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Contour Stars Stitch-along

I  learned this new Temari pattern participating with an online group called Talk Temari Stitch-along. I lusted for the knowing how-to’s of this pattern from my first attempts with the Temari medium. 88 more words


Work in Progress January 2015

This is a record of the work I made in January 2015. Overall I think this is the least successful work, but I learned a lot of valuable stuff from actually making it. 224 more words

Contemporary Art

Exam Time - Study Guide Assignment

It’s finals time!  I teach mostly freshmen, so I wanted to help them prepare for their Geometry final.  Many students have a tough time studying for a math test, and this one covers an entire semester plus of material.   601 more words


Geometry Definitions

Before we go anywhere we need to know the definitions for basic geometry.

The first type of angle we need to define is an adjacent angle on a straight line.   121 more words


Geometric inequality (I.S.I. B.Stat 2005 Problem 5 solution)

Consider an acute angled triangle PQR such that C,I and O are the circumcentre, incentre and orthocentre respectively. Suppose and , measured in degrees, are and respectively. 144 more words

I.S.I. And C.M.I. Entrance Corner

3D Solids Lesson Using Jigsaw Cooperative Learning

Here is a quick lesson I put together using the Jigsaw Cooperative Learning technique for 3D solids. We learned the surface area and volume formulas for prisms in a direct instruction model and because we have such little time left in the year with testing and such, I decided Jigsaw-ing these concepts would be the best way.  155 more words