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"Nothing is As Invisible as a Monument"

The publication of the second edition of Lee Friedlander’s The American Monument, some forty years after the original is propitious and coincidental. Besides making available an important work by a master photographer that has long been out of print  ( It is considered by many, including Lee Friedlander himself, to be one of his most influential books of the last five decades). 1,422 more words

Exercise 2-7: The Americans

Find five images in ‘The Americans’ where symbols are used. Explain what they are and how they function in the images. 

See previous research about… 1,806 more words


White Sands: Experiences from the Outside World

White Sands: Experiences from the Outside World by Geoff Dyer

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From a trip to The Lightning Field in New Mexico, to chasing Gauguin’s ghost in French Polynesia, White Sands is a creative exploration of why we travel. 56 more words


Quotes from my favorite author, Geoff Dyer

I don’t read as much fiction as I used to these days.  But there are a few current authors that no matter what they publish, I’ll buy their books sight unseen. 372 more words

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White Sands (book review)

A new book review from The Movie Snob.

White Sands: Experiences from the Outside World, by Geoff Dyer (2016).  I’d never heard of Dyer until I read a favorable review of this book, but he’s a Brit, now living in Los Angeles, who has won a whole passel of awards for his writing.  155 more words

Written By: The Movie Snob

Geoff Dyer on the "Miracle" of Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker

Criterion Collection has shared a brief interview on Andrei Tarkovsky‘s Stalker with Geoff Dyer, author of Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room. 15 more words