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The Look # 1: Julie Flashes

Julie Christie flashes the camera in BILLY LIAR.

I am reading and enjoying Geoff Dyer’s Zona — it really is as good as everyone says. The kind of book I’d like to write, if I could settle on a film and if anyone would agree with me on which film was worth settling on. 470 more words


Let Down

When I am no longer capable of disappointment the romance will be gone: I may as well be dead.

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The Saturday Read 'The Missing of the Somme' by Geoff Dyer

Geoff Dyer has a new book out this summer, ‘White Sands: Experiences From the Outside World’ , but it’s a book originally published in 1994 that is The Saturday Read this week – … 626 more words

Work Thoughts

'We are here to go somewhere else': How Geoff Dyer captures the anxiety of leaving in White Sands

White Sands: Experiences from the Outside World
By Geoff Dyer
233 pp; $26.95

“We are here to go somewhere else,” writes Geoff Dyer at the close of Where? 946 more words


Reading Round-Up: 1st June 2016

Hey, everybody! There are plenty of books in the world, and not all of them need or deserve a lengthy review. So in the spirit of… 566 more words


A3 Research: Insiders and Outsiders

“One is either a participant in unquestioned rites or a detached observer of them. To hold back midway from either of those positions is to temporise” (1: p.210)

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Research & Reflection

Writers are defined, in large measure, by what they can’t do. The mass of things that lie beyond their abilities force them to concentrate on the things they can.

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