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The curvature on a black hole boundary

Read the full article for free* in Classical and Quantum Gravity:
On the Bartnik mass of apparent horizons
Christos Mantoulidis and Richard Schoen 2015 Class.
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Tuesday, October 6th

We spent a second day working on proofs in Lesson 9. If you missed any part of Lesson 9, you should get the notes from your partner in class. 40 more words


Making Math Stations Easy By Using Folders!

In Geometry, we have been working on even/odd proofs. Some students were picking it up extremely quickly, but others were struggling (mostly over thinking everything)! 561 more words


A quick review of Laser Khet 2.0

Was in Cambridge today and saw a neat-looking game at the MIT bookstore – Laser Khet 2.0

It looked like a fun game all by itself, but also a great game for kids to learn a little bit about geometry. 185 more words

October, 5th

Hope you had a nice start of the week. My Monday was a little bit lazy, but I know my recovery from weekend starts on Tuesday (when I will be already be thinking of next weekend). 60 more words

2015, August 3 - 732 - mosaic tile

squares and shapes in form (5)
perspective makes them clearer (7)
focus on detail (5)


Why do soccer balls have the shape they have? Platonic solids | Science4All 8

Episode 8 here is quite a detour on the way to general relativity. It’s about a very cool piece of geometry that’s embedded in the well-known shapes of soccer balls. 15 more words