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Geopolitical analysis 2017: Africa - YouTube


BAKU – Africa is home to more than 1.2 billion people, 54 recognised states and thousands of ethnic groups. Yet, the continent is overwhelmed with geopolitical problems. 36 more words


A Shift in Terrorism Trends

The Institute of Economics and Peace’s terrorism index (see Reference Desk) went up 6% in 2015, according to a summary from WEF. Despite a 10% drop in deaths from terrorism overall, developed countries had a 650% increase in deaths from terrorism: from 77 in 2014 to 577 in 2015, over half of which related to ISIS increasing attacks toward OECD members. 132 more words

No, Taiwan is Not a Geopolitical Pawn, Lets Talk About Coercive Diplomacy

I hate to say it, but Trump has a point. The issue at hand is that the United States has abided by the One China Policy, while China carries out land reclamation campaigns and militarizes the South China Sea in flagrant disregard of core interests the United States defends, namely, Freedom of Navigation and the Taiwan Relations Act. 547 more words


Writer's anxiety

My current life and the geopolitical world have left me lost for words. I have been feeling anxious about everything, which is part of my diagnosis, and nightmares have exhausted me. 290 more words


Rex Tillerson: Putting a Tiger In A Tank

So, it appears we have a new Secretary of State. Rex Tillerson, the former head of ExxonMoble. To be honest, originally, I was opposed to Rex being made Secretary of State for, pretty much, the same reasons as everyone else, climate change, Fossil Fuels, lack of qualifications, billionaire, suspected cronyism, environmental rape, etc. 600 more words


How Big Oil Conquered The World

It is our unbridled consumerism that helps enable the War State, constant wars and foreign coups, etc. We no longer know the value of things when goods are so disposable. 12 more words

War And Peace