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Who Likes Puzzles? Questioning the Middle East

It puzzles me that the war on ISIS in the Middle East is falling flat on its proverbial. Given the amount of advanced technology that the West holds, and is shared with the West’s allies, how is it that a rabble of fanatics, unschooled in warfare, is able to gain so much traction in Syria and Iraq? 384 more words


Reflections on Auschwitz

I recently shared the experience of my visit to Auschwitz on December 31, 2005, with a friend of mine. It was snowing, and a fresh blanket of snow covered the landscape with a sereneness that only happens in the heart of a muffled and frigid winter. 295 more words

Creative Writing

Could the U.S. be the Surprise Swing Vote?

This Week in the Fuel Markets:

  • DOE Update –  Bound.  Bound. Bound and Rebound.
  • Natural Gas:  Huge build.  Minimal Effect.  How do you figure?
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Price Risk Management

Libyan Money now at War

Rival managements of the $67bn Libyan Investment Authority are set to fight in London courts over claims of Tripoli and Malta

The Libyan Investment Authority’s multi-billion pound claims against Goldman Sachs and Société Générale, both of which underwent pre-trial hearings in late 2014 and are due to go to trial next year, may be undermined by increasingly fractious infighting at the $67bn fund. 417 more words


Geopolitical Futures as a Designer

In today’s age, we learn that different countries see their neighbours and relative countries differently to how we may perceive the world ourselves.

For example Australia’s world map is completely different to what we class as our world map in Britain. 454 more words

Second Year

United States is The Real Threat in South America

When Obama declared Venezuela a threat to the United States, it was at best a mere speculation or a sign of insecurity. Incidentally, it backfires towards the United States own unpublished crimes in South America, and there were many. 784 more words


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Luke Rudkowski Confronts Anderson Cooper: "Have you ever heard of Operation Mockingbird?"

Reporter Luke Rudkowski braves the Baltimore riots (without any bodyguards) in order to confront CNN’s Anderson Cooper about his CIA past. Anderson attempts to hide behind several bodyguards and then retreats to a vehicle to avoid Luke’s questioning. 30 more words

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