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25 September 2016


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  • 36% world of math
  • i think im on circles next
  1. area of a circle; diameter; radius
  2. long multiplication/division??? wtf is this…
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Soldiers Weekend @ Fort Mott State Park, 2016

I experimented with black and white for a few of these. It seems to work well for images lacking¬†striking colors. You can check out the album of… 8 more words


Don Steward - Visualising

Recently (quite a while ago somebody reminded me) there was a twitter love-in regarding Don Steward and his resource website. They are splendid. I don’t think anyone mentioned this post though. 171 more words

One Man Teaching

The Triangles of a Snub Dodecahedron

The snub dodecahedron, one of the Archimedean solids, has eighty faces which are triangles, and twelve pentagonal faces as well. In the view above, the pentagons are rendered invisible, allowing the interior to be viewed as the solid rotates. 60 more words



a giff : of our line-up, perspective, context and extent, as captured from behind. The head, neck and shoulders are an indication of the whole body that is a subtle sense in our projected reality, and gives us more a sense of where we are projected on his or her right. 274 more words


Software Renderer, Ray Tracing Part I

This article is all about ray tracing! I will explain how you too generate rays for every pixel on your screen, perform ray/plane intersection, point/triangle intersection, and how to setup a zbuffer. 1,893 more words