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Stakes in the Sand: Surveying in the Gulf War

In 1990, US forces arrived in the Persian Gulf with a cornucopia of navigation technologies: not just GPS but also LORAN, TACAN, TERCOM (for cruise missiles), and… 956 more words

ITS012: The Geography of Sex Work

Hey, it’s the last episode of Season 1 of Isn’t That Spatial! Awwwwww! Thanks for sticking with me through this first season – I hope it was good for you, because it was really fun for me. 231 more words

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Short, Pithy and/or Pissy Post No. 4: Which Underground?

Short, Pithy and/or Pissy Post No. 4: Which Underground?

In winter the intersection of Empress Ave., Scoles Rd., Hwy 27 N and Heritage St. in Altamont, Manitoba is as bone-chillingly cold as the infamous corner of Portage and Main in Winnipeg – before they forced pedestrians underground to avoid frostbite and injury from the beastly wind howling through the city core. 692 more words

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Ever Wonder Where The Great Wall of China Ends?

The Great Wall is not a continuous wall and sections of it have disappeared over the centuries. The Great Wall ends at the Bohai Gulf at Old Dragon Head where it enters the sea.  8 more words


Climate Change, Heat, and Death (Part 2)

Following yesterday’s blog post on the human health (and death) implications of sustained, high heat, new maps and projections from the Climate Impact Lab ( 202 more words

Frank Lloyd Wright Known For Residential Architecture, Lifestyle

Wisconsin-born architect Frank Lloyd Wright — who would celebrated his 150th birthday Thursday — is best known for two things: his residential architecture and his lifestyle. 97 more words


Genesis 2:11 Good Gold and More

What piqued my interest was the description of Havilah, where there is not only good Gold and Onyx (a precious metal and precious stone), but also bdellium, a resin probably once used as an incense (and now used for makeup brushes). 286 more words

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