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Summer Update #4

Some new happenings since the last update:

-Secured more work with the geography job for another month (probably through July 12th). Not sure what’s happening after that. 537 more words


One More Semester

Well, technically two more semesters until I graduate…but summer semester doesn’t really count as I’ve largely completed the work required for the summer course. But yes, I completed my courses successfully for Spring Semester 2013. 536 more words


How Image Resolution Impacts My Job

So working with Google Earth is interesting. It’s imagery is made up of a mosaic of different photographs taken by a variety of different satellites with a variety of different resolutions. 307 more words


Yes, I'm in fact alive!

Hey followers of the blog! Sorry I’ve been gone so long. Been busy with life and all. Here’s all that’s been happening.

-My hours with the geography job have been increased to a maximum of 20hrs/week. 111 more words


Where I work

Not the most exciting picture in the world. But for me, it’s the beginning of my exciting career in geography. I talked with the professor I’m working for yesterday, updating him on my progress and how I’m doing with the work. 122 more words


Scientific Papers

I’ve started reading scientific papers co-authored by the professor and graduate student I’m working with related to the project I’ll be working on (Dr. Michael Wimberly… 326 more words