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  • “At the Tomb of Omar Khayyam,” by Jay Hambridge
  • “The Pay Line,” by Jay Hambridge
  • “Dandelion Seeds, 3d generated, black background,” produced using the Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio experiments…
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A Semi-Circle Conjecture

At the very start of the school year in geometry, we started by having students make observations and write down conjectures based on their observations. We had a very fruitful… 624 more words

Walking Through Paper

The Activities

  1. Topic: Shapes, Geometry: Book: Zachary Zormer, Shape Transformer, by Reisberg.
  2. Topic: Shapes, Geometry: Make a Mobius Strip. Cut a piece of paper so you can walk through it.
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Circle 1


Over the past month students have been exploring 2D shapes and 3D figures. Students have participated in many different learning centres and activities that have provided opportunities to sort, compare, identify and describe many different shapes. 193 more words

Final Internship Blog Post #8

This week I had my second observation with my cooperating teacher. She observed me teaching a math lesson in our geometry unit. Overall the feedback was very positive. 196 more words

Uncertainty, Debate, and Imprecision in Mathematics

If you remember anything about the mathematics courses you took in high school, it is that mathematics is the one subject in which there is absolute certainty and precision in all its answers. 1,955 more words

Imagination And Knowledge