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Quantum computing is capable of dealing with extremely complex 3-dimensional geometric constructs

Quantum computing is capable of dealing with extremely complex 3-dimensional geometric constructs, all at super lightning speed!... some 10 million times faster than the world’s fastest digital supercomputer! 10 more words

Tracie Cheng - Fluid Art

Love it!

The painter Tracie Cheng describes her art project as follows: “Tracie Cheng is an artist interested in dimension, fluidity, and versatility, primarily through lines and color in abstract form”. 51 more words


Abstract Collages 005

New collages!

My abstract collage experiments are going on, and “Getting Rid Of The Shit” Series is growing. You can find the entire collection on my… 234 more words


Abstract Collages 003

Another batch!

These are other new abstract collage artworks that I am uploading on my Artfinder online gallery.

The series, called “Getting Rid Of The Shit… 255 more words



The topic of today’s lesson in One Zentangle a Day was “repetition creating transformation,” which ultimately results in more optical illusion. It’s The book’s Day 21, the last day of Chapter 3: Geometric and Organic Patterns. 858 more words



The trend of Geometric Forms is going stronger this year.. From jewellery to fashion to interior design; geometric zeal is everywhere.

موضة الأشكال الهندسية

تستمر موضة الأشكال الهندسية بالظهور القوي لهذه السنة في مجالات مختلفة من المجوهرات الى الأزياء الى التصميم الداخلي، تظهر هذه المنحوتات التجريدية القوية بوضوحها كرمز للأناقة و الجمال 80 more words

Interior Design

Geometry in the 3 Rs: rugby, religion and rocks

This is an entry to http://ceenphotography.com/2016/03/23/cees-compose-yourself-photo-challenge-19-geometry-in-photography/ .

Cee is right: after a while you see geometric figures almost everywhere.  To start off, here are some obvious choices, all from the same church in Mönchengladbach, Germany: 121 more words