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Geometry 10/27

Today in class we warmed up with a continued discussion of the triangle congruency shortcuts that we have been covering in class. The activity after that depends on how you scored on the socrative quiz yesterday. 108 more words


Geometry 10/19

Today in class we did a check on triangle sum theorem and the exterior angle theorem. We then finished the notes from yesterday, by discussing what makes polygons congruent. 17 more words


Geometry preview

A quick latex test

So it has been a while. I have been busy with life and Phd. Well its stressful and sometimes boring. I started doing the ProjectEuler problems. 168 more words

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Geometry - Wed

HW #9 pg 221 (6,17-20) Show all 4 steps each time!!! Watch 15 or watch Personal Tutor videos on app for more hints!

Chapter 3 TEST FRIDAY 


Geometry 10/26

Today in class we did a warm up with triangle congruency shortcuts, and then went over the homework. We took a formative assessment on socrative to see where you are at with these triangle congruency shortcuts. 29 more words