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The Forgotten National Parks, Part I: Mammoth Cave

I didn’t start this trip with the idea of seeing as many national parks as possible, but it has slowly developed into such. Perhaps it was the purchase of an $80 annual parks pass, which is TOTALLY worth the money since most parks charge upwards of $25 per visit. 1,201 more words


Tilkiler Mağarası ve Mağaralarda Su Tablası

Tilkiler Mağarası son zamanlarda mağaracılar arasında popüler olmaya başladı. Mağaranın kışın tamamen sifon yaptığını biliyorduk ama su seviyesinin tam olarak ne zaman yükseldiğini bilmiyorduk. Şimdi öğrendik ki Ekim ayı, mağaranın su seviyesinin girişe izin vermeyecek kadar yükseldiği ay, dolayısıyla… 423 more words


Cigar-shaped asteroid is first interstellar visitor to our solar system

© European Southern Observatory / M. Kornmesser

  • A rocky cigar-shaped asteroid has been confirmed as the first ever interstellar object to enter our solar system – and the space visitor could even provide an insight into the formation of other planetary systems beyond our own.
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Palaeoclimatology: Milankovitch cycles

Milankovitch cycles theorise the changes in the position of the Earth in relation to the sun causing changes in climate. It is so called after Serbian geophysicist and astronomer Milutin Milanković. 399 more words


Seismic effects

I don’t understand Korean, so I’m not sure about the details. Apparently this was due to an earthquake in Pohang, South Korea. Apparently Pohang rarely has earthquakes. 24 more words


Predicting More Earthquakes Next Year? It’s Not Crazy.

No, this isn’t an End Times conspiracy theory. It’s an actual prediction from two practicing geologists: Rebecca Bendick of the University of Montana and Roger Bilham of the University of Colorado. 765 more words

Current Events

the sharp crest of plumes of a decorated ceremonial chief, the rock of the sharp and pointed crest of Kngeitnama, the Finke Valley

Its mighty cone dominated the flat-topped mountains around it, just as a decorated ceremonial chief, wearing a sharp crest of white plumes, might loom up above a group of his followers who were carrying horizontal ornaments on their heads.

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