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Foodlab Helicon Nijmegen

This is the detailed plan for The Green Factory Nijmegen. For this I chose for the area in the South. In the Masterplan this is referred to as The Restaurant. 523 more words


The orphan rule of cant design over a reverse transition

Motto: Tolle lege.

In most of the railway track design standards around the world is presented the particular issue of the reverse transition.

All of them are insisting on keeping a constant rate of change of curvature.  987 more words


A Pyritohedral Polyhedron Featuring Only Hexagonal and Rhombic Faces

Software credit: I used Stella 4d to make this, and you can find that program at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php, with a free trial download available there.


:: Cement Tiles :7:

The floor of a restaurant to be inaugurated near the Sala Minas Gerais.

Piso de um restaurante a ser inaugurado junto à Sala Minas Gerais.

Encourage Math in Everyday activities.

I was privileged to meet this cute little 5 year old girl at the local community pool.  She noticed my son and I looking at the numbers indicating the depth of the pool. 360 more words


APMO 1992 Problem 2

In a circle with centre and radius , let , be two circles with centres , and radii , respectively, so that each circle is internally tangent to at and so that , are externally tangent to each other at . 31 more words

Math Problems And Solutions

Worried About Math Homework? Solution Is Just a Click Away!

It is watched that understudies confront the most troubles while doing their math homework. Now and again understanding the issue itself is a test and on different events, the precarious logarithmic, trigonometric or analytics systems make it hard to get the answer effectively. 509 more words