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At the Intersection of Math, Geography, and Politics

Which would you rather have, a town council made up of at-large members or a town council made up of representatives from specific districts? The first is where each one is elected by the entire town and the second is where a council member is voted for only by residents in that district. 293 more words


A Map Comes Alive!

It’s map time! In case you haven’t guessed maps are one of my favorite topics. I dearly love writing—there’s no finer main course—but I love my map making dessert, too, because it provides the opportunity to explore my visually artistic side. 138 more words


Violent volcanoes!

Year 4’s WOW day went well today with the Science Dome coming to school for an immersive experience and volcanic models being made.

Tom's Restaurant The "Seinfeld" Diner

Seinfeld fans who want to re-create their favorite scenes in Monk’s Café need only travel to Manhattan’s Upper West Side to find the perfect place. It won’t look familiar on the inside, but the blue and red neon wrapping the corner will let them know they are in the right place. 16 more words


Apollo 11 Command Module Makes Another Journey

After spending 46 years parked at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, the Apollo 11 command module Columbia will travel again. This time, the journey will not be quite as epic as to the moon and back, but the trip is still historic. 51 more words


Pink Floyd - Grantchester Meadows (1969)

Grantchester Meadows is a Roger Waters song, originally performed solo on the ‘Ummagumma’ album, that celebrates the English countryside, as in other compositions such as ‘Time’. 101 more words


Helloooo Doris!

Today our part of the UK was hit by Storm Doris, which is a misleading name that suggests sweet and genteel elderly ladies whereas these were winds without manners. 297 more words