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Soft Needles

Back to the Sonoran desert of Arizona. A beautifully glowing halo and silhouette surround the majestic, giant saguaro cactus in southern Arizona.


One Word Photo Challenge: Bittersweet


Light remains the magical ingredient which colors our perception.



Light clothes our world with beauty.



It penetrates; it reflects.

~ 35 more words

Forest Garden

Pi Day 2015

If we make the very traditionally assumption that the year is a circle (technically it is an ellipse) with a circumference of 365 days (366 on a leap year): 38 more words

Items Of Interest


This shot portraits the beautiful geometry of the helicoidal staircase of the Vatican Museums. To convey the idea of movement I tried to take it with a rather slow shutter speed but fast enough in order to avoid the need to useĀ a tripod: 1/4 s.


The Dreaded Pool Deck Question

When I tutor, I see a lot of my students struggle with this kind of multi-step question. Don’t despair, there’s a kind of trick to seeing all the peices and it takes a little bit to get the hang of it. 490 more words