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Final Day 7: Integration of Eco Village intensive

I was really ready for Day 7: to walk the actual land of the proposed site, and for it all to finish. I needed a break- to do loads of washing, reply to a bunch of boring emails, re-connect with the status of ’17’s homework, and sit quietly by myself, not speaking or listening for several hours at a time ASAP. 913 more words


Erect of Shine Pillar (Geomancy)

One of my customer has asked me if there is Geomancy to be done on a country?  Yes, there is. This is one of the reason in Thai Buddhism we will erect a shine pillar. 301 more words


Encounter with Place

After a long period of winter slumber and inner contemplation (which is still continuing), this is the first work of a series of perceptions that will investigate intuitive encounters of places. 111 more words


Memory: To Mnemosyne

I taught a workshop this weekend on the Art of Memory at EarthSpirit’s annual gathering in Sturbridge, MA, called Feast of Lights.  

This workshop usually follows the same format — I give a little bit of the scientific background of the hippocampus, the studies done on monks, nuns and Sanskrit-reciting pandits, and how these artificial memory-improvement techniques have aided professional shamans, priests, and religious figures for centuries; and how modern people can use these techniques to be more effective human beings.   566 more words

Art And Design

The Full Metal Seer

Robot oracle
Calculates geomancy
Circuits that contrast


On Halted Geomancy Charts

Originally, I was calling these PITA charts, and no, I’m not talking about the flatbread.  However, after seeing the term “halted charts” used more online, I think it’s a far more elegant term to use to describe the concept of a geomancy chart that shouldn’t or can’t be interpreted.  2,655 more words


Time running out on discounted divination services!

Just FYI, there’s only a few days remaining on my discount for divination services through my Etsy! Through January 31, my divination services are 20% off: 201 more words