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But Beautiful Bodies: Reflections on Music and Life (through Geoff Dyer) | [Brutal ceaseless music II]

To really happen.

The thing about Geoff Dyer is that he only has the one way of writing. The neat infusion of event and reflection, the tone of general cynicism and disappointment, the self-undermining comments on his language or word choice or honesty. 1,325 more words

#AtoZChallenge - D - Geoff Dyer Quote

Wondering what the hell the A to Z Blogging Challenge is all about? Catch up by reading this post.


Top 50 Books of the Century (so far ...)

Like all lists, this is biased, of course; partial, of necessity; it’s intended to be something to argue over, disagree with vehemently, send you to your local bookstore or the library shelves – or on line if you must: these are the books – fiction and non-fiction but not poetry – that have given me the most pleasure in the past sixteen (almost) years; the ones I could most look forward to rereading – and, in some cases, already have. 278 more words

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The Ongoing Moment - Geoff Dyer

I started this book back in August 2016 en route from South Africa to Canada. Initially I thought it would be another essay type book similar to Berger’s… 246 more words

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John Berger and 'bearing witness'

On page 29 of and our faces, our hearts, brief as photos, Berger describes a landscape that lies before him as he is raking hay in a field: a small hillock on which stand three neglected pear trees – two in leaf, one leafless and dead, the dead tree flanked by the two living ones – and behind them the blue sky with large white clouds. 629 more words


Tolstoy Journal, February 24, 2017:"the eternal questions of life and death."

Well, it was getting late last night, I was tired, and I didn’t think I was going to get any Tolstoy read. I had gone to Portland Public Library with my son and checked out Nathan Haskell Dole’s biography of Tolstoy and then at a used bookstore, Yes Books, had bought… 1,117 more words

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The Book Trail: From 'Artful' to Footnotes

For today’s Book Trail post, we begin with one of Ali Smith’s lecture series-cum-incredibly readable book, and weave our way through tomes weird and wonderful. 1,091 more words