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Geography - Master Post

I’ve been depending on the geography tag to organize all of my posts, but that makes posts show in a strange order. So instead, let me organize my Geographical notes in this post! 131 more words


Learn Countries in Oceania, pt. x1

Part 1 | Part x

Hi, learners!

So as you may know from my South American geography post, I like to learn countries based on wordplay. 447 more words


Is There A Tea Party Conspiracy...?


Is there a Tea Party Conspiracy to hide the fact that Jesus Christ was Chinese by keeping Americans ignorant of geography?

Consider the story of a Sudanese man named Malik who met an Afro-American sailor in Athens in 1982. 673 more words

Little House

We have started reading the next book in the Little House series – By the Shores of Silver Lake. I only had time to read the first chapter to Emilia and she begged to be read more of the story. 640 more words



Nature is perfect! It is unique. Nature’s imperfections caused by reckless and avaricious activities by Humans! We need to stop…….Before its all gone!



this pressed for your sensibility: Europe - Russia accuses Turkey of ‘planned provocation’ in downing jet - France 24

Russia on Wednesday accused Turkey of a “planned provocation” in downing one of its planes on the Syrian border, killing one pilot, amid fears the incident could escalate into a wider geopolitical conflict. 695 more words

Getting Boys to Write

The National Literacy trust has revealed that, based on its own research, boys are half as likely to enjoy writing as girls and almost a third never or rarely write outside of class.   314 more words