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Millington Pastures 'Run'

For the past week or so I have been back in the UK, visiting my dad in Hull, my friends in York and my daughter, Sarah, and her boyfriend Karl, in Sheffield.   140 more words


A City Divided

Wounds from history are still very much present in the minds of people in Nicosia. The border control is a physical symbol of the division left from the twentieth century; a painful memory for the older generations of Cyprus. 165 more words


Why #worldgeochat is the best chat out on the Twitters!

I should have written this post three years ago and titled it “So I started moderating a twitter chat” but that didn’t happen. In case you’ve missed it I should tell you that #worldgeochat is becoming a ‘thing’ on twitter. 1,058 more words


The Mountain Ranges

Western United States and Mexico

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Northern Europe

New Zealand


South America

Japan, Korea & China

Australia 10 more words


European geography

European geography

The counries of Europe are 51 and are divided into areas of the north, south, centre, west and east. This separation of the countries is conducted based on the geographic structure of the continent and the situation of the countries. 219 more words

Travel Quiz #1: Countries & Cities

A little travel fun with our quiz on countries and cities, follow us to get the next ones on Travel Culture and Travel Food.

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