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Why Do We Wander? The Poetry of Our Restless Roots

What is it about travel? The urge to move, to discover, to see, is a poem unto itself. A rich vein worth mining.

Often travel is rooted in the psyche. 894 more words


Days of indolence: reading Geoff Dyer and trying to make progress

I have never had any problem sleeping, losing consciousness within minutes of laying my head on the pillow. Yet, paradoxically, I have always been a light sleeper, snapping awake at untoward sounds and disturbed by encroaching light. 2,351 more words


Disk, Dyer: Memoir as (cough) quest narrative

I only started reading Jenny Diski after she died. I went out and bought the as-good-as-posthumously published In Gratitude, which brings together material from her LRB diaries about her life with cancer, and about her time living with Doris Lessing, who took her in as a teenager when she went off the rails. 1,428 more words


Setting on a long journey...

It seems that my aversion to reading literature is slowly fading away.

I’ve been thinking about this issue, about all the general dissatisfactions regarding my reading. 498 more words


April's haul

April has been a fairly good month for book hauls. The local hypermarket continues to surprise me with its occasional unexpected offerings. Finding Kate Chopin’s… 434 more words


But Beautiful Bodies: Reflections on Music and Life (through Geoff Dyer) | [Brutal ceaseless music II]

To really happen.

The thing about Geoff Dyer is that he only has the one way of writing. The neat infusion of event and reflection, the tone of general cynicism and disappointment, the self-undermining comments on his language or word choice or honesty. 1,325 more words

#AtoZChallenge - D - Geoff Dyer Quote

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