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United States is The Real Threat in South America

When Obama declared Venezuela a threat to the United States, it was at best a mere speculation or a sign of insecurity. Incidentally, it backfires towards the United States own unpublished crimes in South America, and there were many. 784 more words


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Luke Rudkowski Confronts Anderson Cooper: "Have you ever heard of Operation Mockingbird?"

Reporter¬†Luke Rudkowski braves the Baltimore riots (without any bodyguards) in order to confront CNN’s Anderson Cooper about his CIA past. Anderson attempts to hide behind several bodyguards and then retreats to a vehicle to avoid Luke’s questioning. 30 more words

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Conflict and Commonality Between Multilateralism and Democracy

By JC Collins

With the increasing socioeconomic tension in the United States, it is reasonable to expect that the population could begin to see the scaling back of police state methodology and the beginnings of a more democratic process which reflects the growing demand for fair and equitable representation. 1,330 more words


Location really does make a difference

If you are interested in geopolitics, The Accidental Super Power by Peter Zeihan discusses the influence of geography on the foreign policy of a nation. You might think the subject matter would be dry and difficult to follow, but I found it was like reading a good mystery novel – a real pageRead more…

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US Corporate government goes bankrupt on April 17th, refuses to acknowledge

by benjamin

April 20, 2015


The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION based in the Washington D.C. extra-territorial enclave inside the Republic of the United States of America failed to make a payment on March 31st and was given until April 17th to come up with the goods but was unable to, according to Chinese government and CIA sources. 277 more words


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The (Un)Inevitability of War Between China and America

And the Destabilization of North Korea

By JC Collins

As the world continues the shift from a unipolar American dominated world to a multilateral world based on the fair political and economic representation of all countries, there remains flashpoints of tension and possible conflict in regions of the world which have acted as hinges, or gateways, for American hegemony. 1,395 more words


Russia Doing More Probing Than a Proctologist

Between Russian jets over the Baltic and Western European airspace, and this inappropriate flirting with Guam, I am reminded of the scene from Alien where the creature is about to birth itself from someone’s chest cavity and you can see the skin being pushed and stretched. 50 more words