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Layers of color in a layers land. Northern Colorado near the Wyoming Border.

Exploring minerality

‘Wine producers like to kneel in their vineyards and scoop up a handful of dirt for you to admire. “See this gneiss (or schist, or limestone)” they’ll say. 1,405 more words

Wine Tasting

Geologic time scale: The determmination of the Unknown Period

Before humans, there are different organisms, animals , plants and other beings that once ruled the earth. Though we can’t  already see them nowadays due to extinction, science can prove that these things really lived before the age of humans in different periods of time. 304 more words


Skútustadagígar Pseudo Craters, A Unique Geological Phenomenon in Iceland

The skútustadagígar pseudo craters are a unique geological phenomenon, located south of Lake Mývatn. The pseudo craters were formed when water that was trapped beneath flowing lava, boiled and burst up through the surface… [click to read more]



Here’s a shot of the top of one of The Three Sisters.
There’s a story behind them that’s worth looking into.

I like that this is not a common angle for any of The Three Sisters to be seen. 22 more words


We have landed

The last several days have felt much longer than a week. A lot has happened. I packed my bags and then made the long haul to Christchurch, New Zealand. 364 more words