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Iceland in June (4 of 4) - Hidden Shangri-La

The highlight of day seven was our visit Solheimajokull, where we were able to strap on crampons and walk on the surface of the glacier. When I first visited this location around 10 years ago,  the glacier – an extension of the giant Myrdalsjokull glacier  – reached right up to the car park. 985 more words


Fieldwork a la limeña

On my knees, in an art gallery in a bohemian district of Lima, with my head inside a large rock, I thought: “How did I get here?” 1,041 more words


What is a study group and why should you start one?

Ask any PhD student what the most difficult aspect of their research is and they are likely to tell you something about the problems associated with working alone. 729 more words


when you

spin a globe not because you want to travel or understand geography but because the pads of your fingers need relief.


Haiti: In 5 Maps

New places demand that we gain our bearings (both geographically and metaphorically) in order to operate successfully – I think that when it comes to working in Haiti, the maps below might help you do both. 463 more words


Namibia.. The Desert

Most people who read about Namibia have a picture in their minds that it is a desert Country. No plants, nothing green, no water.. But Namibia is a vast Country that consists of different ecosystems. 89 more words

The 12 Best US State Flags

Every state I’ve ever lived in has had a terrible state flag. This is not my opinion but an objective fact. Each of them has consisted of the state seal or coat of arms over a dark blue background. 1,671 more words