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Impact of the OPECountdown

Oil prices ended the calendar month on a negative note. Settling lower for the second straight day, market participants flipped the page on the long holiday weekend and are now focused on the upcoming OPEC meeting on Friday. 618 more words

Price Risk Management

An Analysis of Current Threats to the Security of Canada

The 2014 establishment of a so-called caliphate in the Middle East by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant/Syria (ISIL/ISIS) has greatly increased the incidence of terrorist activities aimed at disrupting global security, of which Canada is a part. 1,925 more words


Building Walls

I just finished watching Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies, a great spy thriller based on the account of James Donovan, a New York lawyer who represented a Soviet spy in court in 1957, and then who subsequently was the main negotiator, five years later, coordinating an exchange of that Soviet spy for an American pilot shot down over the Soviet Union. 413 more words



When I first heard about the Paris attacks today, I was listening to the radio and the hourly news headlined with the attacks: 18 dead the report said, multiple attacks, explosions and shootings. 555 more words


Lost in Transmission (sort of): The Saudis and the UN Commission on Human Rights

It’s interesting how information becomes contorted in transmission, depending on how things are presented in the media.

I’ve been under the erroneous impression for several weeks that the Saudis were gunning to head the UN Commission for Human Rights, which outraged me in light of their track record in human rights abuses, whether it be preventing the evolution of women’s rights in that country, the violent suppression of anti-government protesters, the hard line taken with respect to executions or lashings of political prisoners or those persons who have broken sharia law, or even the indiscriminate targeting of Shia civilians in Yemen in the name of national stabilization. 1,024 more words


Positivity should not get a free pass

When Obama was finally forced to take ISIS as a serious threat, at least according to his rhetoric, he was also determined to state his view of Islam. 722 more words