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The Geomantic Figures, Personalities, and Myers-Briggs/Kiersey Types

The other day, on an exceptionally slow Friday afternoon with little to do, my friend and I were bullshitting in my cube.  We were talking about things as varied as problems with Linux installation, Halloween plans, crude sexual humor, astrology, and on and on.   4,382 more words


Historian Zhang Hongbin (张洪彬) on shamanism, religion, and science: reconsidering the criticism of geomancy during the late Qing




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【关键词】风水批判 现代性 天道信仰 巫术 宗教 科学




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Lilly Wave Mind Control Broadcasted in Homes Wall AC DC Outlets ~ Rense

Ed. Note: Compelling information below from Patrick Flanagan. To help counteract some of the problems with “dirty energy” discussed with Rense, listen to this Red Ice Creations interview with architects Ibrahim Karim & Pier Paolo Alberghini who use BioGeometry for some easy solutions. 201 more words

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Book Shrine II

My writing head is mostly at noodle lately. I have been thinking about some bigger things, some of which I have already talked about here, others which are big and sweeping and a little scary. 720 more words

Mohaveh Project


If you have watched Nollywood movies (Nigerian, mostly home videos), you would have observed a recurring act: the native/witch doctor. It is why I rarely watch them. 682 more words

Matters Of The Deen

Geomancy and Quintessence

I didn’t think I’d ever have to write a post on this particular topic, as I thought it was so obvious as to go without explanation.   509 more words


Storms of Pain

The beauty and power of a thunderstorm is not often matched by anything of this world.  On one hand, it can be a terrifying experience and on the other hand, it can be your chance to witness the fury of Mother Nature.   289 more words