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Fernandina, the island that sits in the middle of the Galápagos hot spot

Fernandina is the third largest of the Galápagos Islands and first appeared on maps (under the name of Narborough Island) in 1684. It sits in the middle of the hot spot that created the Galápagos Islands and is most famous for its continuing series of volcanic eruptions; most recently the eruptions of May 2005 and April 2009.  25 more words


Archaeological Tour Atacama

After visiting the amazing Moon Valley, Salt flats, and high lagoons in Atacama, I got some education in the archaeology of the area. Very close to San Pedro is Tulor, village remains discovered by Gustavo le Paige in 1958. 411 more words

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Ancient Mother of Hoax

Visoko, 33km north of Sarajevo, view at so called Pyramid of The Sun, Visocica hill. It’s actually a Hogback – an isolated part of anticline wing. 118 more words

Bosnian Beauty

Cornwallis — Sketches of Geology (1848)

Cornwallis, Caroline Frances. Sketches of Geology. London: William Pickering, 1848.

Series: Small Books on Great Subjects, no. 13.

Digital copy: Internet Archive.

William Pickering

Urban Geology in Birmingham

I was invited to come back to Birmingham by Julie Schroder of the Black Country Geological Society to update and expand previous building stone walks of the city created by Julie, Eric Robinson and Paul Shilston. 96 more words



Big Bang Theory hi Scientist ten Universe rawn ințanna Theory an pawm tlan ber a ni a. He Theory-in a sawi dan chuan muk leh te reuh tê sa em em mai puak darh ta ‘Initial point / Singularity’ atanga ințan in a rawn lian tual tual a, tuna kan Universe hi a rawn siam chhuak ta a ni. 5,512 more words