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Geography 14

From the quiz on 1/9/15.

  1. Which island country was formerly known as Formosa, a name meaning “beautiful” in Portuguese? Taiwan (RoC)

  2. In which European country is the province of Zeeland, after which the country of New Zealand is named?

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A Parting of the Ways

Now that the school year feels truly under way, my 7th and 8th grade lessons have parted ways! If you are reading this blog post, pay special attention to what grade you are looking at.   319 more words

Photolog 18: Collected Shots

Random shots from different rides. (Click to see a larger view of the photos.)

Central Oklahoma isn’t merely a matter of some arbitrary boundaries, but is actually a transition point between different types of terrain. 444 more words



We have started working through Home Geography for Primary Grades by C C Long which I found online at http://www.gutenberg.org. Judging by the pictures it was written well over 100 years ago, so is quite old-fashioned, but it has some good lesson ideas that can be adapted for Emilia. 868 more words


Through Three Time Zones

So this is post of three parts written in the three time zones that I was in on my journey to Calgary. It couldn’t seem further away from the day that I read the list wrong and didn’t think I had got on the year abroad! 375 more words



  • The landforms are a result of two processes. The first, or the internal process leads to the upliftment and sinking of the earth’s surface at several places.
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