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Review: Spent by Geoffrey Miller

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Geoffrey Miller’s 2008 book Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior about conspicuous consumption uses the relatively new science of evolutionary psychology to analyse modern humans’ consumerist behavior. 121 more words


Holladay Caputo's patio in August

Saturday, August 18, 2018, Another special evening with master jazz on the Holladay Caputo’s patio, watching the patio fill up and town customers change their direction so they can make their way past for a listen to The Caputo’s All-Stars. 21 more words


The fitness indicator

To be reliable, fitness indicators must be difficult for low-fitness individuals to produce. Applied to human art, this suggests that beauty equals difficulty and high cost.

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He Said That? 11/27/17

From Geoffrey F. Miller (born 1965), American evolutionary psychologist, serving as an associate professor of psychology at the University of New Mexico:

Imagine a young Isaac Newton time-travelling from 1670s England to teach Harvard undergrads in 2017.

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