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Evidence for the Historical Jesus - A Response

Did the Historical Jesus really exist? The evidence just doesn’t add up says lecturer and author Raphael Lataster in an article originally posted on The Conversation… 1,843 more words


Camping in Vitznau (1 of a few)

Both our chalet and apartment were booked last week, so Jude and I had to move out and go on holiday…

We often talk about visiting other parts of Switzerland and for some time now, Jude has been trying to talk me into going camping.  153 more words


My Five Seconds of Fame

In the previous three blogs, I wrote articles detailing how I use sampling in my volunteer activities: as a water sampler for the Charles River Watershed Association, as a water sampler for the Neponset River Watershed Association, and as a digital image taker/poster for the Picture Post Project. 148 more words


Love for geography

It was already 5 mins late! She could be easily 6 feet tall, dark complexion, with very serious expression on her otherwise lovely face! She came in, settled down and looked at all 50 of us sitting in front of her! 399 more words


Pemanfaatan Penginderaan Jauh

(Pic : https://www.mi.uni-hamburg.de)

Penginderaan jauh merupakan suatu sistem pengambilan informasi gejala geosfer tanpa melakukan kontak langsung dengan objek/gejala geosfer tersebut. Berikut ini merupakan contoh sederhana dari cara kerja dan pemanfaatan penginderaan jauh dalam pengambilan informasi dari gejala geosfer di Bumi kita! 11 more words


KOI 494-01

KOI-494.01 memiliki massa 15% lebih besar dari Bumi dan jari – jarinya 5% lebih panjang dari Bumi. KOI-494.01 memiliki suhu yang sama dengan Bumi. Suhu permukaan rata-rata 14°C (1°C kurang dari Bumi). 93 more words


Literature comes to the Carolinas

John Lawson’s A New Voyage to Carolina is the earliest book I could find on the Carolinas, where I have old family ties.  In December of 1700, Lawson set out from Charleston on an expedition to the interior.  469 more words