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Shropshire Parishes

Discovering that I can peruse imaged parish records online has been a tragic threat to my productivity in other areas of life. Before getting into the details of the entries I found, it’s worth looking at the parish boundaries and the specific parishes of most interest to me.To aid with that, … 122 more words

Family History

Importance of Ocean for Humans

Oceans cover about 71 % the earth’s surface. They form a major part of our environment and have an overwhelming influence on humans and his activities. 697 more words


Effects of Ocean Currents

Influence on climate

Oceans currents closely influence the distribution of temperature, pressure, winds and precipitation, which directly or indirectly influence the economy and society of the people, especially those living in the coastal regions. 280 more words


Currents of the Indian Ocean

The pattern of circulation of currents in the Indian Ocean differs from the general pattern of circulation in the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. 388 more words


Currents of the Pacific Ocean

It may be observed that the same broad circulatory systems, clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere, are present in the Pacific ocean also. 343 more words


Currents of the Atlantic Ocean

To the north and south of equator there are two westward moving currents i.e., the north and south equatorial currents.

Between these two equatorial currents is the… 499 more words


Movements of Ocean Waters

The waters of oceans are never still. The oceans actually exhibit three major types of movements – waves, tides and currents.


Waves are oscillatory movements that result in the rise and fall of water surface. 1,568 more words