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In Motion...

Spinning through time and space, two objects bound to one another, orbiting, gradually getting closer as the speed of the spin increases until finally they collide, not destroying each other but merging into one perfect, radiant entity. It was destiny all along…

Black And White

Project 4 Overview




tin-waiwai-4-gestalt-1-Proximity one.jpg

This project was very difficult and I loathed doing it. Perhaps it was just the day. I remember when I first started with the symmetrical piece, I was having difficulties composing the shapes. 216 more words

Design Fundamentals

New building!

And some sun to help us settle in!

Shapes: Part 1

To begin with, I would to have a more general look at shapes. Therefore I drew a few shapes. You can notice that some of them have angles and some of them curvatures. 378 more words


Sun, Moon, and Stars

A while ago I captured a bit of the night sky into my constellation project! As you can see, I made a personification of the sun, the moon, and I made five stars to complement them. 95 more words


Colorful Chaotic Squares

Enjoy this colorful graphic design featuring a geometric grid of textural squares chaotically dispersed. Available in my gallery at Redbubble, choose from a variety of unique products – many great… 24 more words


Inktober 11: Run

I’m so happy with how I’ve been able to plan out these pieces. I’m so used to drawing just figures that these more dynamic pieces are honestly really exciting for me!