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Longitude and Latitude

Another bit of Sunday fun from Sunday Photo Fictioner. I think my entry falls under “prosetry” written through stream of consciousness.

So for Sunday, July 5, 140 more words


Can GPS Be Replaced?

Rely on numbers to get around the neighbourhood? Then this one’s for you. A nonprofit called the Mapcode Foundation, has designed a system that assigns a unique and easily remembered address to any spot on the planet, without reference to landmarks or street names. 291 more words


城市化的 "绿隔":一个变形的寰宇主义想象



尽管立场相左,两人在论辩中所援引的却大多都是英美两国的例子。可英美的情形到底佐证了哪一方的论点?2015年4月4日《经济学人》 (The Economist) 发表了一篇处于同一论域的封面报道。虽然文章被冠以 “Space and the City” 的标题,真正处理的却也是土地利用问题。文章中归纳了英美城市发展的两股潮流,第一股是在十九世纪晚期以前的无管制扩张,第二股是十九世纪晚期以降逐渐完善的土地和规划管制对城市扩张的限制,比如分区规划 (Zoning) 和修建绿化隔离带 (Green belt)。


与之相应和的是伦敦政治经济学院 (LSE) 经济地理教授 Paul Cheshire 近期发表的一系列文章。光看标题就能猜想出他的核心论点了,比如 “绿化隔离带迷思已经成为伦敦房价上涨的幕后推手”,以及 “在绿化隔离带上建房子吧:现在的问题只是建在哪一片而已”。看起来,“绿化隔离带” 这一英国规划界的骄傲成就(有时甚至被提高到不列颠民族身份认同的高度)俨然成了众矢之的。 35 more words


Lake Sunapee

skyblue rippled
summer surface
clouds captured
like shimmering
five thousand
tranquil high
altitude acres
pristine gift of
glaciers whose
solemn retreat
made magnificent
work of their… 82 more words


Differentiating to Engage


Year 10 Geography Students who have found engagement in geography difficult. How can we create engaging lessons to improve progress?

Research question:

To what extent can DLS bring about greater engagement and sense of purpose in Year 10 and Year 11 Geography and therefore raise the attainment of students who achieved 4c and 4b at KS2? 273 more words


The red marshlands between Iraq and Iran: the Hammar Marshes of Iran

From Google Earth – the Hammar Marshes of Iran are an uncharacteristic yet beautiful wetland feature in the otherwise arid climate

The Hammar Marshes (Iraq) are a large complex of… 63 more words


Hubei Sinkhole... the hidden paradise revealed unique ecosystem

Almost 100 acres of lush vegetation has grown inside a cave in the mountainous region of Hubei in China.The landscape has not been seen for decades because the only way to get down is by abseiling. 31 more words