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"The mistery of three manifolds" by William Thurston

The Geometrization conjecture crystallized our picture of individual 3-manifolds more than 30 years ago, and Perelman’s beautiful proof established it in generality about 7 years ago, but mystery is still abundant. 22 more words

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"The evolution of geometric structures on 3-manifolds" by Curtis McMullen

A survey of the geometrization conjecture: its impact, methods for solution, and problems still open.

Here we have a pdf file with the talk of the video: 7 more words

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Thurston talks on geometrization at Harvard

In winter and spring of 2001, Nathan Dunfield and I ran a seminar at Harvard whose purpose was to go through Thurston’s proof of the geometrization theorem for Haken manifolds. 183 more words

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Bill Thurston

Bill Thurston, who made fundamental contributions to our understanding of low-dimensional manifolds and related structures, died on Tuesday, aged 65.

Perhaps Thurston’s best known achievement is the proof of the… 458 more words


Geometrization is fashionable

I have talked about some of the major open problems in mathematics with my MTH 101 students (either in class or outside) and these include the… 318 more words

MTH 101

285G, Lecture 2: The Ricci flow approach to the Poincaré conjecture

In order to motivate the lengthy and detailed analysis of Ricci flow that will occupy the rest of this course, I will spend this lecture giving a high-level overview of Perelman’s Ricci flow-based proof of the… 4,026 more words