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Seifert surfaces - Saul Schleimer and Henry Segerman

“We are geometric topologists, and we are interested in visualising knots, surfaces and three-manifolds. Prompted by this, we design 3D printed models of these objects. This movie shows and explains some of the relevant mathematics. 40 more words


Temari Pink 32

I began this thread ball after looking at one of Nana Akua’s works, many times. Over the last 6 months I pondered what the mark was, overall size and just how or if I was thinking I understood what needed to be done. 217 more words


Rigor: Trig Ratios

NCTM’s Principles to Actions includes build procedural fluency from conceptual understanding as one of the Mathematics Teaching Practices. In what ways can technology help our students build procedural fluency from conceptual understanding? 685 more words


Mathematical Impressions: Curved and Straight? - by George Hart

The elliptic hyperboloid is a beautiful quadratic surface that is “doubly ruled,” meaning that the surface, although curved, contains two straight lines through each point…Here it is applied to the design of a walk-through archway in the teaching garden at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.”

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