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My Road Led to Chaco

I remember the first time I heard about Chaco Canyon. Sitting in a small classroom with other undergraduate anthropology students, my thoughts drifted as a cascade of words including mortar, solstice, Ancestral Puebloan, archaeoastronomy and Fajada tumbled from my professors mouth, producing a churning mist that both obscured the canyon and inspired curiosity. 302 more words


Dinosaur: Week One

One hundred years ago, a national monument was established to protect a paleontologist’s dream: a vertical sandstone wall filled with Jurassic dinosaur fossils known as Carnegie Quarry.  2,704 more words

Natural History

Researchers find worst extinction occurred in three stages, not one

Three strikes and you’re out.

According to a new study published last week by the Geological Society of America, the Permian extinction — the worst in Earth’s history about 250 million years ago — happened in three stages rather than one. 589 more words

Local News

The Earth Sciences and the Next Generation Science Standards

From GSA Today . . .  full article at http://www.geosociety.org/gsatoday/archive/25/2/article/i1052-5173-25-2-28.htm


Next Generation Science Standards: A call to action for the geoscience community

Nicole D. LaDue1, Cheryl Brown Manning2… 529 more words

Geologist Starter Pack Meme #GeoStarterPack

Right now the “Starter Pack” (also known as starter kit) meme is trending on social media.  It’s a visual representation of all the things you would need to get something done or to embody a certain kind of person.   172 more words

Blogging all over the place

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged here, but it’s not as though I’m not blogging at all. In fact, most of my posts lately have been appearing on the… 374 more words

Watershed Moments 3.0

#GSA2014: a forum for great ideas ...including creationism?

Last week, the Geological Society of America met for its annual meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia. I’m not sure what the official count was for this year’s attendance (edit: … 1,395 more words

Age Of The Earth