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Schreiben heißt sich selber lesen. 

(To write means to read oneself.)

Max Frisch


Dividing China

In 1934 Hu Huanyong drew a line across China from Tengchong in the south to Heihe in the north. The line divided China’s landmass and population, then including Mongolia, such that roughly two thirds lay to the west, yet 96% of the population lived on the east. 352 more words


Erie Canal

Did you know that the Erie Canal opened today in 1825? A canal connects two bodies of water together (such as the ocean and an inland lake or river) or creates a passageway for boats if a section of a river gets too rough, steep, or shallow. 247 more words

Lunch Notes

The First 16 Months: One Professor's Experience Living With Breast Cancer

June 24, 2015 was the day she started surviving.

Clark geography professor, one-time volunteer firefighter, former Department of Defense contractor and best friend of her French bulldog Senna, 43-year-old Heather McAfee said that day, nearly a year and a half ago, was when she was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. 1,032 more words

Clark College

20161003 Keshiketeng (Heshigten) County

A Path To The Huamugou (Birch Grove) Forest Farm


The Way To Toufenggou

Landforms – 1

Landforms – 3


Landforms – 2


CSR and Ethical Consumerism


Chinese factories are targeted once again by retail giant Uniqlo for labor issues. The article quoted extra long working hours and subpar working conditions. The irony is tha it is their “best-performing factories”, thanks to lower cost and extra hands and hours put in. 68 more words