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2018 could be an extra-active year for earthquakes, study says

While earthquakes are difficult to predict, a new study suggests that next year the world may see more of the natural disasters.

Research done by U.S. 464 more words


Scientists Predict More Earthquakes But Fewer Dizzy Spells Because of Slowdown In Earth's Rotation

BOULDER, CO – Scientific tribalism showed its face at the window after news was released at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America that the rotation of the Earth is slowing. 369 more words

Going to GSA in October?

This is a friendly reminder that the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting in Seattle is coming up (October 22nd to 25th) and the abstract deadline is fast approaching (August 1st). 740 more words

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The Eighth Continent: Real But Unnoticed

Recent headlines about the discovery of a new continent in the southwest Pacific are a bit misleading. Some huge, rogue orogenic landmass did not suddenly rise from the depths of the ocean while everyone was sleeping. 424 more words


New Continent 'Zealandia' Discovered Underwater

Zealandia has recently been given the status of a continent by several geologists who say that the long lost continent is submerged under water. While there is no formal recognition of the same by the New Zealand government, which is the major habitable administration on Zealandia; there is, however, wide interest in the media about the continent. 485 more words


Did You Hear About the New Continent? Here are 5 Quick Facts About ‘Zealandia:’

The Geological Society of America’s Journal has published a paper which argues that the Earth has a hidden continent: Zealandia. Below are some quick facts about this new continent: 110 more words