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Geography Christmas Spirit Anyone?

It is always difficult to resist introducing a bit of ‘Christmas Spirit’ into lessons – so why not make use of some of these resources before the end of term? 143 more words

Lesson 29: East Africa Logistics and Travel

Learning Goals

  1. Students can identify 2 tourist attractions in East Africa
  2. Students can recognize at least one approach the tourism industry is taking, in East Africa, towards sustainable tourism…
  3. 128 more words
Course Content

Have You Explored 'What 3 Words' Location Tool Yet?

Have you explored ‘What Three Words’ yet? This award-winning location referencing system is a funky new way to locate specific points on a map. It consists of a giant grid of the world made up of 57 trillion squares of 3 metres x 3 metres. 339 more words


Day 7: Christmas in Australia

While almost everybody associates Christmas to cold and winter days, this is not the case in Australia!

Have a look at this website and learn more about  81 more words


Earthquake around Pidie Jaya, Sumatra

News reports a few hours ago relayed an earthquake at Pidie Jaya, some hundred kilometres from Banda Aceh, Sumatra. I’m unable to access editing tools now, but the location is on the coast of Sumatra below the end of the word “Banda”. 51 more words


Flattened Mountain Top

I was flying to Phoenix and we were somewhere either over New Mexico or Arizona. The terrain beneath the plane was clearly what I think of when I think of the West, rugged looking and mountainous. 152 more words