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South America

Hi Room 22,

Below are the links for today’s Geography lesson. This is an independent activity.

Land Features:




Whatever you don’t finish, you can do before school tomorrow. 7 more words


Notes from Dartmoor. ii

The foremost treasure for me has to be Dartmoor’s wildness, this having become a rarity in this country and Europe as a whole, the march of civilisation has left but a few pockets to be encountered and savoured. 488 more words



Ever since the brave statement of Pakistani Chief of Army Staff Gen. Raheel Shareef has been made after his recent visit to under construction road network by Frontier works organization, that China Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC) will have to be completed at any cost. 801 more words


Paul Barbato Is My Idol

Geography Now is one of the greatest channels on YouTube, if you ask me. Created by Paul Barbato last year, it aims to tell about every country in the world in alphabetic order. 258 more words


The Reading Room : 10th visit Preparing for the Event on 18th July

28th June 2015:

By now I was really working up to the event At The Reading Room and had booked it for 18th July to co-incide with the MA Interim Show at Camberwell. 380 more words


Earth's Oceans' and Continents' Relative Surface Areas, Analyzed, with Two Pie Charts

I’ll start this analysis with a simple land/water breakdown for Earth’s surface:

The two figures in the chart above are familiar figures for many — but how does “land” break down into continents, and how does “water” break down into oceans, as fractions of Earth’s total surface area? 412 more words


England doesn't exist, but Spain does.

“Los ingleses son…”

Spanish people almost always refer to the UK as “Inglaterra” and its inhabitants as “ingleses”, but anyone from Cataluña or the Basque Country takes huge offense when people use the word “Spain” or “Spanish” to refer to their regions, which is (at least for the moment) completely correct.

Basque Country