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Quaker Tots

Be careful with those plates!

Innate is their hate in a mission

To exterminate all dead weight

Upon this green Earth.

Tectonic bait not even geologists could conflate. 44 more words


Confusion over causation

One of the trickiest concepts in earth science has got to be causation.  We like to write things like “earthquakes caused by fracking” or “ 926 more words


Northern lights: How 'black' auroras actually work

While our understanding of how the aurora’s shimmering curtains of colour are formed, scientists have struggled to explain the black patches between the bright beams. Now scientists have discovered what happens at the heart of these so-called “black aurora”. 673 more words


N is for Niagara Escarpment

Every waterfall is caused by something right? In this case, Niagara Falls is caused by the presence of the Niagara Escarpment, a striking example of the power of erosion. 70 more words

That Thar Gold

You might remember this picture from Wednesday. It’s a chunk of gold-bearing quartz. Let me tell you about it.

(Bear in mind that this is, once again, me working off my memory of research waters I’ve only dipped my toes into, so what I’m about to say may be 99% wrong. 315 more words