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Shape Partitions- Open Middle Problem

Directions: Using the same cuts, partition these shapes into halves.

Can you expand this to fourths?  Explain why or why not.

Can you create fourths of each picture using unique partitions (no figure is partitioned the same)?  9 more words

Open Middle

Composite 2D Shapes- Open Middle Problem

Directions: What shapes could be used to create this picture?

Make a list of the shapes needed, and how many of each you would need. 9 more words

Open Middle

Geometric relates to shapes and forms which resemble or employ the simple rectilinear or curvilinear elements of geometry.

Geometric Paper Sculptures // Daryl J Ashton

Notice and Note: Dilations

Are you familiar with Notice & Note: Strategies for Close Reading? Here’s a link to Heinemann’s Notice & Note learning community, and here’s a sample PDF. 723 more words


Radial symmetry is the symmetry resulting from the arrangement of similar, radiating parts about a centre point or central axis.

Ebenezer Howard // Garden City “Rurisville”, 1898

A pattern is an artistic or decorative design, especially one having a characteristic arrangement and considered as a unit, of which an idea can be given by a fragment.

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