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Europe and its Radicals


Financial crisis or political crisis?

Democracy does not come naturally to the governments of Europe. Europe may have the institutions of democracy, and have them in a stronger form than elsewhere in the world, but democracy has shallow roots in the Old World, and… 1,557 more words

Geopolitics And Geostrategy

The Mess in Mesopotamia


Introduction: A Failed Region

What do you get when you cluster several failed nation-states together in a single geographical region? You get a failed region, and what we see today in Mesopotamia and the Levant is a failed region catastrophically failing. 3,291 more words

Geopolitics And Geostrategy

The Problem of Islamic Terrorism


Contemporary terrorism perpetrated by radical militants who self-identify as Muslims constitutes not only a police problem and a military problem (which of the two it is, or properly ought to be, is itself a matter of debate), but it is also a social problem and a political problem. 1,840 more words

Geopolitics And Geostrategy

The Christmas Truce


A Century of Industrialized Warfare:

A Spontaneous Truce on Christmas Day 1914

In a summer war that was supposed to be over in a month or two, the fact that the war had persisted and even grown in scale over the intervening months meant that this was not the war that was expected, it was something entirely different. 1,041 more words

Geopolitics And Geostrategy

Existential Lessons of the Cold War


The Cold War forced us to think in global terms. In other words, it forced us to think in planetary terms. The planet was divided into two armed camps, with one camp led by the US presiding over NATO and the other camp led by the USSR presiding over the Warsaw Pact. 1,264 more words

Geopolitics And Geostrategy

The Technocratic Elite


One of the most fascinating aspects of civilization is how, despite thousands of years of development, radically different social, economic, and political systems, and the rapid growth of technology since the industrial revolution, there are structural features of civilization that do not change in essentials over time. 1,788 more words

Geopolitics And Geostrategy

Senate Report on the CIA’s Enhanced Interrogation Techniques— lose-lose for the USA


Torture is abhorrent — Azam Gill

Change of Guard at the CIA in the offing


A serious change of guard at the CIA is in the offing, stentoriously led by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence since 2009. 543 more words