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Crudites, or, My Two Cents on Oil and the Crisis in the Middle East

I subscribe to John Stephenson’s blog on strategic investment, and his August 10 posting reminded me of my mother’s words: the power struggles in the Middle East are only about oil, and who controls it. 1,341 more words


Feel good story of the day

According to this article at the Telegraph, your favorite terrorist-supporting, woman-oppressing monopolists are screwed:

Saudi Arabia may go broke before the US oil industry buckles…

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Silence after Bombing Troubling

After noting my theory as to the Suruc attacks in a previous post, the latest and greatest in that saga is the alleged suicide bombing by the PKK of Turkish troops near the Iranian border. 136 more words


Dumb, Dumber & Dumbest

The 2016 US elections are in full swing with a deluge of candidates on both sides jockeying for media attention. Without doubt the most flamboyant character in the electoral pack is the 69 year old Donald J. 559 more words


Turkey in the Straw

It concerns me greatly that Turkey is firing on Kurdish positions. Rather than focusing the fight on ISIS, and exterminating that problem out of Middle East, Turkey seems to be using the excuse of… 434 more words


Trying to Coax a Turkey out of a Tree

I was reading about the Suruc bombing in Turkey this past Monday, which made me question whether the Islamic State actually did commit that act, as they haven’t leapt forward to claim responsibility, as is their usual trend. 68 more words