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Since I named my blog after the last of the platonic solids; (regular, convex polyhedrons) the 20 triangular-faced icosahedron, I thought that I would explain why for my first post. 210 more words



I just now saw this in a newsletter post/blog entry from PrepareForChange. A delightful animated GIF of “sacred” geometries. Lovely! Hope you enjoy a glance at it… 6 more words


Geometry : How the Greeks saw numbers

One of the facts we notice early in school is that the Roman’s didn’t include zero in their number systems. This happened because Roman’s imported all Greek culture into theirs, including their number system. 205 more words

Heavy Lifting

Plenty of people advocate physical exercise in the morning. Exercise in the morning has a way of waking up the body. After a morning run or weight lifting session, one feels energized and alert and ready to face the day. 354 more words

Dutch Beer

The Structure Behind Trigonometric Functions

This entry is dedicated to my friend Bud in Milwaukee.

Sine, cosine, tangent, etc. are actually abbreviations for combinations of complex exponential functions:

It’s just easier to write out something like “cos”, instead of the complex exponential form. 481 more words