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"Hey, Billie, can we?"

Gushing over a thought. an idea sending one’s heart in a frenzy. an anxious ball of nots. relax. breathe_ good? I’m good.       Oooooh… 148 more words


The world: The best imaginary maps of the world

In the past days I was reading posts about “What if”  in reddit.  One the post of “What if” show me the path to this particular subreddit:  … 261 more words


Rally Around the Flag - Or Not

You might remember me talking about the US Flag in my “How to Treat an American Flag” article a I posted earlier this year. Or you might’ve read my longer and more serious article of why the Confederate Flag should be removed as well as debunked the most common claims of keeping it around. 4,169 more words


Silly U.S. Map Puzzles #4a and 4b

First, for puzzle #4a, what are the meanings of the colors on this map?

For puzzle #4b, what do the colors mean on this second, similar map? 75 more words


Gift from a Geographer.

30th July is indeed a special day. Its my brother’s birthday. This date is not only special because of his birthday, but also for a reason. 284 more words


Silly U.S. Map Puzzle #3

What is represented by the colors on this map?

The answer may be found by scrolling down.

Keep scrolling…. 32 more words


Silly U.S. Map Puzzle #2

What is represented by the colors on this map?

If you give up, you can scroll down to find the answer. 25 more words