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Latest Earthquake (9-23) in Mexico seems to line up with recent activity

Is there a pattern emerging?

Details to the 9-23-2017 Quake form The Watchers

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.1 hit Oaxaca, Mexico at 12:53 UTC on September 23, … 135 more words


New releases from the Arizona Geological Survey - September 2017

The Arizona Geological Survey is in the process of digitizing both new and older geological reports and releasing them to the public as free downloads. 237 more words


A Geology Tour of Germany

With the opportunity to travel to Germany last year, I couldn’t help but include some time for geotourism in my schedule. Thankfully, due to the ever-present nature of geology on the solid earth, there is rarely a location without some feature of interest to explore. 594 more words


The Rainbow Mountain Of Peru

The Ausangate Mountain of the Peruvian Andes also known as the rainbow mountain is one of the most breathtaking geological features in the world. The mountain is awash with colours from red to turquoise to green to gold and is even thought to be holy. 279 more words


The Legend Detective - Who's God is God

Whose God is God

It was the comedian Dave Allen, who finished off his TV program with the blessing of, ’May your God go with you’.  138 more words


The Legend Detective - The day the sun changed it's position in the sky.

The day the Sun changed its position in the sky

I know the Sun moves across the heaven but this was something else. And Herodotus of 484 BC said, ‘You can believe it if you will—but I don’t!’ Fortunately, he recorded it and in so doing proved that it did. 21 more words