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Book of the Week: What Women Want

This week I read What Women Want. Previously I’ve read The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, which talks about pickup artist (PUA) culture and the different techniques they use to seduce women. 848 more words


More generalist and careerist MPS

A new study has put numbers to what has often been suggested – that today’s MPs have less traditional backgrounds (like farming and unions).

A third of MPs are political careerists with limited experience outside public service and politics. 775 more words


Dangerous level of political vitriol

In a rare post political enthusiast Geoffrey Miller has written about New Zealand’s increasingly dangerous level of political vitriol.

This looks at recent online attacks on politicians and particularly the escalation of public attacks on MPs by throwing things at them. 916 more words


The Evolutionary Psychologist’s Guide to Picking Up Girls.

Time was when a young man did not need to master evolutionary psychology in order to find himself a girl. The adult world provided the young with ready-made social rituals for meeting, assessing one another’s prospects as a mate, and (eventually) entering into a lifelong covenant to bear and raise a new generation. 157 more words

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