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Louisiana's "islands"

JEFFERSON ISLAND, Louisiana — My weekend day trips, when I can do them, take me across the Sabine into South Louisiana.

If you’ve never been, this part of the world is a natural wonderland that I’ve only lately come to appreciate though I lived there for many years. 566 more words

Gulf Coast

Explaining Remote Sensing.

In a nutshell, remote sensing can be described like this: Gathering information about something without touching it. That is essentially what remote sensing is. Remotely sensing what a place is like. 94 more words

4 Years Later...

This was originally written as a comment to If You Never Hear From Me Again by David Simmer II . But once I got started, it turned into the last short story about our blue insignificant planet. 876 more words


Geography MAP(S) for ENVS Students

Like most people, as a kid I was not too fond of rules and routines. I enjoyed figuring problems out my own way and believed that creativity could solve any problem. 545 more words

Environmental Studies

Specialist: national flags

From the quiz on 29/11/16.

  1. What colour are the thin horizontal bands on the flag of Uzbekistan, the star and crescent on the flag of Algeria, and the wide diagonal band on the flag of Namibia?

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Mauna Kea: largest volcano on Earth

Mauna Kea one of the five volcano which formed the Island of Hawaii, U.S State of Hawaii

  • It standing at 4,207 m above sea level…
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Cycling: Working NE 122nd

I knew it was going to rain all day today, so I rode yesterday with the intent to overdo it just a bit. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a straight hard ride in low winds. 395 more words