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From top to bottom

Our planet moving along in a cycle that’s slower than what we easily can comprehend but seeing helps understand it nonetheless.

Sometimes a still scene feels like a movie and in this case I could feel the rocks moving ever so slowly from the top of the outcropping into the valley below.

Northern Colorado.

Dallas Abbott: Adventures in Avalon

Dallas Abbott’s adventures at the Atlantis Conference in 2005 appear to have been a natural pre-cursor to her subsequent Adventures in Avalon which began in the Black Rock Forest. 1,626 more words



Headlines in the popular press and science journals have been screaming the claim since January: “Planet Earth makes its own water from scratch deep in the mantle.” 162 more words


Making My Way From Mountains To Mud: Part 1

How did I make my way from mountains to mud? Well, I had just graduated high school and was celebrating my last summer before starting college by taking a cross-country road trip with my older sister. 655 more words

Crystal Cave

Fit for the Gods - Garden of the Gods, CO

After waving goodbye to the beauty of Great Sand Dunes, my mom and I continued making our way north back towards Montana.

Our next stop was just outside Colorado Springs at the Garden of the Gods. 419 more words


Ice so clear that it can't be seen

Like clouds casting shadows on the earth, frozen gas bubbles are trapped in river ice so clear, it can’t be seen.

Bones from previous years’ hunts are uncovered as the snow clears.


Six Major Extinctions

An interesting infographic including major extinctions, planetary impacts, iridium anomalies, etc., laid over geologic time: