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Where dinosaurs walked: Petrified Forest National Park

On our way home from the Grand Canyon, we stopped at the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. If I had to describe this park in one phrase I would say gorgeous desolation.

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InSight landing site chosen!

The finalist ellipse marked within the northern portion of flat-lying Elysium Planitia is centred at about 4.5 degrees north latitude and 136 degrees east longitude. 13 more words


The Geology of Geomechanics


A 2-day conference that aims to bring together geologists and engineers from the petroleum, radioactive waste disposal, carbon sequestration, mining and geothermal communities to discuss the links between the geomechanical disciplines and mainstream geology.

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volcanic rocks, sand

The old man’s small house is surrounded by beach dogs who shit on the volcanic black rocks and the white sand, tentatively sniffing the latest beaching of sea urchins.

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Evolution and the Fossil Record

Why do we believe in evolution when there is such little evidence to support it? I suppose that most people couldn’t provide specific scientific answer as to why they do, only that its what they’ve been taught by text books and college professors. 554 more words


Space rocks from 1960 Bruderheim Meteorite help usher in new age of geology

WATCH ABOVE: Fifty-five years ago today, a meteorite fell from the sky northeast of our city. Margeaux Morin speaks to those who were there.

EDMONTON — In the quiet town of Bruderheim, Alberta a curling bonspiel was supposed to be the highlight of the night on March 4, 1960. 341 more words


Manjanggul, the Lava Tube Cave, and Gimyeong Maze Park

While a typhoon crossed Jeju, I was looking for a good place to go in the rain, and that place was Manjanggul, which is part of Geomunoreum system, which… 812 more words

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