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3178 Sprinkles (Age 7)

The Activities

  1. Topics: Angles, Geometry: Book: Hamster Champs by S. Murphy.
  2. Topics: Jeopardy, Arithmetic, Story Problems, Measurement, Programming, Sudoku: We played Math Jeopardy this week.  The problems can be downloaded…
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Circle 1

The cuboid volume formula and the dissection of a cuboid into a cube

So at the end of the last post I gave the outline of the idea of how you might extend the dissection of a rectangle into a square and the definition of area to an analogous procedure for the cuboid and it’s volume. 329 more words

Summer 2015 - Pit Stop #3

Throughout Summer, I review with my daughter Rosie the math concepts she learned in Kindergarten. Every Sunday, I write a “Pit Stop” to help you follow our journey. 413 more words


July, 5th

Are you having a nice Sunday? Hope so. Me, I am enjoying my last day in Milan, though the weather is so hot you can barely do anything! 41 more words

The Triangle Obsession?

The Triangle Obsession?

Mankind’s obsession with the triangle goes back millenia.  I’m certain it is looked as a symbol for everyday life and the mysteries of life.   595 more words