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Axial Tilt, Latitude and Other Planet Details

It’s been a while since I did a worldbuilding post.  This one will be thin, because I just have a few points of data rather than anything particularly visual or interesting, but my friend… 640 more words


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I've already done posts about this before, but it's nice to see another point of view. And this one has some really nice maps!

A Language Barrier and a New Plan

Today was geography day. I was up and working first thing this morning, looking up photos and updating a report that was written several years ago. 893 more words

Summarize Point data and visualize the Cluster markers in ArcGIS Online

This post will demonstrate how to use our web based GIS application software-ArcGIS Online to summarize Point data as well as visualizing the aggregate points as cluster markers on a map. 307 more words


Denali and America's Long History of Using (or Not Using) Indian Names

Mt. McKinley now returns to its original name: Denali. The State of Alaska wanted this, but some question the name shift. Doug Herman at Smithsonian.com provides a fascinating historical reminder of Americans, Indians, and place names, in the course of which he reminds us of one irony among many: 104 more words


'Who speaks for the Palestinians?'

Almost a year and a half ago I wrote my PhD proposal titled ‘Who speaks for the Palestinians.’ Writing that, it was a reference to the voicelessness of Palestinians in the conflict. 1,391 more words


Going Deeper with Comfort Zones

Today, September 3rd, 2015, marks the 10-year anniversary of my move to Guatemala to start what we know now as Se Luz Ministries, Inc..  It was at once the best decision I’ve ever made, and the most difficult day of my life.   821 more words

Anatomy of Hog Creek, Part 1

This was one hard ride, not because of the distance, but because chasing Hog Creek meant climbing more hills, and more brutal hills, than I normally see in a single ride. 1,310 more words