that are associated with aerosols sprayed into the atmosphere as covert climate engineering.  1,797 more words


IPCC Using Climate Engineering as Global Warming Illusion

Climate Scientist Roy Spencer suggests that “CLOUDS” are the key to understanding what is causing “global warming”.

BOOK: The Great Global Warming Blunder

The work of climate scientist… 449 more words

Global Warming

Air Traffic Control Advises Pilot His Left Wing Has a "Chemtrail"


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9/28/2016 by Patrick Roddie:  An air traffic controller told a Southwest pilot he had “a chemtrail off (his) left wing” last week – and it was recorded for posterity. 224 more words


NZ Post Grad Researcher Discusses Geoengineering and the NZ Government's Denial that it is Happening Here

Header image captured by author over the Rangitikei, NZ, 2014

I have been observing & recording geoengineering/weather mod/chemtrails in NZ now for five years. When I first learned about the phenomenon I figured it wouldn’t be happening here in NZ. 309 more words


Piezoelectric Clouds and Aerosols Link to Catastrophic Floods

Piezoelectric Clouds and Aerosols Link to Drought and Cratastrophic Floods

Related article: Climate and Biological Manipulation Using Contrails Seeded With Heavy Metals

Sat24.com is the European weather satellite service that provides medium resolution imaging loops in the visible and infrared spectrum. 1,429 more words