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minimizar una funcional

si queremos minimizar

donde   es un intervalo. . . ¿qué hacemos?


Today was boring

It was just one of those days. You know, the ones where there was nothing makes you go “WOW that was a good lesson!” They ones that you never EVER want an admin to observe. 440 more words

Apollonian gaskets and Descartes’ Theorem

In my previous post, I explained a recursive procedure for drawing Apollonian gaskets. Given any three mutually tangent circles, there are exactly two other circles which are mutually tangent to all three (forming what we called a “kissing set”). 767 more words




two more corresponding with the cube and the octahedron.

Top view.

The other one.

From another angle.

That’s it for now,

cheers, J.



I have recently discovered another interesting combination of mathematics and art: sliceform. In general, we call a sliceform a 3D shape, which is assembled from flat slices, forming some sort of grid structure. 272 more words


The Erdős Szekeres polygon problem - Solved asymptotically by Andrew Suk.

Here is the abstract of a recent paper by Andrew Suk. (I heard about it from a Facebook post by Yufei Zhao. I added a link to the original Erdős Szekeres’s paper.) 189 more words


I Need More Time!

This is going to be short, but I would like to address something I have been struggling with for awhile. I mentioned it yesterday, but it is a constant struggle for me, and that is just having enough dang time. 578 more words