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Tuesday Teaser

Time For Class!

Settle into your desk chairs now everyone – put away your paper airplanes, gum, cell phones, and press the “ON” button on your brains because you will need them this morning! 556 more words

Life With Cats

The Whole Point of Confederate Monuments is to Celebrate White Supremacy - Karen L. Cox

The Whole Point of Confederate Monuments is to Celebrate White Supremacy

Karen L. Cox | The Washington Post

The rally by white nationalists to defend the Robert E. 1,163 more words


Codes and cables

Reading Thomas Pakenham’s The Boer War, one of the leading English-language books on the eponymous conflict in South Africa from 1899 to 1902, I’m struck by the fact that during the war telegrams and coded messages were regularly being sent not only within South Africa, but also by undersea cable between South Africa and Britain. 2,380 more words


Mundinho idiota

Um Estado corrupto a todos tenta corromper, quando não consegue simplesmente amedrontar, coagir ou enganar. Muitas vezes usa tudo isso simultaneamente. Nossas respostas tem que nos ajudar a não nos intimidarmos, não nos iludirmos e que não sejamos coagidos. 1,340 more words

Political Memory

Old Ethnic Neighborhoods of Salem

This old map below, taken from a 1947 book on the history of Salem (Salem and the Indies), is the only one yet found showing the distribution of ethnic immigrants throughout Salem’s industrial period (roughly 1850-1950). 223 more words


Fire science

This unit discusses Newton’s three laws of motion and how an object and an applied force react when they come together. Using the picture below discuss how Newton’s law of motion would apply? 45 more words

Academic Writing

calculate  the expected value for the profit associated with the two expansion alternative. what  is the decision   to be made to generate profit. calculate the variation of profit associated with the two expansion alternatives. 13 more words

Academic Writing