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Antediluvian Beasts of the East: Carnufex carolinensis

A slight breeze blows the morning dew drops from the leaves of the plants surrounding the creek as a herd of herbivorous Coahomasuchus browse horsetails and ferns. 1,115 more words


Banded Agate

Banded agate that multi-colored wavy cryptocrystalline variety of silica I just got to have it.

In my collection among others areĀ  Laguna, Moctezeuma, Puma, Condor, Fairburn and a zillion Brazilian. 49 more words


Carnelian is a lovely reddish stone similar in color to vermilion

That New Agers say emits a lot of energizin’ feelin’.

So if you want to find some on your own… 13 more words


The highlight of my rockhounding day was when I found a golden nugget.

Eureka! All I wanted to do was hold on and hug it, 31 more words

Country Life magazine feature

Mountainlands features in the June issue of Country Life magazine. The main focus is on Eureka City, the remnants of an old mining town that is located in the north of the reserve. 18 more words

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