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what is geography

The word geography is derived from Greek scholar named ERATOSTHENES and coined the term GEOGRAPHY in the third century.Geography is a combination of two words( Geo and graph).so Geo means Earth and Graph mean description.so literally its mean is a discussion about the earth.Geography subject is more than to the name of capitals and maps.Geography is a science an all-encompassing science that seeks to bridge and understand through an understanding of LOCATION and PLACES, the world physical and human features.GEOGRAPHY TEACHES US WHERE THINGS ARE AND HOW THEY GOT THERE; IT LOOKS AT THE SPATIAL(space and place) CONNECTION BETWEEN PEOPLE AND THE EARTH… 217 more words

eventful break

This was probably one of the busiest Spring Breaks in a while.

Many moments to cherish. First and foremost, I got to spend time with my dear mother who is an amazing woman full of stories and wisdom. 586 more words


Noise Pop 2018: A Bay Area indie culture celebration

Written by Jacqueline Moore //

Noise Pop //
Bay Area venues – San Francisco & Oakland
February 19th-25th, 2018 //

While it seems as if the rest of the world slept soundly over the holidays, putting their work aside to relax and unwind, the people at Noise Pop stayed wide awake, producing the most eclectic and unique celebration of Bay Area independent culture. 299 more words


13 Dec : Now that’s called a man of substance !

By age 17 he was already a renowned scholar. 
A Moslem astronomer, mathematician, physicist, geographer, chronologist and historian… He was Abu Rayhan al-Biruni. He died today in 1048. 88 more words


Louise Arner Boyd (1887-1972)

Born in San Rafael, California in 1887, Louise was the only daughter of mining magnate John Franklin Boyd and the well-bred Louise Cook Arner. As a young woman, she became a prominent socialite like her mother and was groomed to assume control of her father’s financial empire.   642 more words

20th Century

Looking skywards: Kendrew's cloud photography

In the blog of March 2017 about the problems of 35mm slides it was noted that “ Archaeologists don’t have ‘holidays’, they just have extra time to visit sites. 457 more words

Climate Change