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شایستگی زبان انگلیسی به عنوان زبان جهانی

یه مصاحبه غیرتخصصی با «جفری پولم،» یکی از نویسندگان کتاب «دستور زبان انگلیسی کمبریج» که از اون قسمت که من زمان ویدئو رو تنظیم کردم، تقریبا سه دقیقه، راجع به این صحبت می‌کنه که انگلیسی واقعا چقدر شایسته مقامش به عنوان زبان بین‌المللی روز هست.

Fragment (consider revising)

We’ve all been there. You are writing (what you think is) a perfectly good sentence in a Word document when, suddenly, the MS Word grammar checker tells you that you should consider revising the ‘fragment’, because something is wrong. 433 more words

Degrading the Gold Standard

As I was writing my post about commas (you’ve read that, right?) I came across an exceptional article in the Chronicle of Higher Education: 50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice… 350 more words

Writing - Best Practices

A never-ending story

Are ‘grammar Nazis’ ruining the English language? This is a question you might have already asked yourself as a reader of this blog. Now the question has been posed to… 266 more words


The Negative Canon: 'Split Infinitive'

This post is one in a series about The Negative Canon.

It really shouldn’t be necessary any longer to state that there is no rule of English grammar that prohibits the placing of anything between the particle to and the infinitive of the verb, yet there still seem to be those who believe there is. 976 more words

The Negative Canon

The Negative Canon: [Noun Phrase] and ‘I’/‘Me’

This post is one in a series about The Negative Canon.

The English personal pronouns are I/me, you/you, he/him, she/ her, it/it, we/us and they/them. 1,342 more words

The Negative Canon

The Negative Canon: Introduction

A fellow contributor to the LinkedIn group Grammar Geeks, Bessel Dekker, has suggested the term negative canon for those features of English that are frequently the object of the attention of those in various Facebook groups and elsewhere who seek to tell us how to use our own language. 543 more words