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White Sands: Experiences from the Outside World

White Sands: Experiences from the Outside World by Geoff Dyer

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From a trip to The Lightning Field in New Mexico, to chasing Gauguin’s ghost in French Polynesia, White Sands is a creative exploration of why we travel. 56 more words


The Literary Drover No. 2393

Write every day. Make a habit of putting your observations into words and gradually this will become instinct. – Geoff Dyer

The Literary Drover

Quotes from my favorite author, Geoff Dyer

I don’t read as much fiction as I used to these days.  But there are a few current authors that no matter what they publish, I’ll buy their books sight unseen. 372 more words

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The Literary Drover No. 2298

Don’t be one of those writers who sentence themselves to a lifetime of sucking up to Nabokov. Geoff Dyer

The Literary Drover

White Sands (book review)

A new book review from The Movie Snob.

White Sands: Experiences from the Outside World, by Geoff Dyer (2016).  I’d never heard of Dyer until I read a favorable review of this book, but he’s a Brit, now living in Los Angeles, who has won a whole passel of awards for his writing.  155 more words

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Why Do We Wander? The Poetry of Our Restless Roots

What is it about travel? The urge to move, to discover, to see, is a poem unto itself. A rich vein worth mining.

Often travel is rooted in the psyche. 894 more words