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Love Our NHS? Prove It With Your Vote In The EU Referendum, Part 3

The Remain campaign are going to tell lots of apocalyptic, scaremongering and false tales about how leaving the European Union would destroy the NHS. But that does not mean that Brexit campaigners should stoop to their level… 1,277 more words

UK Politics

Howzat for an Analogy?!

On Tuesday I went to the splendid and richly historic city of Oxford, a place with far too much to see and experience in just the one day. 561 more words


The Art of Oratory in the House of Commons

By Andrew Crines

The House of Commons represents one of the main arenas where our politicians seek to make a name for themselves. Be that in the… 1,104 more words


28th November 1990. Decline and Fall.

Poll Tax riots and Geoffrey Howe’s resignation speech,  finally cost Margaret Thatcher her Premiership.

Thatcher at 40%, had the second lowest average approval of any post-war Prime Minister (PM) and she was always less popular than her Party.  354 more words


'A long time in politics': Blowing hot and cold on the Autumn Statement

Chancellor: I shall place duty of 100 per cent of purchase price on the following: wheelchairs, white sticks, false limbs, glass eyes and diarrhoea medicine. Observers will notice that I have deliberately chosen to penalise those members of the community who can’t hit back.

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Denis Healey: ‘The best leader Labour never had?’

A Reflective Obituary

Denis Healey (30 November 1917 – 3 October 2015) has been widely described as ‘The best leader Labour never had.’ What might lie behind such claims? 813 more words

Postcard from Manchester: the only way is down

If you follow these kinds of things, you’ll already know that the Tories made a rather serious pitch for the centre ground, and that David Cameron’s potential successors have already started bidding for his job. 612 more words