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Sociólogo venezolano cuestiona la “solidaridad incondicional” de la izquierda latinoamericana con el chavismo

Edgardo Lander no es sólo un académico, profesor titular de la Universidad Central de Venezuela e investigador asociado del Transnational Institute. Es una persona vinculada desde hace años a los movimientos sociales y a la izquierda en su país. 3,118 more words


The Russian Bear’s Geopolitical Plans for Europe Unfold


Before starting I would like to make a point clear: I don’t claim to be an expert on geopolitical affairs by any stretch of the imagination. 1,600 more words

FTAC: Worlds Closer Together

Inspiration for the response came from the “blame America first” community intent on demonizing the same for past horrors, and in this instance the horror was the “Halabja chemical attack” ordered by Saddam Hussein against the Kurdish community at the end of the Iran-Iraq War. 469 more words

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History and geopolitical significance

History and geopolitical significance


The Balkan region was the first area in Europe to experience the arrival of farming cultures in the Neolithic era. The Balkans have been inhabited since the Paleolithic and are the route by which farming from the Middle East spread to Europe during the Neolithic (7th millennium BC). 797 more words


El progresismo caníbal: algunas lecciones de las elecciones en Ecuador

Las recientes elecciones generales en Ecuador ofrecen varias lecciones que deben ser atendidas en todo el continente. Esa disputa electoral despertó mucho interés, como por ejemplo entre los que entendían que podía corroborar o rechazar la hipótesis del “fin” de los progresismos. 2,599 more words


Geopolitical analysis 2017: Africa - YouTube


BAKU – Africa is home to more than 1.2 billion people, 54 recognised states and thousands of ethnic groups. Yet, the continent is overwhelmed with geopolitical problems. 36 more words


A Shift in Terrorism Trends

The Institute of Economics and Peace’s terrorism index (see Reference Desk) went up 6% in 2015, according to a summary from WEF. Despite a 10% drop in deaths from terrorism overall, developed countries had a 650% increase in deaths from terrorism: from 77 in 2014 to 577 in 2015, over half of which related to ISIS increasing attacks toward OECD members. 132 more words