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Odinga's NRM protests US Envoy Bob Godec interference in National Politics

In a move that is likely to cause an increasingly hostile reception to Raila Odinga’s antics from diplomatic missions in Nairobi,

NRM protesters are congregating a few kilometers away from the American Embassy at Gigiri with unconfirmed reports of attempts to burn an American flag . 93 more words


Turkish Forces set for extended Deployment in the Horn of Africa

Turkey’s Parliament recently approved to extend Turkish Forces presence in Somalia , the Somalia detachment is about 3,000 strong along with forces deployed on Sudan’s Suakin Island. 43 more words


China is investing seriously in Latin America. Should you worry?


This past week, China held its second ministerial meeting with the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in Santiago, Chile. 1,325 more words


Los derechos de la naturaleza en la jurisprudencia constitucional ecuatoriana


Los derechos de la naturaleza, ha sido un tema sobre el cual se han generado una serie de críticas especialmente dirigidas a la eficacia de los mismos. 4,437 more words


What will Your Life Become?

What will life become when you and I grow up? Does anyone really know for certain what will happen after you become an independent adult? This topic has been bothering me for the good part of last year and basically all January. 150 more words


La reelección indefinida, una traición a la democracia


“Nada es tan peligroso como dejar permanecer largo tiempo a un mismo ciudadano en el poder. El pueblo se acostumbra a obedecerle y él se acostumbra a mandarlo; de donde se origina la usurpación y la tiranía”.

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