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Barack Obama clearly has no idea what motivates Iran’s rulers:

Chanting death to America does not create jobs.

Judging not only by this clip, but from the entire speech, it seems never to have occurred to Obama that economic prosperity might not be their aim.

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Smart diplomacy

It seems that the Russians offered to dump Bashar Assad in 2012. The Obama administration refused the offer because they were sure the Assad would fall soon without Russian assistance.



6 Key Ingredients that Make a City a "Startup Hotbed"

When you hear the words “startup hotbed”, the first thing that comes to mind is likely the Silicon Valley. But what is a startup hotbed, anyway? 1,191 more words

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Another Unfortunate Headline (and one of the more potentially racist ones out there)

I looked down on the BBC app on my phone and this headline loomed out at me:

Clearing the rubbish at migrant camp

I know what they meant – the accompanying picture (not the one displayed here) was worth more the headline words put together – but, lord, this one comes off a rather scandalously at first glance, particularly in light of some of the nationalistic comments that are starting to swirl through Europe. 19 more words


Crudites, or, My Two Cents on Oil and the Crisis in the Middle East

I subscribe to John Stephenson’s blog on strategic investment, and his August 10 posting reminded me of my mother’s words: the power struggles in the Middle East are only about oil, and who controls it. 1,341 more words