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Great Romance

the wind courted snow
and at ten past two
shadow married light


Elemental Hexagons

Rounding off my digital art for 2014 with a piece based on the mysterious beauty of hexagons.



ARCH121 : Mass & Surface

     This week, I read the part Three Remainders To Architects from the Le Corbusier’s book called Towards A New Architecture. In this part, Corbusier argue that main spatial forms (cubes,cones,sphere,pyramids and cylinders) are what create qualified architecture because they are completely clear elements as mathematical calculations. 123 more words


Strangers in Space

Strangers in Space

Digital art created using PowerPoint and a Samsung compact camera, imagining an encounter between two similar but dissimilar geometric forms.

Certain variations in the image draw on the way small random or unique elements in a repeating pattern can add to its beauty. 141 more words


Playing With Different Forms

I am going to branch out from the current concept design in order to play with different possibilities for my future design. Although I might end up advancing on the first concept, I feel it is best not to limit my options at this point. 541 more words