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1188: Two Islands

There is a lake in the north of Munster which contains two islands, one rather large and the other rather small. The larger has a church venerated from the earliest times.

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Easter Round Up


As well as having my great opportunity to visit Paris, I have had some exciting day trips as well as news. I have decided to wirte a blog post on all things which have happend during easter. 89 more words

Physical factors affecting the intensity of Food Production (I)


Climate is the average condition of the atmosphere of a specific place over a long period of time, usually over 30 years. It affects the types of crops that can be grown. 412 more words


Increased intensity of production of food crops


Intensification refers to an increase in the productivity of a farm. The productivity of a farm is measured by the amount of crops produced compared with the amount of resources, such as land and labour, used to produce the food. 109 more words


Social Impacts of Excessive Food Consumption

Food Wastage

Societies with excess food available for consumption may result in large amounts of food being wasted. Each year, consumers in DCs waste as much food as the entire amount of food available in Sub-Saharan Africa for local consumption, which is about 230 million tonnes, according to the FAO. 234 more words


Economic Impacts of Excessive Food Consumption

Lower Productivity

The health impacts of obesity have resulted in more workers being absent from work and taking more days of leave due to obesity-related health issues, thus leading to lower productivity. 212 more words