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Playing Sports in Hyperbolic Space - Numberphile

“Dick Canary on baseball and golf in hyperbolic space” from Numberphile.


The Surface Area of a Sphere

I’ve written before about making sense of the surface area of a sphere. The lesson this year unfolded (unpeeled?) a bit differently.

I’m not sure how students might guess that the surface area of a sphere has something to do with the area of a great circle of the sphere. 200 more words


End of 3rd Quarter

Hi everyone.

It’s the end of 3rd quarter, and we’ve got a grading day. Actually half-day. But, tbh, as my kids say, I got here 15 minutes late (f off, I biked 7 miles in the snow), met with my mentor, made a sweet playlist, did some grading, went out to lunch with my department, and now I’m back again to finish grading. 568 more words


Simple geometric beauty - a film by Bianca Violet and Stefan Klaus


“We visualize simple geometric beauty combined with mathematical content. Please enjoy.

Using a single formula – a polynomial – the film shows fascinating transformations from a cube to a rhombic dodecahedron, to an octahedron and to a dodecahedron.”